7 Web Development Trends to Watch in 2018

Web Development Posted On: Jan 18, 2018

Change is constant goes the immortal adage and this holds good for digital businesses and service sectors in recent times. Technological innovation is a continual disruptor and very soon we might as well have a new adage-Keep up or space out. This is true for web development as well. Agreed, website development services are modern day necessities for almost every business or digital enterprise under the sun. However, even website development has to evolve in adherence to changing customer preferences, technological upgrades, and industry practices.

2018 promises to be a watershed year for developers with new technologies and practices coming into the mix. Here’s taking a look at the 7 trends in web development that you should certainly watch out for:

  • Chatbots:-2018 could well be the year of the bots, particularly when it comes to customer service and support operations, answering queries, redressing grievances, enabling transactions, redirecting people to the right details/information and other forms of interaction. Recent trends indicate that chatbots will be in high demand this year across diverse segments including banking and financial services, marketing and sales and basically any website which requires a customer support function.
  • Progressive Web Apps:- Progressive web apps are basically applications that have the dual-pronged ability to offer internet browser-like features fused with the interfaces akin to mobile applications. These are set to be the next big thing in 2018, particularly since growing mobile phone usage will spur demand for these flexible apps (you can work offline with almost zero loading time) that can also receive notifications and are pretty reliable too. They are easier to design as compared to regular mobile apps and can be maintained seamlessly as well.
  • Website Notifications:- Notifications will be in vogue all throughout the year, especially as far as web development services are concerned. There will be increased emphasis on notifications which are some of the best tools for popular mobile applications. Sending information to users directly will be a must across segments like sports, promotional offers, sales and products/services of almost every kind. Websites will start emphasizing more on such communication post authorization of notifications. This will enable greater engagement with customers.
  • One-Page Sites:- One-Page Sites are also a big trend that will influence web development practices in 2018. These websites have a single page format where one can just scroll and go up or down to view the entire content. These websites are simple and user-friendly since no in-depth navigation or multiple menus are needed. This also works nicely on smartphones where scrolling is the best way to go through website content. Developing and hosting these websites is also a largely inexpensive affair.
  • Static Websites:- Just like single-page websites, static websites should also be popular in 2018. In a movement that goes back to the basics, web development companies will start building more static websites which are simple (every page shows static content), load faster and are highly secure. These will be ideal options for enterprises which operate on a tight budget.

These are set to be the biggest web development trends of 2018. If you are on the lookout for trendsetting website developers and web development services, ATop Digital is your go-to team.