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Our core competencies as an IT service provider

We Understand the Situation

We fully understand or put in our best efforts to gather the needs of our customers. The key part of strong marketing involves understanding the situation properly, even if it means getting deep into the minds of the customer.

We Bring Experiences to Life

We bridge the gap between the online and the offline world. The ATop Digital family believes in showing your company’s true image on screen, which has to be a culmination of every crucial experience that resulted in the establishment of the brand.

We Strategize and Chart the Course

In this digital chaos, all you need is a helping hand, and we are here for that! We strategically shape and solve challenges when they pop up, often in ways that open up more opportunities than were previously visible.

What Defines ATop Digital?

mission vision values

The purpose behind our existence is to act as the keeper of the keys to the digital world, the ferryman who helps businesses cross over into the online realm, and the gatekeeper to this vast land of opportunities.

We help businesses develop their presence in the digital realm, teaching them the basics of surviving in this hostile land and also allowing them to develop their skills to thrive in this volatile but eventful environment.

Our objective as a company is to provide a wide array of services in the digital realm allowing businesses to realize the dichotomy that comes along while carving a niche in this vast medium.

On one hand, we want to strive towards allowing businesses to develop new and unexplored skills and abilities as far as communication and user engagement is concerned.

At the same time, we also want to ensure that our services act as a reminder of the immense reverence with which businesses need to approach the digital realm, especially owing to the massive potential that it holds.

Our values are based on a commitment to deliver innovation and excellence each time we take up a new project. Our aim is to make our clients feel proud of their decision to choose us, something which we have been able to achieve to a considerable extent.

For us, making our clients proud and going beyond their expectations is a core value. While we are at it, our dedication to the art form and our unrelenting thirst for creativity, productivity, consistency and reliability is what drives us forward.

The inculcation of these values help us become more than what we were in the past, moving beyond the conceptualized as well as the imaginable when it comes to our field.

Why ATop Digital?


The Structural and Functional Roots

Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not online and not on the internet, then you will be out of business”. We have built our organization on the very essence of this quote and established ATop Digital in 2009 as a way to embody the opportunities as well as the expertise that the digital world abounds in.


Our Unyielding Conviction

When some major organizations were coping with economic meltdowns and other issues, we motivated each other and stood against the odds. Day in and day out, our mission is to help our customers stay on top, hence the name – ATop Digital!


The Pillars of Merit

Mobile application development, web development services, digital marketing, branding, and content strategy are the various limbs of the corporate entity that is ATop Digital. A web design development company like ours is adept at providing refined digital experience for our customers and increasing conversion as far as possible.


The Essence of Our Offerings

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top. All our efforts are aimed at allowing brands and businesses to discover the opportunities that the digital medium offers. As some of the best web designers from Mumbai, we are constantly working towards a brighter future for our clients, a process which demands a certain level of expertise and skill. We are proud of having honed these abilities and skills by consistently pushing ourselves beyond the limits that bind us.

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Our pathway to successful projects


Being creative yet organized is the hallmark of making a difference. Our web, mobile app development services and other offerings are backed up by stimulating creativity of the highest order. We thrive on our ability to think out of the box which helps position your brand & business in a unique manner. This helps in

  • Establishing one of a kind Brand Positioning
  • Connecting abstract ideas
  • Creating breath-taking user interfaces
  • Devising engaging user experiences
  • Making your journey exciting!


Technology is an enabler, disruptor and growth engine rolled into one. We channelize our technological expertise & experience into coming up with the best solutions for your needs. Here’s what our skill sets ensure:

  • Strategic mobile app development services
  • Cutting edge Web design and development services
  • Connecting and managing your devices, gateways and applications on IOT
  • Help your online retail customers experience immersive shopping with AR
  • Deliver AI based features to create new ways of engaging customers


We’re not just any other mobile app development company in India. We pride ourselves on coming up with strategic, unique and creative marketing solutions that directly ensure greater recall value. Want to carve your own niche in a cutthroat ecosystem? Here’s our solution:

  • Target audience identification & marketing strategies
  • Branding directives
  • Exclusively tailored email and content marketing systems
  • Social & PPC ads
  • Search engine optimization


The world’s most successful ideas are always backed up by brilliant strategies. We believe in the power of core idea that drives any vision towards success. Every good idea however needs proper approach and implementation. After all,strategies are what make or break businesses. We help by

  • Collecting & disseminating the right data
  • Conducting extensive research
  • Conceiving core business blueprint
  • Creating compelling marketing plans
  • Measuring performance metrics

Management Team

Most of the new entrants who venture out to stake their claim in an industry such as ours do not have the eye to look beyond the basic scope that the digital world provides to businesses and brands. The ability to approach the art of digital creation, development and maintenance requires more than mere technical expertise and coding skills. It demands mastering the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The management team at ATop Digital has been molded by the flames of tribulation and victory, having borne witness to both the vicious as well as the rewarding nature of the digital wilderness.

Prince has 25 years of Sales & Business Development experience in his rear view mirror and that is the combustion that drives ATop. His mission now is to build a company that inspires. His Objective – Help companies “Stay on Top


Harshal is the “go to” guy when enterprises need to lend complex programming hands. His love for innovation, problem-solving attitude, level-headedness and 15 years of experience is the backbone of ATop. His mantra – ‘Be disruptive being rock-solid


With over 12 years of experience in custom delivered solutions, Mark is passionate about customer service and takes pride in managing the overall start to finish lifecycle for our deliverables.


With 20 years experience in her field, Kirsty prides herself as a great listener and is keen to explore the business needs as your new project manager. She has a keen eye for detail and her motto – to help make your digital journey easy to understand and manage.


Asmita ties all broken strings of project management which is most integral to software development. She signifies, processes!. Her charming persona elates the vibe when the going gets tough. Her Philosophy – “Collaboration on time


With a possession of great experience in Quality Assurance, Technical Support and Project Coordination, Umang aims at delivering the best. With him, you can always expect top-notch planning and precision implementation.


We ring the midnight bell @ work and pump the adrenaline rush in the sky.
Perfect balance of work and recreation!



We undertake that all information shared with us maintains absolute privacy. All particulars provided are kept 100% confidential and distributed to ATop team members if deemed necessary. Request for a Non-Disclosure Agreement if needed.