Use These Tips to Step Up Your Content Marketing in 2019

Content Marketing Posted On: Jan 10, 2019

use these tips to step up your content marketing in 2019

“Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” – Seth Godin

It’s not just Seth Godin but also other great marketers in the content marketing world who stand by that quote. Content is still the king and the most fundamental part of your marketing campaign. If you’re not using the ideal tactics to leverage your content, you have a much higher chance of failing with your content marketing strategy.

In order to stay on top, following a definitive approach is crucial which will make your content marketing efforts yield success.

So how do you make your way through?

We have just the right tips to help you step up your content marketing game. Let’s get started!


First up, you need an outline.

Creating an organized content plan for your marketing is thus an essential step. With a detailed plan in place, you have a better chance of creating an effective content marketing strategy around it.

According to Search Engine Watch it is seen that more than 65% of successful content marketers have a well-documented content marketing strategy in place.

Start by documenting your objectives that you want to achieve from your strategy. Make a note of each and every goal.

Keeping track of your content marketing strategy can effectively help you monitor your ROI and keep you organized with your marketing efforts.


The core aim of content marketing is to create genuine, valuable content that attracts your target audience and not something that hits right in the face like a hard sell.

Creating original, ideated content is the key here. So you might want to think outside the box or better, hire someone (like a content marketing agency) to do it for you.

Whichever the case, start by creating your content around those lines.

For your content marketing to be effective, it needs to do the following things:


If you own an e-commerce store that sells Ayurvedic medicine for example, you can create helpful blog content around Ayurveda or informative videos on Ayurvedic remedies. Producing this type of content will productively help you drive more leads.

Or you might also get creative with your content marketing strategy, like how HootSuite did.

HootSuite came up with an exciting content marketing idea for their product. They created a video based on the opening of Game of Thrones dubbed ‘Hootsuite’s Game of Social Thrones.’

Instead of hard selling their product, they promoted their it in a unique and engaging way.

The takeaway?

Think outside the box for your next content marketing strategy. Create unique content that’s both engaging and educating.

Remember valuable content is more effective at building trust and relationships with consumers.


According to Neil Patel, SEO is all about content marketing and content marketing is all about SEO. Unless you’re not implementing SEO in your content marketing, your campaign will undoubtedly, well, fail.

So when planning your next content marketing campaign, integrate SEO in your overall content marketing strategy.

Use high-ranking keywords in your content (make sure you don’t overdo it to avoid getting penalized.) Focus on creating quality content consistently to get indexed and rank better on search engines.

Build links with websites having a high-domain authority. Also, pay attention to technical SEO by optimizing robots.txt, metadata, site maps and tags.

Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand, make sure your content marketing strategy is SEO ready.


While your content may be great, it’s of no use if it’s not distributed on the right channels and networks. Try diversifying it by making a content distribution strategy.

A content distribution strategy can help you promote new and existing content efficiently across numerous channels. Think content syndication networks, forums, or RSS feeds.

Start by thinking of ways in which you can repurpose existing and newly created content. For example, you can make your existing long blog into an ebook and make it available for download on your landing page or other different channels.

You can use blogs and articles for video content. With tools like Content Samurai, you can turn your blog content into videos. Curating information from existing content to create infographics and sharing it through email is also a great way to diversify content.


Analyzing the results of your content marketing campaign is one tedious task but it’s also important at that. After all, you’d definitely want to check whether your content marketing efforts have met your business goals or not, right?

To find out how your content has performed, keep an eye on metrics like email subscribersgenerated leads, and sales data. These indicate how well your content has performed with regards to profitable customer action.

You can also analyze metrics like CTRsopen rates and time spent to measure what’s effectively working and what’s not to optimize your content strategy even further.

Content marketing is all about creating value, trust, and engagement. While one may be able to generate quality content, it can be difficult to come up with innovative content strategies that actually generate leads. For that, teaming up with a dedicated digital marketing agency is recommended. It can help you achieve more ROI and higher engagement on your campaign.

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in content writing services and SEO copywriting.We have helped numerous clients evaluate and create robust content strategies and can help you with the same for your next campaign. Let us know how we can help.

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