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content marketing tips
Use These Tips to Step Up Your Content Marketing in 2019

“Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” - Seth Godin It’s not just Seth Godin but also other great marketers in the content marketing world who stand by that quote. Content is still the king and the most fundamental part of your marketing campaign. If you’re not using the ideal...

These Branding Tips Will Bring Your Business In the Spotlight

So, you want to build a brand that’d steal the hearts of your consumers and build a cult following. Fair enough. Whether you want your business brand to be heroic like Nike, or elegant like Rolex presenting it professionally is a tedious task. Which is why prior to a great...

digital marketing 2019
Watch Out For These Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

Now that 2019 is just around the corner, you might have plans to make your next digital marketing campaign a major success. But are you on top of the digital marketing trends? Even if you aren’t, here’s why you should. With the changing landscape of the digital world, technology is...

Well Designed Website
Here’s Why a Well-Designed Website is Important for Your Business

Let’s face it, how many times have you left a website because you ended up not getting what you came for? Website design has a lot to do with this. Take this fact for example from Tyton Media: A visitor takes 0.05 seconds to get a first impression of your...

why social media presence matters
Here’s Why Your Social Media Presence Matters (It’s Not What You Think)

Ever thought why you get those promoted videos when scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed? Almost every company out there is taking advantage of social media. Why? They have realized one simple thing: If a business has no social media presence, it has no identity. Companies often team up...