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Here’s How The Amazon Influencer Program Helps You Make Sales

Amazon Influencer Program

If you are an influencer and haven’t yet heard of Amazon’s Influencer Program then you are losing out on a good earning opportunity.


Imagine growing your influence on not just social networks but on the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace.

The Influencer Program lets you do just that. The goal of Amazon’s new solution is to help influencers leverage their earning potential straight from Amazon.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

If you are excited already to get started and start making some quick bucks, then read along. We’ve got everything covered for you in this post.

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

To start with, the Amazon Influencer Program is a platform created by Amazon that lets influencers showcase and recommend products to followers on Amazon and get compensated for purchases on those products.

Think of it as a form of Influencer Marketing on Amazon. As an influencer you get to have your own exclusive influencer page with a vanity URL.

It not only lets your followers choose and select products from one place but also popularize your brand presence on Amazon.

Amazon Influencer Program vs. Amazon Associates Program (What’s Ideal for You?)

It’s common for beginners to get the two mixed up.

While the two are geared towards the same goal, you should know that the Influencer Program is an extension of the Associates Program for social media stars.

Here’s some difference between the two:

●    Different Users

The Amazon Influencer Program is only meant for social media influencers whereas Amazon Associates is for affiliate marketers.

●      Requirements

You are allowed to enroll for the Influencer Program if you have a relevant number of high followers on social networks. On the other hand, the requirements for Amazon Associates is a good website with quality content.

●      Shareability

Amazon Influencer Program lets you share your vanity URL almost anywhere, whereas with the Associates Program you are limited to a few options.

●      Flexibility

You can use a single link to showcase multiple products on your Storefront with the Influencer Program compared to multiple links for different products with Amazon Associates.

As you can see, the Amazon Influencer Program has some neat benefits compared to Associates. So as a social media influencer, going with the Influencer Program will naturally benefit you than Associates.

Requirements for Setting Up an Amazon Influencer Page

Before you go ahead and opt for the Influencer Program, you must first be aware of the prerequisites. Amazon has a certain criteria which influencers have to meet in order to qualify for the program.

They are:

1.     Large Number of Followers

As mentioned earlier, Amazon expects you to have a good number of followers to become eligible. While there is no mention of a specific number, it is assumed that your audience must be relevant and genuine.

2.     Engagement Ratio

To qualify, Amazon also finds out how much you actually engage with your followers and on which platforms. It is just to make sure that you have a wider presence and that you reciprocate with your audience.

3.     Content Quality

Another thing that matters is the overall quality of your content. Amazon looks for influencers that post high-quality content. If you create some good content on your channels, then you boost your chances of getting selected!

4.     Influencer Value

You must also know that Amazon looks for influencers that bring them value. They may look for factors such as your level of influence on different social networks or the potential number of sales you can bring.

Using Amazon Influencer Page to Sell Products



Once you opt for the Influencer Program and get accepted by Amazon, you’ll be sent an invite link.

Your next job is to craft your Amazon Influencer page and optimize it for your followers. This will leverage your influence on Amazon and dramatically increase your earning potential.

Here are a few tips to do that:

Work on Your Influencer Storefront

Your storefront is your landing page on Amazon so try to make it as user-friendly as possible. It should be well-optimized before you share its link with your followers.

Add a nice photo for your cover and thumbnail. Your photo should signify your brand. You can also try uploading your logo if your followers are more familiar with it.

Then create a list. The list will display all your different products so give it a good description and title.

If you have multiple set of products, you can also create different lists for different product categories.

You also have the option to set bounties for customers.

Promote Your Newly Created Storefront

Now that your Storefront is ready, you must share it on as many social media platforms as possible.

Start with the most popular ones which have the most number of followers. Amazon gives you a sharing box option at the end of your Storefront so share it on all those platforms.

You can also share your link on your website’s relevant pages, your social media bios, etc. Not just that you can also promote your Storefront via email marketing.

Create Content Around Most Popular Products

Remember, content is what drives social media so don’t ignore it.

By creating relevant content around the products you want to promote you’ll have a higher chance of selling them to your followers.

Try to create engaging posts, videos, or host contests using unique hashtags to drive engagement.

You can also create user-generated content to further leverage your social media strategy and bring traffic to your Storefront.

List Your Most Popular Products

You might have an idea of what products are popular amongst your followers, so why not create a list around them?

Try segregating your most-talked products in a list to make it easier for your followers to buy.

With multiple lists you can drive more revenue from your Influencer Storefront Page.

Set Up for Payments

Amazon sends you the payments either by wire transfer or by cheque. Set up your bank details to receive payments from your sales.

If you want to avoid the hassle of cheques then make sure you register with a reputed online payment platform to make things easier.

Final Thoughts

As an influencer, there are plenty of benefits you can avail with the Amazon Influencer Program.

It can give a great shopping experience to your followers, increase your earnings, and spread your influence on Amazon.

On top of that, it’s pretty easy to opt-in and set-up your Amazon Influencer Page.

Make use of the above tips to create yours and start earning.

If you have any queries regarding the Amazon Influencer Program or need help setting up your Influencer page, we’re always there.

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