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How Amazon Deals Can Help Your Business Generate More Revenue

When it comes to discounts and deals, Amazon is the ultimate hotspot for customers.

Think about it.

How likely are you to buy a product at a 50-70% discount when looking for Amazon Black Friday deals? Quite likely right?

This is why deals and discounts work best for products on Amazon. They drive sales and generate an insane amount of revenue for sellers while they sleep.

If you are a seller and want to take your sales to the next level then running some hot deals for your products on Amazon is the way to go.

In this post, we are going to take a look at why these deals are a “Big Deal” in the first place and what type of deals should you consider for your products.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

What are Amazon Deals?

Deals are nothing but discounted offers on selected products on Amazon available for a short amount of time.

They help sellers sell their products faster and make more profits.

There are plenty of different deals available on Amazon that you can use to promote your products.

On Amazon, there’s a dedicated section only reserved for deals called Today’s Deals. It shows thousands of deals posted by sellers and is populated by buyers.

Whatever deals you create show up in this section and give your products instant visibility.

Your product is labeled with a badge based on the type of deal you create for it.

Buyers also have the option to filter your deals on the left-hand side of the Today’s Deals page. By marking the ‘Upcoming’ checkbox, your customers can see the future upcoming deals on your products. This can attract them to your products and keep them excited for the same.

Different Type of Amazon Deals

On Amazon, people are always on the lookout for deals like Amazon Black Friday Deals, Prime Day Deals, etc.

There are plenty of different deals you can create on Amazon for your buyers. Each deal is distinct from the other and comes with benefits of its own.

●      Deal of the Day

These deals are the most common ones on Amazon.

They are deals on single or closely related items and are available for only a single day called Deal of the Day.

These deals show the discounted price for single products/discounted range for a category of products, the discount percentage and the duration left for the deal to end.

●      Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are another popular type of deals on Amazon and are the promotions that last for a very limited time (around 6 hours.)

Lightning Deals are used with single items that include extra-saving coupons. These deals show a countdown timer indicating how long the deal will remain active along with the percentage of deals that have been claimed so far.

These deals are the most successful ones when it comes to making profits and have shown to increase sales on seasonal and other special days, such as Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon ranks the best Lightning Deals based on number of sales they make, so there’s no clear indication that just running a Lightning Deal will help it rank on the Deals page.

The deals with competitive pricing, good reviews and inventory make it to the top position on the Deals page.

When compared to Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals often end up being more successful as they help sell more quantities of products from the seller’s inventory in a short time.

●      Prime Early Access Deals

Prime Early Access Deals are special deals available to Amazon Prime members for a short duration. After the Early Access duration is over, these deals also become available to Non-Prime members.

To avail these deals, customers are required to register with a Prime membership by paying $99.

For customers that are Prime members, they are granted 30-minute early access on specific Lightning Deals. These deals are labeled with the Prime Early Access Deal badge to distinguish them from other deals.

●      Prime Exclusive Access Deals

Prime Exclusive Access Deals are those that are available only for Prime members and not Non-Prime Members.

This is what differentiates them from Early Access Deals.

You can use these deals to promote your products exclusively to Amazon Prime members.

When used, these deals then appear to your customers on the ‘Add to Cart’ section of your listing page.

●      Amazon Coupons

Coupons are special discounts offered on Amazon products by sellers.

You can create coupons on selected products you want to sell and they will be displayed in a green badge on your product’s listing page.

When creating a coupon, you have the choice to set the total number of clips on each coupon, the duration of each coupon, or buying option such as Subscribe & Save or One-time Purchase.

Buyers can collect your coupons and save them right from your listing page, category pages, or from the coupons page directly.

Once clipped, your customers can then redeem coupons at checkout.

Discount coupons help customers make purchase and keep them coming for more thus greatly benefiting the seller.

Benefits of Amazon Deals and Coupons

There are plenty of benefits of using Amazon Deals and Coupon Discounts to leverage your product sales on Amazon.

Here are a few:

Listing Your Product on the Today’s Deals page

This is the most obvious benefit of using Amazon Deals and Discounts for your products:

You get to feature your product listing on Amazon’s Today’s Deals page.

This page is one of the most visited pages on Amazon by customers with traffic spiking up almost every day, especially during seasonal days.

By having your listing page featured on the Today’s Deals page, you can bring a significant number of visitors from the Today’s Deals page to your own listing page and increase your chances of selling your product.

More Visibility, Traffic, and Sales Than Usual Days

When it comes to making everyday sales, Amazon Deals are far more effective at driving product sales and maximizing traffic as well as visibility of your listing page.

You can leverage Deals during festive days or special days like Amazon Prime Day and outperform your competitors by selling more products.

Amazon Deals also help you feature your product listing on multiple places and increase your visibility.

All in all, they are great if you want to make improve the popularity of your products and make your customers coming for more.

Improved SEO Rankings for Selected Keywords

Another benefit of using Deals and Coupons is that they help boost the SEO performance of your page.

While searching if customers come across your product and buy it by choosing your best deal then it positively impacts the organic SEO of your listing page.

Due to increased conversions, Amazon further ranks your listing page which adds more value to your targeted keyword.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Deals and Coupons are often overlooked by sellers and many miss out on the remarkable sales opportunities they bring to the table.

They are definitely worth it if you want to improve the performance of your listing page and generate revenue faster than other organic Amazon strategies.

Now that you are aware of the benefits they offer, make sure you incorporate them in your Amazon strategy.

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