Why your SMB needs to focus on PPC management for small business and hire a PPC agency?

PPC Management Posted On: Dec 31, 2020

Do you want instant results?

Something like the 2 minute instant maggi noodles that you get?

This time, it’s not noodles.


More leads, impressions and customer visits to your website.

All your SMB needs to focus on is PPC. 

Yes, you heard that right. You might think that PPC is a waste of budget and as a starting company it is not the best marketing strategy.

Well, that’s what most SMB’s think!

But do you know that when your PPC management campaigns are well integrated and well devised, they yield exponential results when compared to any other marketing strategy or even the much acclaimed SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)?

Yes, you might be stunned at hearing what you just read. But that’s the truth. What SEO can do for your small business in probably six to eight months, a well devised PPC campaign can yield you results within just days of action.

Isn’t this exciting? So stay tight and keep reading. By the time you reach the end of this blog you will know why your SMB needs to focus on PPC and hire a PPC management agency for the same.

What is PPC (pay-per-click) marketing?

In simple words PPC marketing is a form of advertising. Not just advertising, but search engine advertising. It is the means of using the search engine to display and market your products through sponsored ads. The sponsored ads then appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page, enlisted with a yellow label. PPC management or advertising is commonly also referred to as Google Ads PPC.

How does PPC work?

Now that you know what PPC is, the next question is how does PPC management work? In fact, the mechanism is quite simple. Whenever your ad is clicked on the SERP page,  the search engine demands a small fee from you. Yes, you pay Google a small fee every time a user clicks on your ad and is directed to your website. This way you just pay Google for any incoming user who is interested in your products or services.

Cost doesn’t become an issue!

If you have devised a well integrated PPC campaign and strategy, you won’t have to bother about the money you pay to Google to get a customer. You will already be earning a great amount from the amount of traffic entering into a website via PPC management. Say for example, you’re selling a cricket bat worth rupees $300 and all you’re paying to Google to help you see it is just 15$. Then the margin of profit is incredible. You just don’t have to worry about your PPC campaign costs.

To give you a streamlined understanding of why PPC is important for your small business and why you need to hire a PPC agency,  let’s take a look at 6 core reasons why you need to do so.

6 Core reasons why your SMB needs to focuson PPC and hire a PPC agency!

1. Get instant results

The best feature about PPC campaigns is that it gives you instant results.  No other marketing strategy achieves such instant results as  that achieved by a well devised PPC campaign. It is the nature of how PPC works that helps you get instant results. As people are always searching for specific products and services that will make their lives better,  they are looking to click on ads that will help them get it. That is why PPC is such a natural hit. It helps people get their products and services and helps advertisers and marketers to boost their revenue and get leads.

You can leverage any of the following using PPC ads and its facilities.

  • Brand awareness
  • Effective leads
  • Enlargement of customer base
  • Quality traffic to your website
  • Extreme conversion rates
  • Bottom of the funnel conversions
  • Sales and revenue

You might be wondering whether PPC ads will be effective for your small scale business or start up company when the big guns and the big companies are playing it hard. Not only is PPC effective but it is the most effective mechanism for startups and small scale businesses.

It’s because PPC works as a matter of the quality of the product that you are selling and the effectiveness of your landing page. This when coupled along with the CPC bid that you are ready to pay Google clicks in and gives you the results. If you optimise your PPC campaigns and your landing pages, you will get results within just days.

That’s why you need to hire a PPC management agency as they will plot effective strategies that will get you the results.

The enormous expertise and experience of a pay per click company will come into play when they device smart PPC campaigns that will deliver almost instant ad performance using AdWords live bid auctioning format. 

The knowledge of a pay per click management company of how keywords, demographies, and landing pages work will get you results that you won’t achieve with an internal agency.You can achieve insane market results over the course of a month or two using the advantage of a PPC agency.

2. Reach out to your target audience

Reaching out to your target audience rather than a broad audience is very important as that’s the matter of an essential sale Vs just an impotential visit to your website. That’s why PPC management is so important. Although you can achieve quality traffic to your website via SEO which is the organic way of getting traffic, it doesn’t always have to be potential customers that are visiting your website. 

It’s because these people who searched for your product or services just wanted to read through or simply gain some information about it. But those that click on sponsored ads are the people who are interested in buying your products or services. So with an effective PPC campaign, you are reaching out to your target audience who are really interested in what you have to offer.

That takes us to the interesting part of PPC management, which is called laser eye targeting.

  • Laser-eye targeting 

    With the help of a pay per click company, you can target people based on demogries, language, time of day, individual days of the week and other ingenious means. A PPC agency will use geo-targeting techniques that will ensure your ads reach out to relevant customers in a specific location. They will also target people by specific search keywords, that will effectively get you the necessary traffic.

3. Hyper segmented marketing

Unlike any other marketing strategy such as SEO or even email marketing where you can clearly segment your audience, PPC ads take it to the next level. Now you can hyper segment your target audience,  with the data that can be collected by an expert PPC management agency.

The best PPC management company will schedule your ads in such a way that you only bid during the right times and the right days. They will help you understand which ads work better on which days and hence plan your PPC management strategies effectively. They will play with relevant keyword match types to find out which keywords work better for a product and service and hence optimise your CPC bids and costs.

Yes, now do you understand why PPC is so important for your  small business and why you need to hire a PPC agency? But this is not it, it keeps getting better as you read.

4. Sensational brand visibility 

Do you want to be the king when it comes to brand visibility and conversion,  then PPC is the way forward?

Wondering why?

It’s because these paid search advertisements appear right at the top of the SERP (Search engine results page). That is even above the organic websites that rank owing to their SEO strategies. In better words, you are ranking above high domain authority websites that have built their website over a long time and through exceptional SEO practices.

An expert pay per click company will device ads in such a way that your brand visibility becomes to the point. Even though it’s a sponsored ad people will prefer clicking your ads given the high UI  experience of your ads.

Yes, Google AdWords gives you the option to control the space that is provided to you for delivering your ads. You can use bullet points, site links, calls and other options to make your ad attractive. You also have the option of posting visual shopping ads which increases the click through rate by three fold. The expertise of a pay per click management company will device ads for your brand that render to the emotions of your target audience.

5. Exponential conversion rates

An enticing aspect about PPC management is that it leads to exponential conversion rates.  This is because the customers who are clicking your ads want to buy your products and services. So, if your products and services actually fit the searcher’s needs, your conversion rates will be optimised and customers start reaching the bottom of the funnel.  Google AdWords also work in such a way that only  the most essential customers click your ads so that the ones who click eventually turn out to be buyers of your products.

6. Analyse, experiment, and get results

It’s not always only about the effectiveness of a marketing strategy,  it is also a lot about being able to manoeuvre it so that you can achieve the best out of it.

With PPC campaigns, you can effectively know whether your  customers are interested in your products and services. Obviously,  this is measured by the click-through rates. So you can quickly analyse the results and click throughs that you’re getting and thus formulate a go-to PPC campaign strategy that will serve you well for the months and years to come.

An expert pay per click company will use adwords marketing tools such as the keyword suggestion tool,  keyboard nickfinder and negative keyword tools optimise your PPC management campaigns. Under constant analysis and experimentation,  the PPC management agency will be able to devise a plan that works for your  small business the best.

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Well well well what do you say?

Now don’t you approve of PPC as a great marketing strategy for your small business? Yes, and all you need to do is collaborate with Atop Digital for your PPC management Services.

When it comes to PPC management, our years of expertise and experience in the subject will get you click-through rates at a phenomenal rate.

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