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The Evolution of Success – From Idea to a Brand

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The evolution of success – from idea to a brand

In today’s marketing world, company branding is not only important, but it is necessary. What’s more? It is an extremely complicated and sophisticated process.

The first step is the birth of an idea and the last step involves achieving a solid brand reputation in the market.

1) Origin:

When an idea takes root in the human mind – the mind strives to find different ways of putting it out in the open in order to make it known to the world.

2) Visual:

This idea might have a vision and an image – but it needs a proper direction towards which it can continually progress.

3) Development:

That image or the idea you possess will eventually evolve into the brand that you want to market to the world.

But that is not all. There are certain characteristics that an ‘idea’ should possess:

  • Appeal the audience: It is important to nurture it in such a way that it triggers your audience to think in a certain way about your work and your offerings.
  • Relate to audience: The idea becomes a brand when it relates to the audience emotionally. Emotions and behaviors of people is a great driving factor which can take a brand to greater heights.
  • Linger with the Audience: When it comes to business branding or corporate branding, the “art of the matter” lies in ensuring that you are able to bring your company and its services/products close to the hearts of the audiences.

Imparting purpose and meaning to brand ideas since 2009

This is where ATop Digital comes in. Our process begins from:

1) Idea Generation:

We help you transform your idea into a brand identity. The creativity, the words, and any other sensory or logical elements that surround a brand are what triggers people and could possibly transform users to prospective customers.

2) Idea Development:

We will guide you in representing your idea with a worthy tagline, slogans and color theme. This helps in creating a clear and vivid picture in their minds which helps them in differentiating your brand from others.

3) Idea Proliferation:

We structure advertising campaigns around the brand and your idea. The aim behind the process of product branding is to allow for the smooth and seamless entry of brand principles into the minds of the audience. This is where customers could turn to loyal customers.

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Branding Guidelines

When it comes to branding and marketing, or brand marketing strategy development, there is way of winning an edge over your competitors.

  • Provide a solution to the problems that your audience is seeking.
  • Convince the audience the solution is satisfactory.
  • Be present to deliver the answers whenever they set out to look for them.

A good brand should be able to clearly deliver the message it wants to convey, in the most precise possible manner. This ability of your brand confirms your credibility, which in turn, helps in motivating consumers to buy. ATop Digital does just that!

1.Understands the audience: ATop Digital helps you in understanding the basic needs and wants of your customers, and enables you to deliver what they want to see and experience.
2.Listen to the audience: The brand strategies developed by us are based on the experiences, influences, prospects and perceptions that your target audience harbors.
3.Strategize for the audience: This ability is embodied by our expert team of researchers, writers and graphic designers. They contribute to our capabilities as a branding agency and allow us to develop some effective strategies when it comes to art of branding and rebranding.

Tame the brand and you shall tame the medium

“There is a very thin line of difference between marketing and branding”

In today’s world, it becomes extremely important to create a brand that is strong enough to hold its ground, both in terms of a loyal audience base as well as its position in the market. However, in desperation, most brands might try to use any and all methods possible to retain their position in the market. One thing that all brands, both aspiring and established, need to know is the difference between marketing and branding.


It involves pushing your customers to buy a certain product or service, in order to achieve maximum sales.


It involves pulling your customers and conveying to them the values, characteristics, and principles of what makes a brand different from others.

ATop Digital is a Brand Consultant

We consider it our duty to inform you about the fact that branding is not a process which is merely directed towards marketing your company. In fact,

  • It involves strategies to go beyond the capabilities as some product or service affixed with the label of “buy me”
  • It involves the intricate art of brand identity design,
  • It involves uncovering and propagating the reasons for the existence of the brand in the first place.

ATop Digital works in a strategic way as far as developing a holistic digital branding strategy is concerned. We understand what connects and influences the minds of customers, and what they are going to remember in the long run. This is why we offer only the best when it comes to reaching the higher levels of corporate identity in the massive structure of conflicting and competing sources of information.


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