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Traffic is a terminology often tossed during a discussion related to SEO or Email marketing. However, most brands completely overlook the fact that a large portion of traffic is related to the branch of Social Media Optimization. When our experts take complete control to optimize your social media channels, your brand can expect huge traffic pouring in.



Social media is crowded and it is only continuing to get more crowded with each passing day. Many people are aggressively engaging with numerous forums, groups, and online communities. ATop Digital, as a smo company, simply does in-depth research to understand where your audience is most active and makes calculated efforts to strike useful conversations with your brand’s audience. This way, we bring increased website visibility to your business.


free of cost

Now, who doesn’t like that? Social media platforms are goldmines when it comes to targeting and advertising your product or service to the desired audience. Something as simple as a post with useful and unheard of insight can create wonders for your brand. Once social media users become your fans, you can sit back and relax as they start sharing your content which serves as free advertisement and word of mouth online. The foundation for all this happens with social media optimization which is what ATop Digital as a social media optimization company will do for your small business.



Rome wasn’t built in a day – That quote holds a lot of truth but philosophy doesn’t work in the social media world. Believe it or not, brands can find overnight success and it can shoot up to instant popularity with just as much as one post. Our experts keep a constant eye on that piece of insight which can help your small business achieve virality. ATop Digital provides immense value to all its clients by letting them all get on the viral marketing bandwagon to quickly leverage their social presence.



Last but not least, social media at the end of the day is nothing but communities on the internet. Our social media experts, in everything they do, make sure that we are more inclined towards crafting optimization strategies that have a human touch to it. We ensure that your brand’s presence is optimized in a manner where conversations and communications are prioritized first. We don’t just help small businesses grow on social media but we aim to help build a community around your brand so that it can sustain in the long run.

Why Choose Us as Your
social media optimization company?

ATop Digital is a dedicated smo company on a mission to help small businesses build a strong digital presence. Everything we do is geared towards helping small businesses build their brand identity across all digital verticals. If you are a small business operating on a tight budget, come approach us and we will help you figure out a suitable plan that will help your brand grow.

Here are more reasons to choose us.

Attention to detail

ATop Digital, as a social media optimisation company, places maximum emphasis on details. We make it a point to map your small business’s audience journey meticulously and then place a solid framework for content curation. This not only helps us to create better content for your brand but it also opens endless possibilities for your small business to make a real-time connection with the audience.

Latest Tools

Social Media Optimization best happens when you are equipped with every future tool and data that provides in-depth analysis. This is where ATop Digital leaves no stones unturned. When it comes to using industry-best software, we are on the lead. We make use of some of the finest analytics tools that provide accurate analysis. This helps us best understand how social media optimisation strategies should be crafted and take lead accordingly.

Expert Only

Getting us on board, we guarantee one thing – Your brand will be taken care of by experts only. Our team comprises some of the finest brains that can juggle creativity and practicality. We bring out of the box ideas to life by stretching the lengths in terms of creative thinking but we also ensure we have a realistic birds-eye view on the campaign in terms of the number it pulls in. Our social media optimization experts balance both very well to deliver the results.


Working with ATop digital is affordable. As a social media optimization company for small businesses, we have curated our services especially for small businesses and as a result, our services can be hired even if you are on a tight budget. With that being said, ATop Digital makes zero compromises in terms of the work it delivers. We deliver top-notch services that will be on par to compete with big brands. All without drilling a deep hole in your pocket.


Serving the small business niche, we understand the challenges that small business owners face pretty well. We understand how you juggle your task and responsibilities striving to bring your passion to life. This is where we proudly say ATop Digital makes a difference. We provide top-notch social media optimization service at extremely competitive prices so small business owners have a chance to reach their business goals and objectives quickly. Don’t let having a low budget discourage you from reaching out to us. Connect with us and we will work a great deal out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. As a social media optimization agency in business for years, we strongly believe Social media optimization will play a pivotal role in helping your brand drive more traffic. Our experts will ensure we target the right keywords and optimize your page in a manner where it gets both user and search-engine friendly. This will help your brand draw more traffic online.

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