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Launching Mobile App: Idea To Design

mobile app development process

Reports suggest that in today’s times, the average US mobile phone users spend 5 hours per day on mobile. Needless to say, a major chunk of this time is invested in apps and websites.  In the contemporary era, mobile users expect a lot from an app: fast loading time, ease of use and delight during the interaction. It is usually the quality of its user experience (UX) that differentiates a good app from a bad one.

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Let us guide you step by step from an idea to a stunning design for a mobile app development

STEP 1: Identify The Pain Areas

To create a successful mobile application, the first thing one needs to keep in mind is the identification of a problem which can be resolved by the app and deciding its features. Customers should be offered tangible benefits including the reduction of costs via productivity enhancements or improving the overall experience.

STEP 2: Discover Your Target Users

Target Users: It goes without saying that with a clear vision of the target group, the success ratio of an app is bound to go up. Let us help you identify it

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STEP 3: Decide On How You Want To Earn

With the app market booming like never before, you need to select an appropriate approach to generate revenue. Paid applications, separate app and in-app freemiums, advertisements, subscription, and pay per download, are some of the models of generating revenue from mobile applications. However, the crucial thing is that the approach should be in sync with the application so as to attract users.

STEP 4: Visual And Ease Of Use Plays A Vital Role

The design is the key to launch a successful app in the market. As an app developer, you should focus on the UI design, multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices and consider platform design standards as well. These days, the UI design of the app deserves the maximum emphasis as it plays an instrumental role in the success of an app. Designing an app is becoming increasingly popular as it creates an instant impact on the user’s mind while ensuring the usability of an app.

mobile app design
STEP 5: Identify The Method Of Development

Whether to develop the native, web, or hybrid apps, it is extremely important to choose the right approach. Ideally, the mobile app development company can be consulted keeping in view your time and budget constraints Contact Us

mobile app approach

Native apps enable in delivering the best user experience but need considerable time and skill to be developed. On that other hand, web apps are quick and cheap which can be run on multiple platforms. These are developed using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript code. Again, a hybrid approach is the latest one for the development of apps. It combines prebuilt native containers with on-the-fly web coding in order to achieve the best of both worlds.

STEP 6: If You're Looking For Investment Or Venture Capitalist Develop A Prototype

It involves taking your idea and turning it into an application with some basic functionality. A prototype makes it quite easier to sell your idea to potential buyers who can now actually view the tangible benefits instead of just visualizing or reading the product description. This also facilitates in attracting investors and working with manufacturers and finding licensees. Even while working on a prototype, it is a prerequisite to taking measures to secure your app against unauthorized usage and access to data.

Mobile prototype

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