Responsive Web Design Dimensions

Responsive Web Design Dimensions – What It Is And How To Use It

“ What if your website could be like a fluid, taking the shape of any container that it is poured into?”

Building Digital Fluidity
Taste of Users

When we as developers and programmers talk about modern web design, we are referring to responsive web designs. The users of today need more functionalities and features, represented in the form of both visual as well as textual forms. The need to consume content in more than one form at the same time is reflected in the need to adjust web design. So that it can fit into any device on which it is viewed.

Fluidity of websites

The modern user is not only looking for different forms of content, he/she is specifically talking about being able to consume content on different mediums, owing to which diversity of content and fluidity of websites is a crucial element of modern web designs. The concept of navigation becomes a laborious task as display size and other search-based functionalities do not remain constant amongst mobile devices and tablets. A team of some of the best website designers in Mumbai work at ATop Digital, which is why we provide the finest available web designs to our clients using HTML and CSS transitions.

Adapting to Fit into Diverse Moulds

Responsive web design is designed for making websites that can adapt to the size of the visitor’s viewport. With responsive web designs, if you open a browser on your desktop, the website will choose and adapt itself to the layout that will look best on your desktop screen. Being amongst the most experienced and creatively-inclined responsive web designers in Mumbai, we will be able to develop brand domains and the user experiences that correspond to them, which are malleable and fluid enough for all types of screen sizes as well as devices.

Dynamic Process towards Digital Malleability

The concept is to view websites on many devices. The following are the concepts;

  • It is important to make the site easy to use and easy on the eyes, no matter which platform it is viewed on.
  • The design has to respond to the specification of the width or the height of the device.
  • It is very important to think of the website from the start and plan its content accordingly, so that suits and fits all devices.
  • Working on developing a website is not a simple task, owing to the fact that it needs to be properly structured in the form of a strategic process.
  • With the help of a team of responsive website builders, ATop Digital helps you in crafting eye-catchy web designs.
Developing Brand Fluidity

To enhance readability mainly on small devices where visuals and textual content is presented as a continuous data stream, then the focus is to design your website based on a horizontal striped layout. ATop Digital can provide you with dynamic layouts which provide versatility that makes us experts at responsive web design development. Some of the useful layouts are:

  • Horizontal layout
  • Block-by-block layout
  • Regular grid-style layout.
How Can You Attain Fluidity in Terms of Both Brand as well as User Experience?
  • The Gates of Digital Fluidity
  • If you don’t make your website mobile friendly then you will surely miss out on a lot of viewers. View port is one of the fundamental features of responsive designing owing to the fact that it entails defining the website dimensions on the basis of the size of the window you are viewing the site on. There are other important tasks that you need to complete to reach complete digital fluidity, such as adding responsive images to your e-commerce site and also ensuring that existing website images are made responsive. Leave it up to the experts at ATop Digital to help you begin the journey towards increasingly responsive web design and digital content.

  • The Path Towards Digital Versatility
  • Fixed layouts are static measurements and they do not respond to the width of the viewport. Relative measurements like percentages are considered for various designs and they respond to the width of the viewport. If you have to cater to varying screen sizes and you intend to capture them all with the help of your digital identity, then ATop Digital will help you make your screen size relevant to the viewport that you define for your website. The path that you need to walk upon is one which starts at fixed layouts and moves further towards responsive and fluid digital experiences curated by the aesthetics and the overall structure of your website.

  • The Tools and Weapons to Carry on Your Journey
  • Viewport size and device type are the parameters based on which media queries are utilized to create CSS (cascading style sheets) rules. For a media query that targets just mobile screen sizes, a whole set of such CSS rules that target mobile devices’ screen sizes need to be created. Mobile website builders at ATop Digital know how to develop a better experience for your users as well as your brand through the use of specific tools such as media queries. Every new browser being used will support media queries in some or the other form. However, without proper knowledge of these web design codes, one cannot navigate the path towards responsiveness with ease and simplicity. That is why you need to come to us at ATop Digital, so that we can help you walk on the path towards better and well-designed websites with confidence and awareness.


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