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Your website is like a multi-tiered cake. It’s delicious, pretty and it’s yours! Let the best digital bakers bake it for you!
Our Approach

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We listen

That’s right! For every client, our approach starts with listening. Your requirement, your agenda, your goal, your target, your vision – all of these elements form crucial parts of the process that we follow.

  • The professionals who form a part of our team are the most digitally gifted, especially when it comes to the art forms of web development, web design, and user experience curation.
  • The different departments, structured on the basis of realm of expertise, coordinate seamlessly to ensure that your ideas and your requirements are realized in the best possible manner.
  • When it comes to research and wireframe development, all our proceeds and findings are thoroughly documented at each step of the process, so that you know how your website (cake) is coming up.

Your confidence and your enthusiastic involvement only motivate the team in approaching their goals. To help you realize the validity and the reliability of your decision behind choosing us, we allow you to understand our approach with the help of our –

  • convincing blueprints
  • maintenance and development plans
  • extensive research reports
  • performance metrics

The best part, you ask? Well, we allow you to take the driving-seat when it comes to developing your digital identity.

We showcase

Our designers and developers believe that actions speak louder than words. This is why we ensure that you are shown a prototype, a sample of what your cake will taste like, if you will. This will allow you to mold the process by letting us know wherever you require any changes or modifications with the same.

  • The technology that we use gives us the liberty of being versatile and flexible to the development process. Be it a website, a mobile app or a branding process or a marketing strategy, we can provide end-to-end solutions for all.
  • This allows us to help you visualize and judge whether the development of your digital domain or your application is happening in the right direction.
  • Feedbacks, changes, refinement, proper structuring of timelines among other integral components are all crucial tools that help us craft an well-outlined process for you.

We design

Now that the process has been mapped out, it is time to define the icing and the decorations that will adorn the cake!

  • Our design approach is carried out by keeping in mind that it should be easily accessible to the user.
  • The pages should be easily navigable, filtered, connected, and of course, eye-catching.
  • A cutting edge web design includes everything from basic aesthetic development of user interface, to proper consideration of color scheme and integration of fonts and typefaces with proper layouts.
  • We design websites that are progressive-compatible, meaning they'll continue to work properly and look crisp on all future browsers and devices.

Designing the overall language, content and the terminology that is a part of the website or the application is another aspect that we indulge in when it comes to the development of your cake. You can choose the icing on this cake as we have more than one option,

  • from easy to understand content for laymen to sophisticated and
  • technical terminologies that appeal to only industry professionals

We do it all! The top designers with their out of the box ideas will communicate their ideas with samples, giving you a glimpse of the breath-taking ways in which your user interface can be molded.

We synchronize

You have a picture of what things will look like, so it’s now time to bake! With any kitchen, it is extremely important that we coalesce and work as a unit when it comes to developing a proper strategy for the initiation of your digital journey. We start developing the entire website, how?

  • Each web page is dissected and approached with intricate scrutiny.
  • Each page goes through the various departments at ATop Digital, where it is scrutinized as per the area of expertise that they embody
  • Proper coordination of the tasks is ensured with the help of timelines that help in synchronized and harmonious working.

We cross-check

End of the day, we all are humans! No matter how integral role computers play in the developmental process, quality checks conducted by human eyes definitely make a difference.

  • Each page will be verified by the computer first with the help of specifically built quality testing softwares and then through the ‘human detectors’.
  • This process enables the development of a proper understanding of user experience and user perspectives when applied to every inch of the user interface of your website.

ATop Digital takes quality assurance very seriously, making sure we provide clients with more than what they ask for.

  • The content and detailed designs are all checked time and again during the process so as to reach perfection
  • We make sure to not leave any gaps as far as optimization and user friendliness is concerned
  • Modifications and changes are sent back to the team with any identified breach or under-qualified content/design

We deploy

With all the items scanned and done, it is time to present the cake to the whole world. The website and applications are launched after each page is discussed and verified with the client. ATop Digital knows that the world never stops when it comes to digital advancement. For the development procedure, our team goes through something we like to call ‘design and launch’ step, which includes,

  • Adopting new ideas
  • adapting to changing trends
  • conducting required modifications
  • implementing new designs
  • integrating fresh content

These can be considered as ‘after sale service’ for a successful digital marketing strategy.

For nurturing your digital identity, ATop digital expands the capabilities of your business so that you can take complete control of your need for online development and expansion.


Respect, humility, conviction and innovation are the pillars upon which ATop Digital is built.


We undertake that all information shared with us maintains absolute privacy. All particulars provided are kept 100% confidential and distributed to ATop team members if deemed necessary. Request for a Non-Disclosure Agreement if needed.