Want Your Business to Take Advantage of Instagram? Use These 7 Features

Digital Marketing, Social Media Posted On: Nov 21, 2019


If we were to pick one social media platform that’s nailing it with useful features, then we’d give the crown to Instagram.

And it’s not surprising to see why!

Since years, Instagram has been adding ground-breaking features that have made headlines. Think Instagram Stories, Stickers, and our favorite, the legendary Instagram Shoppable Posts!

But with tons of features released every now and then it can get overwhelming to use those that are actually beneficial to your business.

Which is why we’ve cherry-picked some of our own favorites to help you make the choice!

Taking advantage of these features will dramatically help you triple your growth on Instagram and get ahead of the competition.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Checkout on Instagram

If you’re a retail business with an Instagram business account and want to sell your products like hot cakes then Checkout on Instagram is for you.

Seeing the social commerce trend boom in recent years, Instagram has specifically added this feature for eCommerce businesses. It’s said to be their first move that could very well turn Instagram into the next shopping portal.

Here’s what makes it truly remarkable!



Checkout on Instagram basically lets your customers choose the products they like, customize their picks, and place orders for your products ALL WITHIN THE APP without ever leaving it!

Not just that, it also saves the user information in case of future purchases to make for an even smoother shopping experience.

Make sure you take advantage of this gem to sprout your retail business in 2020.

Instagram Stories Countdown Timer



This Instagram feature is arguably the most interesting ones of the bunch and a handy tool for businesses!

With this feature you can add a dedicated countdown timer to your Instagram stories to spark urgency and excitement.

There are several ways to use it for your Instagram strategy. You can use Instagram timers to:

  • Announce an upcoming event, a promotion, or a new product launch.
  • Sign up new customers in exchange of free giveaways.
  • Create buzz for limited time offers.

The great thing about these timers is that whenever your customers subscribe to them, they get a notification in the form of a reminder when the countdown ends.

Post to Multiple Accounts



We all know how frustrating it can get to create an excellent post with the most captivating image, eye-grabbing caption, and relevant hashtags only to find out later that you’re on the wrong account!

Well, not anymore!

The Post to Multiple Accounts feature lets you post to multiple accounts by seamlessly toggling between different ones.

This can come in handy if you want to share a common message like a promotion or update with your customers across different accounts without drafting individual messages for each one.

Great for brands with multiple subsidiary accounts.

Name Tags



Name Tags are Instagram’s way of revolutionizing QR codes and bringing them back in the trend.

Basically Name Tags allow you to share your Instagram account with other people or businesses by generating a scannable image.

If you’re a personal brand or a niche business, you can use them to share your Instagram account with potential businesses, just like a fancy business card.

Instagram Explore Tab



The Explore tab on Instagram is another major feature that’s got an update and is one feature that can help your business grow on Instagram.

It now showcases trends and content that’s more related to you. The updated feature brings together IGTV and on-platform shopping right in one place.

What does this mean for businesses?

This means IGTV and Shopping Posts will all show relevant content based on your customer’s interests, giving you more options to get discovered.

For example, if you are a restaurant brand that consistently uploads a video or a post using the right hashtags, Instagram can recommend your posts to people interested in categories like restaurants, food, lifestyle. This will uptick your chances of ranking in your customer’s Explore Feed.

Instagram now also lets you display your publicly posted Instagram stories right in the Explore tab. As story content has a high engagement rate, they can help you grab the attention of your customers and grow organic followers on Instagram.

What’s more, Instagram will also allow businesses to run sponsored ads right in the Explore tab. This feature along with the right Instagram advertising strategy will definitely help you drive more sales and reach on Instagram!

Close Friends



Close Friends is a handy Instagram feature for businesses.

It basically lets you create a list of ‘special’ followers making it easier to send them exclusive content, Instagram stories you’d not otherwise want to send to your other followers.

Though it’s specifically geared towards friends, you as a business, can use it to create a list of your own loyal customers.

You can then use that list to share exclusive offers, promotions, or sneak peeks about your upcoming products with your customers to keep them hooked.

This makes it a great tool to keep track of your most devout customers on Instagram.

Instagram Alt Text



The aim of this particular Instagram feature is to help visually impaired people enjoy the platform. In a general sense, alt text is a form of text that describes the content of a post to a blind person.

Visually impared people can listen to the alt text through screen readers and make sense of what the image is about.

Although its purpose may be defined, it has another application that can transform your post rankings on Instagram.

Here’s what we mean!

Alt text has long been used by marketers to help rank content in search engines. By considering Instagram as a type of search engine in its own right, it can function the same way.

In future updates it’s highly possible that Instagram might use alt text to identify images and rank relevant ones as it’s already using an algorithm that ranks posts in the Explore feed.

For example, think of the possibilities of your post ranking for #foodblogger in the feed if it contains an alt text like “girl taking pictures of food” or “girl doing food photography” without actually including the hashtag at all.

Final Thoughts

There you go! The top 7 Instagram features that you should definitely take advantage for your business.

By using all the relevant features and crafting a solid Instagram strategy on the side, you’ll already be a step ahead of your competitors. Not to mention, keeping an eye on top social media trends will also give you a bird’s eye view on best ranking trends and strategies.

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