Here we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding our company ATop Digital. You can always email us if any of your query is not covered in this list.


The Cornerstone – Who Are We

Imagine if Dominos didn’t have online ordering, Amazon was just a road-side small shop. Life would not be that easy, right? People nowadays use the internet even to do the smallest of tasks. This shows the significance of having a powerful online presence. So, if people are looking for a service or specific item they will definitely search for it online and hence, any business would want to establish their identity in the digital realm in this day and age. With the possibility of having massive consumers on your digital doorstep, by taking the right decisions, having a strong online presence will be the only thing that stands between success and failure of a business.

ATop digital is a technical consultancy service company that helps in developing the digital identity of your company in more ways than one. Owing to the variety of services that we provide, we embody numerous names, everything from website design company to a digital marketing agency. In the technological era, even websites have to harbor and express their own unique personality. This is where ATop Digital comes in as your one-stop solution for designing and developing a solid digital foundation for your company. It assists your company in website design services, web design and development, mobile apps development, content writing, branding, and digital marketing among other types of services.

We have worked with many non-technical clients in the past and we believe that, when it comes to doing anything in the digital realm, we can offer you all the support you need from the start to the end. We help our clients in all aspects to have a properly designed digital structure which they can use for the purpose of marketing, brand development, digital identity sculpting, professional website design and much more. In processes such as these which are highly intimate and which require a deep seated understanding of the brand itself, we ensure that you as our clients are not only involved at each step of the process but are also made aware about the intricacies of each step. By sharing information about your company with our team, we will also be able to suggest you multiple viewpoints from both technical as well as expression-based perspectives. So, together we will proceed with an approach that gives best output.

Yes, starting from website and mobile app development to validating abstract ideas that will give people a good enough reason to download the app, we take care of everything that contributes to the online presence of your company in one way or the other. We also offer digital marketing services that will drive online traffic towards your business and help in reaching higher growth. We are experts in bringing cutting edge digital marketing solutions across various social media channels that will help you leverage more customers and transform your business into a winner online. Moreover, we also help in the development of your website on a consistent basis, so that it is customized from time to time according to the changing needs of both the customers as well as the brand. We will maintain it after it goes live.

The Pillars – What Do We Do

We develop both website and mobile applications. One of the most intrinsic characteristics about the way we work is to ensure that both your website as well as your mobile app will work on all devices and desktops. The processes we follow and the tools we use allow us to create responsive websites that have the ability to adapt to the screen sizes of both desktop browsers along with all mobile devices and OS.

We use Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, and Shopify PLATFORMS depending on your need. The languages used for various functionalities are PHP, .NET, Objective C,XCode platform for iOS apps, C, C++ and JAVA for Android apps.

The Gateways – The Process We Follow

We work for different types of clients where some focus on web and app development, be it in the realm of e-commerce website design or small business website design, while others are more inclined towards digital marketing and SEO aspects. Since our projects are completely customizable and personalized, it is difficult to give exact figures. Please visit our Pricing page or Contact us to get more accurate web development and web design costs.

We will have an account manager assigned to your company who will provide you the work schedule. The work schedule will be discussed with you before we start on the journey. Also, we will regularly update you when there are any changes in the working schedule. This way you will be updated on the work progress for your company. This also allows us to involve you in every single step of the process when it comes to developing your digital presence and nurturing it.