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what is amazon ppc and why you need it for your business
What is Amazon PPC & Why You Need It For Your Business?

Have an e-commerce store? Need a high-converting selling platform for your business? Then look no further than Amazon. Amazon, in recent years, has created some sensational buzz in the world of digital marketing, particularly PPC! Here’s why. It is estimated that more than 197 million people worldwide visit Amazon on...

lead generation technique to attract sales
6 Lead Generation Techniques to Immediately Turn Your Business Into a Sales Magnet

Ever looked up for a solution on Google and found the answer in a blog? That’s lead generation in action and here’s why it’s a big deal. It’s one of the most widely used strategies today in digital marketing. It costs less, generates awareness and brings you a good ROI...

top reasons you need a digital marketing strategy today
6 Unavoidable Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

So you decided to start marketing your business online using digital marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, PPC, email, etc. You created the most stunning looking Facebook page, posted the best looking product photos to your Instagram, ran ads on search engines, and sent emails to prospects about the latest discounts...

top industries benefiting from digital marketing
These Industries are Multiplying Sales Tenfold Using Digital Marketing & Why You Should Too

It all started in the bakery of Dominique Ansel, a French pastry chef based in New York. Though not a doughnut fan himself, one thing he was familiar with was croissants as he grew up eating them as a child. One day when someone told him he didn’t have doughnuts...

boost your ppc sales with a digital marketing agency
Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency to Skyrocket Your PPC Campaign Sales?

Ever thought of PPC as a double-edged sword? Think about it. If used correctly, it can skyrocket your online sales and if not, it could dig a hole in your budget. This is why it is important to have detailed knowledge of PPC advertising before using it for your business....