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With all that being said, let’s quickly get down to details.

But to win over your trust we would like to give you an ounce throw of who we are. The qualities that we uphold for top notch ORM are:

Positive Thinkers

Positivity comes naturally to us and all our responses are firmly grilled on it. Have you ever thought of how much positivity and good mantra affirmation can impact your business? We believe that successful ORM requires a great deal of positivity to overshadow the huge amount of negativity thrown against it. We’ve cultivated a strong mounted approach that helps us in dealing with unhappy and angry customers and managing social outbreaks. If there’s a cause for customer dissatisfaction we dive into the actual depths of the problem and come up with quick solutions.

Proactive and super active

Why super active? Because most other ORM agencies adopt proactivity we have taken the extra step in being super active with what’s happening in your business frame. We don’t wait for problems to be addressed. We look into those social platforms that require brand engagement and with the right posts we make sure that you’re super active in all domains.

Marketing Costs Optimized

The core objective of providing PPC campaigns services to small businesses is to ensure we bring in leads at a lower cost per click. Our experts take care of the technical part involved such as bidding the right amount and monitoring and optimizing the ad in order to meet that goal. From a business perspective, this adds a lot of value for small businesses to rope in new customers at extremely budget-friendly rates. All your PPC ads we run will be aggressively tracked, measured, and analyzed for improvements. Not only does this lower your costs but it also raises results.

Revolutionary management skills

If there’s one particular quality we’re good at – that’s management. Stats will tell you how poor management can deeply affect your brand’s growth and customer relationships. Atop Digital has incorporated the greatest management minds that know how to deal with a customer query and leave the coin untossed. When you’re playing with a lion, be a humble listener for you know otherwise it can ruin you.

Problem solving that comes off the grid

We can solve any problem here as the rubix cube always aligns well with its master! Online Reputation is better said than done. When it comes to actually maintaining a strong reputation for your brand, there are several factors that click in that have to be attended to. But we at Atop Digital just love to fight out these situations. We sit along with our team and headstorm all the possibilities of handling customer feedback and SERP algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you negotiate with a customer who has been posting negative comments lately?add

At first, we tend to analyze whether there is a mistake on our part and after sole understanding of the situation we give them adequate responses. It can be in terms of directly contacting them or bringing up the issue over email. Further on if there is no improvement in the situation, we use organic ways to replace those negative reviews or posts with positive content with the guidance of our SEO and content team.

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What happens down the strategy process?add

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