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Great Flexibility

First things first. Working with ATop Digital comes with great flexibility. There is a reason we call ourselves a PPC agency dedicated to small businesses and here’s what we mean by that. As a small business owner, we understand the number of things you would need to juggle in order to sustain the ship. Taking that into account, as a Small Business Advertising Agency, we have a framework that lets clients enjoy greater flexibility in terms of services offered, contracts signed, and deals made. Approach us and we can come to terms with a lucrative agreement that’s profitable for both parties.

Own Your Assets

Every PPC campaign management devised for a small business client by ATop Digital lends complete ownership to the client. There are many agencies out there that won’t let clients retain their ad assets and digital properties and we are not one of them. For every task we complete, you have complete ownership to use and reuse the property in the future as your business desires. This provides extreme value for small businesses which constantly cannot keep investing in creating new assets. You can repurpose all the content we generate for you.

Marketing Costs Optimized

The core objective of providing PPC campaigns services to small businesses is to ensure we bring in leads at a lower cost per click. Our experts take care of the technical part involved such as bidding the right amount and monitoring and optimizing the ad in order to meet that goal. From a business perspective, this adds a lot of value for small businesses to rope in new customers at extremely budget-friendly rates. All your PPC ads we run will be aggressively tracked, measured, and analyzed for improvements. Not only does this lower your costs but it also raises results.

A Dedicated Account Manager

At ATop Digital, all our clients get a dedicated account manager. This plays a key role in keeping communication smooth between the client and the agency. This is a thumb role we never break. Our account manager will present you with updates pertaining to how your paid ads are performing and present reports. As a small business owner, you can always get in touch with the account manager to convey all your business needs and objectives. We keep communication strong 24/7 which makes our search engine marketing solutions reliable.

Detailed Monthly Reports

As a small business owner, we think you must understand the strides of the progress we will make to help your brand leverage its presence of digital. As a result-oriented Small Business Advertising Agency, we have strict reporting protocols in place. We have laid down certain easy-to-understand metrics which makes it easier for you as a small business owner to understand the growth of your brand. We will help you gauge technical aspects effortlessly and present every ounce of data to understand the return on investment you are getting after letting us take lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC advertising, is a kind of search engine marketing activity designed to boost traffic to a particular website. Keywords make the whole foundation for PPC ads, which when entered into a search engine makes your ad appear in the search results.

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