These Branding Tips Will Bring Your Business In the Spotlight

Branding Posted On: Jan 2, 2019


So, you want to build a brand that’d steal the hearts of your consumers and build a cult following. Fair enough. Whether you want your business brand to be heroic like Nike, or elegant like Rolex presenting it professionally is a tedious task. Which is why prior to a great branding strategy, it’s first crucial to showcase your brand the right way in front of your consumers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small start-up or a well-established company, branding or rebranding your business will drastically make a difference.

Having said that, we have some excellent branding tips which will help you establish your company as a successful brand in the eyes of your consumers.

So without any further ado, let’s get rollin!


First things first!

Before you can sell your service, people should know who you are and what you do. Defining your company’s identity is the first major step you can take to create a successful brand.

Start by defining your company from the ground up. Start by asking questions such as “What does my company stands for?”, “What’s makes my company special?”, “Who is my audience?” etc.

This will help you create a robust brand identity design for your logo, typography and visuals which will then become the face of your company.

What comes up in mind when you hear “Just Do It” OR “i’m lovin’ it”? These aren’t just slogans but are an identity of the brands which they represent.

Remember, the more definite your brand, the better it’ll be for your consumers.


Each brand has a voice of its own and yours should too.

A brand’s voice can have anything from aggressive, polite, to conversational, or even a friendlier tone.

The best way to opt for your brand’s voice is by considering a tone which better resonates with your target audience.

Think Harley Davidson for example, the aggressive tone better suits their brand and characterizes the energetic attitude of their audience.


Image Source: Harley Davidson

Old Spice also does a great job at engaging with their audience through tonality. The popular deodorant brand has a comical voice which is best seen in their commercials and website copy.


Image Source: Old Spice


Is your brand’s logo doing what it should? Does it represent your brand’s culture and values or is it just a fuzzy symbol? Is your brand’s voice resonating with your audience through an impactful story?

According to research, we are 22 times more likely to remember a story than plain facts and figures.

Brand storytelling is a great tool to present your business in front of your consumers. It’s the most sought after company branding strategy used by successful brands today. It can help you drive impact and make emotional connections with your consumers.

One brand that’s nailing it with brand storytelling is GoPro.

Through an engaging video, the camera brand shares its brand story on how GoPro cameras help create meaningful experiences for their consumers.

It not only showcases the brand but tells an effective story of the people using their products to benefit their lives.


Imagine this.

You’ve met a person who acts all kind to you one day, arrogant a day later and silent the next day. How would you judge him? You’re likely to form different opinions about that person due to his inconsistent behaviour. Right?

That’s the same way consumers will feel with your brand if it lacks consistency.

If the colors of your logo aren’t going well with the packaging of your products or if you’re not living up to your brand’s promises, your consumers are likely to form varied opinions about your brand. This will make your consumers lose trust in your brand.

Delivering consistency is crucial for your brand’s success.

According to Lucidpress, consistently presented brands experience 3 – 4 times more brand visibility than inconsistent ones. So, if you haven’t already fixed your brand logo design yet, now is the time to do so.

Consistency in your branding will not only increase trust but also help your consumers recognize your brand without second thoughts.


Walt Disney wasn’t kidding when he said:

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”

Among all branding quotes, this one is followed today by most successful companies around the world and it’s not surprising to see why.

21 years ago, Apple launched the Think Different campaign and it reflected their brand’s ideology which is still relevant today.

Get started by portraying your brand to your consumers in unique ways. People like authenticity and that should reflect in your brand.

Where does your brand fit in?

For Apple it’s about innovative technology whereas for Starbucks it’s about customer loyalty.

Think of the USPs of your business and how can you market them in unique ways. How can you showcase them using an excellent branding strategy?

A distinct campaign backed with the right communication and brand strategy is sure to hook your audience.


Last but definitely not the least, your brand must create value for your consumers.


It is found that creating value for consumers boosts consumer retention and increases brand awareness. Not only that, it also helps differentiate a brand from its competitors.

Start by figuring out what value means for your consumers. Is it the free gifts, loyalty coupons or just an excellent customer support? Then dig in on how you can deliver it to your consumers.

Remember the goal is to increase consumer retention of your brand by making them coming for more.

By maintaining a memorable and valuable customer experience, you are not only going to retain old customers but also attract new ones.

Branding is essential in this day and age. With new brands emerging almost every day, the competition has grown stiff over the years. How would you position your brand in such a case?

For that an effective branding strategy would work out best. Hiring a creative digital marketing agency with expertise in branding can help you create the perfect communication and brand strategy for your company.

But where would you find one?

We are a digital marketing agency ourselves with strong experience in branding. We have helped numerous companies grow their business brand and can do the same for you. Head over to our services page to help us turn your business into a valuable brand.

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