Are mobile apps the real deal?

Mobile Apps Development Posted On: Nov 16, 2017

Are mobile apps the real deal

There’s a lot of talk about how mobile apps are indeed the next big thing when it comes to building, marketing and sustaining viable businesses.

The question here is, has mobile app development really got to a point where it can channelize customer engagement, sales, rewards and overall traction for a business seamlessly?

The Answer may be yes!

As most tech experts would agree, mobile is definitely the most important platform right now for businesses across diverse ends of the spectrum. We came across something beautiful that Matt Cohler once said in an interview (he’s a General Partner at Benchmark Capital) that mobile apps are akin to remote controls for the real world or life as we know it.

Truly, if you give it a closer though, you’ll see the instant gratification of having something on a remote control and how about that something transforms into real life itself? Regular remote controls only help you change the channel but mobile apps give you that latent power to get things moving in real life. You just tap a few buttons and watch your world change. It’s that simple!

Or is it?

Cutting edge mobile app development is the need of the hour when it comes to successfully integrating a business idea/concept into the regular lives of people. Look at Uber or Instagram for instance. You simply push a button and a car arrives at your doorstep with Uber while pushing a few more helps you create and share your own gorgeous images via Instagram.

If this isn’t the next level of disruption, then what is?

Our mobile phones are our new-age windows to the world, an increasingly global world where distance, time and other barriers are fast becoming irrelevant. Don’t most people use mobile apps for daily news, views, games, entertainment and a whole lot more? Aren’t you amongst most people?

You’ll know the answer yourself. And if you have a business to run, you should be aware of the sheer potential that mobile apps have. Many businesses have already mastered the ever-coveted art of successful customer connect with mobile apps. Many companies are promoting their products and services like crazy. The sheer levels of personalization offered by mobile apps help you create more intricate and long-lasting relationships with customers.

Once a customer downloads your app, that’s it! You’ll slowly start becoming an integral part of his/her life and this is personal access that any sales/marketing whiz would give his/her right arm for!

Some other benefits you can expect

It’s not about joining the herd; it’s about being smart enough to tap into the growing mobile revolution and gaining more revenues and customers in the process. Here are some other benefits that you can expect

  • Easy Dissemination Of Company Information
  • Cross Selling Products/Services
  • Deals, Discounts, Rewards
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • High Visibility
  • Easy Access To Customers, Even On The Move
  • Customer Outreach
  • Brand-Building
  • Direct/Indirect Sales

Companies in diverse segments right from hospitality and entertainment to banking and financial services and automobiles are latching onto mobile platforms for driving engagement, growth and ultimately better sales.

Why don’t you also take advantage of this 360-degree mobile shift with the right mobile app development solutions?

Try ATop Digital and its team of skilled mobile app developers who’ll infuse just the right amount of magic into your business model with a responsive and user-friendly app.

Build relationships, spread the word, sell, promote or entertain, the sky is the limit with a good mobile app. While success (as in any field) depends on the right choices, technical expertise, and execution, mobile apps are certainly the real deal!

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