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But why Atop Digital?
Why place your bet here when there are other options?

Here’s how we address that!

Data/ Insight driven

Our bets on affiliate marketers are a likely result of tons of data backed up by the sales funnel analytics, the kind of engagement each affiliate is getting and various other metrics that initiate the process. Atop Digital has the raw talent that any marketing agency would fond of, those that are driven with data. We place ourselves down the line and see how linking with an affiliate would yield a response. All our actions and decisions are backed with full proof, legitimate and authoritative data numbers.

Great negotiators

When it comes to pricing out a commission or getting a value based service from our affiliates we dive into all the aspects of profitable marketing. We give our affiliates reasonable pay to hold on and promise them with higher commission rates if the CTR’s and LTV’s come by. Atop Digital knows how to hold it’s base and establish great affiliate networks that will then come along with ideas and principles themselves. We light the fire but they do the spreading.

Result oriented

Atop digital looks for results and the whole affiliate program matters only when the ideal results are produced. We see to it that the key aspects of the program are addressed and that there is a huge turnover in terms of the sales and CTR’s your business will get. We plan out tentative dates to when we must see satisfying results and plan the future based on the proceedings. The willy marketer can bring about coordinated results if he knows how to mobilise the targeted affiliates. That’s where we excel at and we strive to succeed all the time.

An Interactive culture

Atop Digital believes that great things happen when you know how to interact and coordinate with your client. That’s why we love the work we do. It gives us a strong chance to communicate our ideas with you and to hear out your opinions too. We apply the same principle and get interactive when it comes to reaching out to influencers. Most of the time, you only get a trusted and potential affiliate by presenting your business goals in an understandable and thick fashion to them. We know how to arouse the spark!

Performance and grading

The complete access to the performance factors and analytics of the affiliate program will be at your disposal if you’re in need of it. Our project management toll will keep you informed on the initiatives that are taking place in the market zone. You can size out your opinions and get back to us on any matter and we’ll be happy to take note of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the power of affiliate marketing, your business can save a lot of money and investment that directly goes into marketing. You can connect with other influencers who might have a greater edge when it comes to quickly getting attention from customers. They can also bring a lot more new customers for your brand that otherwise takes a long time. You get greater returns in ROI with less investment. As affiliate marketers get busy into driving sales for your business you can focus on other quality aspects such as establishing a genuine product…

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