5 Mistakes To Avoid While Outsourcing

Web Design Posted On: Sep 3, 2018


If you were to float a question across major social media channels and other digital engagement platforms as to how many companies/professionals have burnt their fingers while outsourcing a project, you’d be amazed to see the number of ayes that you’d get in return! Outsourcing is risky business, particularly if you don’t know the in and outs of getting vendors/agencies/partners to stay in sync with your goals while upholding parameters like timely delivery, quality, and reliability above all else.

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Since most companies wish to save on the costs of hiring full-time manpower along with having a system in place for supervision and project execution, they turn to outsource their web design and development projects. This is certainly a good strategy if you are sure that the work will be done reliably and with full responsibility for the agency in question.

However, not all stories end that way. If you’re about to outsource web design to India, here are 5 mistakes that you should definitely avoid!

1. Not Defining The Goals And Expectations

Not Defining The Goals And Expectations

Too many times, companies end up making this critical mistake while hiring web development companies and pay for it later! In case there is no clearly defined goal and set of milestones as to your expectations when you outsource web development in India, the agency in question will always operate vaguely in terms of executing your vision. You have the bonus to communicate clearly with regard to, how you envision the project and what it should encompass. Making this mistake means you end up having to spend time and money again on the same process which is, to say the least. Make sure that you clearly outline your vision and goals to the agency and invest a little time into this process; it will save you loads of trouble later on!

2. Not Setting Clear Timelines And Other Quantifiable Parameters

When you hire web development outsourcing companies, there are chances that you may end up making a mistake in regards to the turnaround time, i.e. not having clear timelines in place. While creativity is not to be kept on a tight leash, it can meander at times and disrupt your workflow due to delays in implementation of your project. Additionally, you will have made another big mistake if you did not quantify the benefits of outsourcing the job in terms of your investment and the time and costs that you save. Unless this is done, you will never really know whether your decision is worth it, i.e. you may actually be spending more time and money on an agency as compared to hiring teams in-house.

3. Having Too Many Decision Makers

Having Too Many Decision Makers

You must have heard of the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. This couldn’t be truer when you’re outsourcing a project. Multiple decision makers end up creating time lags and often the key goal is vitiated due to differing approaches. It is always important to have one key decision maker who will take your project forward and be the sole point of contact for you while the project is being worked upon.

4. Taking Only The Fixed Price Approach

Yes, many clients panic and opt for a fixed price early approach in order to ensure that they do not end up spending excessive money on their websites. However, this can be a mistake if it ends up compromising on what you could have achieved with your website which is a vital part of your business. A little flexibility is always desirable and you can plan for it early on so that there are no creative or technological compromises while manifesting your dream vision.

5. Giving Projects To The Lowest Bidders

Giving Projects To The Lowest Bidders

Another huge mistake that has cost many companies double or even triples the money is that they originally invested in hiring the lowest bidders for web design and development projects. Let your decision be guided by factors like their portfolio, experience, reviews/customer feedback and testimonials, client base, technical skills, team strength and understanding of your requirements rather than simply choosing the lowest bidder. You can always find ways to be more efficient and lower costs but you should never compromise on quality as much as possible. Finding the right talent is itself a big task and if you do, pay a little more for good results and long-term satisfaction on your part.

Committing any of these mistakes will lead to severe time, energy and money losses on your project and you may even have to restart the whole process again which is in itself a huge strain on your time and resources. Avoiding these will help you avoid considerable heartache later on!

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