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Digital Marketing That Transformed the Online Presence of OfficeWorkDesign


OfficeWorkDesign is a modern office partition providers from Florida, USA. Their core products are modular office partitions, glass partitions, adjustable office walls, cubicle walls, and hinged/barn doors.

OfficeWorkDesign wanted to boost their sales through digital marketing. However, struggling to do so from its website.

Problem They Faced:

  • Since OfficeWorkDesign launched its website in 2017, it didn’t show up on Google’s SERP for any keywords. The website’s UI/UX wasn’t up to the mark.

  • With no traffic on the website, it couldn’t generate any sales.

  • Little to no content on the website.

Why They Chose us?

OfficeWorkDesign was looking for a digital marketing agency that can rectify the current digital marketing flaws by redesigning the entire strategy. The main goal was to enhance the UI/UX, generate traffic, and generate sales.

With our hands-on experience with designing a successful digital marketing strategy from scratch and finding innovative solutions for client’s problems, OfficeWorkDesign hoped that we could bring the actual results.

Short headline

Did we surprise OfficeWorkDesign with our digital marketing efforts? The answer lies in their testimony.

Our Approach Towards Solving the Problem

Once we undertook the project, our first priority was to create a buzz around the OfficeWorkDesign as a brand. Our best bet was to create a landing page with customizable design and promote it through PPC advertisement.


Our next step was to revamp the entire website and use organic SEO to improve its position on Google’s SERP. Also, we wanted to keep the customer engaged with quality blogs every month.

Our Execution Strategy

With few trial and errors, we created a highly customized landing page for OfficeWorkDesign with a clean look, keyword-rich content, and interactive UI/UX.


Also, we focused on the key strengths of OfficeWorkDesign to set them apart from its competitors. For instance: OfficeWorkDesign was the only company that manufactures office partition in Florida itself.


Take a look at the landing page of OfficeWorkDesign yourself.

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings and more.

Then, we promoted the landing page by running a PPC campaign. We chose the right combination of competitive keywords to generate a highly focused customer base towards it.


Once the landing page started generating a considerable amount of traffic and conversions, our next step was to revamp the entire website with a design that best conveys OfficeWorkDesign’s brand identity. We chose to rank the website organically to create an authentic consumer base.


We kept posting quality blogs on the website to keep the customers engaged and educate them about the latest trends in office interior design.

Results We Achieved

Out of the 50 keywords we were targeting, 38 of the keywords had started ranking. i.e 76% of our keywords were ranking.

–  2 keywords are in the top 10 positions, 

– 20 keywords are in top 50 positions, 

With our customized landing page PPC campaign, OfficeWorkDesign’s conversion rate increased by 55% in just 2 months.

No matter what your digital marketing challenges are, we will accept it with open arms and give you the most practical results.

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