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Many small to medium businesses divulge funds on keywords that become irrelevant to the latest user search trends. We’re here to drive qualified traffic with the right keyword research services.

We can optimize keywords to fit your business needs.

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Taking your small business to the next level.

If your keyword strategy is an ambitious attempt to rank high for seed words, realistically for a small business, this approach is not financially wholesome. Perhaps you’re unaware of a user’s search intent, focusing too much on volume metrics or simply don’t have time to collect qualitative data from real customers. We’re here to help you.

  • Find relevant keywords and search terms
  • Find long tail keywords for your target audience
  • Inspect usability of contextual keywords
  • Ensure local keyword data analysis
  • Perform a competitor analysis
  • Prioritize keywords for SEO

Our Keyword Research Services Compliment Small Business SEO

Questions like ‘how to search for a word on a web page’ and ‘what keyword’ can my business rank best for’ are crucial when you want to understand the language a target audience uses. To seize your target market, we craft content that satisfies your customers and search engines, none of which is possible without keyword discovery. The first phase of our small business seo strategy begins with ‘thinking like a customer’ –

1. What search terms your customers are using ‘now’?

2. How many ‘times’ are your customers searching these terms?

3. Why are your customers searching these terms?

4. When are your customers searching for these terms?

How to understand a ‘keyword’?

So how to find the right keywords for a small business? You might have keywords you already want to rank for but when you’re starting fresh or have a limited budget, you can’t choose keywords that cost you a fortune. Let’s talk about seed keywords – they’re the starting point for your keyword research process. If used singularly, it will rarely improve your ranking but the more specific we get, the closer we are to reaching your target audience.

For e.g. if you’re using a seed keyword like – ‘wedding rings’ (low ranking option) versus ‘diamond wedding rings in Arizona’ (high ranking option).

When we use a keyword research tool, we add in a seed keyword that defines your business’s service/product. Using a seed keyword, we generate a list of keyword ideas or keyword phrases that are popularly being used. If you sell plant pots then your seed keywords might be ‘indoor plants’, ‘patio plants’, ‘plant hangers’ etc. This is just the start.

Keywords Make Businesses. Let’s Find Yours.

We Define Goals For Keywords

Nothing goes to waste! Even though the search volume of a keyword and its difficulty is an inverse relationship, we know every word counts. We draw an estimate for paid search and organic search in the competitive landscape by studying your niche intensively. Through keyword monitoring, our keyword database is evaluated constantly that focuses on different customer profiles, and what they’re looking for. Keywords should be sprinkled across web pages, diversified through blogs and placed strategically in ad copies.

Competitor Keyword Research

Because we know every web page ranks for specific keywords, our aim is to push organic traffic to your website on a wide spectrum. Speaking of competition, it’s an uphill battle to rank for high volume keywords especially if you’re just starting off. So for small business owners we suggest a simpler process – let us study your real competition (both SERP competitors and local competitors in your industry).

To obtain organic ranking successively, we do competitive keyword analysis which helps identify top performing keywords. We look for competitive websites that resemble your own and collect keyword data based on customer queries, problems and expectations. Apart from keyword analytics, we’re further guided by key performance indicators like studying your competitor’s monthly search traffic results.

Location Based Keyword Research

This is where we narrow down our keyword research to specific demographics based on real time customer feeds. You want to evaluate user interest by doing a local search to understand what the target audience is actually looking for. For e.g. junk cars is a popular term in Houston however in New York, the neighborhood term is junker cars. To make your seed terms more specific using long tail keywords like junk cars in Houston ensures you’re catching a local target audience thereby improving lead quality.

Long Tail Keyword Research

The right keyword research services promote long tail keywords since they play a significant role at improving organic traffic. To reduce the bounce rate of web pages, it is very important to curate content that attracts actionable users. If you focus on keywords that only have a high search volume, you risk drawing in users who have no relevance to your page’s goals.

So here’s where we pitch long tail keywords to improve your page’s crawlability, and reach your target audience by being more specific. We don’t want ambiguous intent while we’re trying to draw in relevant traffic. Our keyword research services include brainstorming long tail keywords that convert effectively especially since we know searchers can be specific and intentional in their searches.

Keyword Monitoring Service-

Keyword tracking or monitoring is the extension of specialized keyword research; it is essential for both small to medium enterprises. To improve organic search results, keyword monitoring is our compass that allows us to regulate traffic quality, monitor your competitors and find CTR issues. We make easy-to-understand reports to evaluate ranking, identify changing search results and test different keyword strategies.

We Find Value in Keywords.

We’ve realized over the years that keyword analysis relies heavily on SERP landscapes. For a small business to grow locally, we evaluate search intent for every specific keyword after targeting keywords that provide more value. Our small business seo strategy focuses on performance indicators as part of our research arsenal. Let’s have a look.

Keyword Difficulty

For a small business, this term brings in-depth value if you’re trying to push your brand’s presence further into search engines. After identifying the parent topic and search intent, we focus on parameters like keyword difficulty that helps bunch together search terms based on search volume and ranking difficulty. Because the gist is we want your website to rank for keywords that can realistically link to a doable number of web pages. This ensures your website is ranking in Google’s top search results for higher visibility.

Traffic Potential

To gauge the business potential of keywords it’s important to map your buyer’s journey. Our SEO experts want to understand if such keywords have traffic potential because we aren’t just looking for conversion. We’re pushing relevant traffic from blogs and landing pages by finding keyword opportunities that competitors often miss out on. We don’t just judge keywords on the basis of search volume and click-through rate but also the total traffic potential. This parameter helps us prioritize keywords and finalize their content usage.

Click-Through Rate

Before we target keywords for a small business, our experts analyse the click-through rate of long tail keywords. Using SEO metrics we narrow down on relevant keywords by studying the average number of clicks a keyword receives on search results. Since Google is addressing basic queries more and more, we use click-through rate to eliminate keyword ideas or phrases that are not going to be of any use to you. This is subject to how precise the keyword phrase is and Google can’t always provide specificity.

Cost Per Click

Whether you’re looking for marketing keywords or trying to boost your google keyword ranking, cost per click is a revenue based parameter that revolves around competitive paid search. Though it’s essential for running successful PPC campaigns, it helps us evaluate a keyword’s worth for seasonal content. CPC is a volatile proxy like after the pandemic, CPC in search engine advertising trends changed drastically for the UK insurance market. What you need is real time data and insight – that’s where we come in!

We Analyze User Search Intent

A user can use a search term for any particular reason so it’s important to understand how your target audience is consuming information for a targeted keyword. For a small business keyword variables can be – suggestions, comparisons, questions, prepositions or statements. But once you understand the search intent then you can add absolute functionality to your brand’s marketing objectives. Though there are many search types, we engineer our keyword research on the basis of –

We Analyze User Search Intent

Information Based Search

This is where your customer is looking for information about a subject that relates to your product or service. On the side lines, we’re looking for keyword phrases your customers are using commonly for e.g.

  • International keyword research services
  • what are meta keywords
  • what is keyword analysis

Navigation Based Search

This is where your customer wants to navigate to a website or webpage which may or may not relate to your business. The intent is clear since such users are quite clear about what they want and where to go for e.g.

  • Helium 10 tool
  • Grammarly
  • Facebook login

Transaction Based Search

This search intent is important because it captures users who are looking to invest time or money into something – will most likely buy a product or service for e.g.

  • cheap flight tickets
  • organic butter online
  • buy Macbook Pro

Comparative Search

Originally review based, this search intent allows users to compare products or services by visiting multiple websites so it’s important to keep them engaged for e.g.

  • junk car removal services near me
  • plumbing contractors in Houston
  • pet clinics near me

Local Queries

This search intent is where the user wants something nearby or locally sourced hence its necessary to understand your local enquirers and what they’re looking into for e.g.

  • junk car removal services near me
  • plumbing contractors in Houston
  • pet clinics near me

Frequently Asked Questions

Is keyword research still important?add

Keywords matter a lot especially when you want to rank for low difficulty keywords which drive in target based leads. A keyword research strategy that adapts to changing trends improves your organic ranking perfectly. Because Google can define precise results on the basis of what you write, keyword research makes you understand the target audience intensively.

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