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Looking For A Small Business ​Branding Expert​?
We’ve Got You Covered!

Looking For A Small Business ​Branding Expert​?
We’ve Got You Covered!


Looking For A Small Business
​Branding Expert​? We’ve Got You

ATop Digital is a holistic branding agency specializing in creation, launch, and rebranding. As branding experts, we help small businesses to create, plan, measure, and manage stellar branding strategies. Our approach towards branding is a culmination of everything right from data, design, user behavior, and psychology. Put simply, we help brands to attain Digital Enlightenment.

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At ATop Digital, Branding is more than just a marketing practice. Marketing pertains to the idea of making something sellable and for us, Branding doesn’t fit in that category or definition. Branding, for us, is something that is beyond marketing. We treat branding like raising a child. It is the equivalent of nurturing a business persona for the world to identify with.

This is where our experts step in the picture and lay the foundation to chart a brand persona. We club insights with creativity to build your brand’s intangible identity that includes everything from a name, logo, colors, and design language. We sit and ideate intensely to bring a brand identity that carries the element of novelty with it. That’s how we provide ​branding services for small business.​

Branding for us is similar to the population explosion. Like humans populating Earth, more and more brands are populating the digital space. Every other person is starting their own business today which ultimately makes the need for good branding more than ever. ATop Digital simply steps into the picture and literally does one job – Differentiate your brand from the rest.

Our take towards this ​Small Business Branding Services ​stems from the theory of existence itself. Though all humans have two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears, and one nose, they look different. Each and everyone has unique talents which makes the human species similarly different. We tie this concept to branding where your brand has a logo, design, voice and everything, however, our experts at ATop Digital simply differentiate it by giving a unique touch.

Why Select ATop Digital as ​Small Business Branding Services​Over Other agencies?

Why Select ATop Digital as ​Small Business Branding Services​Over Other agencies?

At ATop Digital, we have a standard practice in place to let our clients make the statements for us rather than us claiming things for ourselves. You can scroll through our body of work and understand how our process as a small business branding​​company has helped small business owners embrace maximum efficiency especially when they are on a limited budget. In the end, ATop Digital submits to treating your business as our own and helps it drive sales so there’s better client-agency relationship blossoming in the long run. With all that being said, let’s quickly get down to details.

Great Flexibility

First things first. Working with ATop Digital comes with great flexibility. There is a reason we call ourselves a ​branding agency dedicated to small businesses​ and here’s what we mean by that. As a small business owner, we understand the number of things you would need to juggle in order to sustain the ship. Taking that into account, as a small business ​branding services agency, we have a framework that lets clients enjoy greater flexibility in terms of services offered, contracts signed, and deals made. Approach us and we can come to terms with a lucrative agreement that’s profitable for both parties.

Own Your Assets

Every branding project devised for a small business client by ATop Digital lends complete ownership to the client. There are many agencies out there that won’t let clients retain their ad assets and digital properties and we are not one of them. As ​Branding Expert​,for every task we complete, you have complete ownership to use and reuse the property in the future as your business desires. This provides extreme value for small businesses which constantly cannot keep investing in creating new assets. You can repurpose all the content we generate for you.

Marketing Costs Optimized

The core objective of providing branding campaign services to small businesses is to ensure we create a strong persona. Our experts take care of the technical part involved in ​small business branding​such as the psyche and creativity aspect of branding in order to meet that goal. From a business perspective, this adds a lot of value for small businesses to rope in new customers at extremely budget-friendly rates. All the branding work devised will reap enormous results in terms of cultivating more brand evangelists, word to mouth promotion, and free advertisement simply based on the look and feel.

A Dedicated Account Manager

At ATop Digital as a leading ​company branding services​agency, all our clients get a dedicated account manager. This plays a key role in keeping communication smooth between the client and the agency. This is a thumb role we never break. Our account manager will present you with updates pertaining to the branding works happening. As a small business owner, you can always get in touch with the account manager to convey all your business needs and objectives. We keep communication strong 24/7 which makes our branding solutions reliable.

A Dedicated Account Manager

As a small business owner, we think you must understand the strides of the progress we will make to help your brand leverage its presence of digital. As a result-oriented small business advertising agency,​​we have strict reporting protocols in place. ​As ​Branding Expert,​we have laid down certain easy-to-understand metrics which makes it easier for you as a small business owner to understand the growth of your brand. We will help you gauge technical aspects effortlessly and present every ounce of data to understand the return on investment you are getting after letting us take lead.

How do we do branding?

How do we do branding?


Branding for us is an art. We make an effort to understand every little detail and ideate branding work with absolute precision. We take a storytelling approach towards branding which ensures every element we design for your business comes with an interesting tale to narrate. It doesn’t end there. As ​Branding Expert,​we deep dive into storytelling and branding and here’s how we add more meaning to everything we do.




Branding is like a game of chess. There’s a psychology involved in it which gauges the human attention and tickles the intellect. To understand these interesting elements, our team of experts sit and ponder the psychology behind everything we devise for your brand. Everything right from colors, designs, shape, fonts, to every element that will provide a visible identity to your intangible business. We ideate the look and feel by meticulously analyzing the nature of things. Our team even goes to lengths devising few prototypes and testing it with audiences. We record the responses and accordingly improve to finalize the designs. ​Digital branding services​done right!


Human Touch

Storytelling evokes imagination only if it has an element of human touch to it. Stories that people relate with, something that moves them emotionally is what we aim for. The stories we create for your brand are plotted on the same lines. We understand the purpose of your brand, how it contributes to the world, how it intends to change the future are all aspects we consider when we narrate your brand story. Our approach to branding involves showcasing how your business is more than just a business and how it is a people’s brand. In this way, we add more value and a touch of authenticity for your audience to resonate and relate with your brand.



Design plays a key role in leaving a lasting impression. As ​Branding Expert,​we understand how colors are perceived by the human eye. We meticulously pick colors that evoke a sense of happiness and a vibe of enthusiasm in the minds of people. We make sure that the brand colors that represent your business are something that people feel good about associating themselves with. It provides them with a feeling of safety, assurance, and trust. People may or may not remember your product or service but they will certainly remember how your product or service made them feel. That’s where ATop strives to build something that leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Branding cannot be worded down to one single definition. Although it is widely associated with marketing, we believe that branding is a subjective concept. Branding certainly doesn’t limit the creation of a logo and a clever tagline. It represents everything right from the story your brand intends to convey to the image the messaging creates in the minds of the customer. For ATop, Branding, as a small business branding agency, is perception. A perception created intentionally after carefully considering the nature of the mind and how it values something. Elements like logo, colors, tagline are all supporting pillars that help create the perception we intend to create.

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