6 Unavoidable Reasons Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019

Digital Marketing Posted On: May 20, 2019

6 unavoidable reasons your business needs a digital marketing strategy in 2019

So you decided to start marketing your business online using digital marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, PPC, email, etc.

You created the most stunning looking Facebook page, posted the best looking product photos to your Instagram, ran ads on search engines, and sent emails to prospects about the latest discounts and contests.

Then what?

You then realized that you’d wasted not only your time but also your resources and spends without any significant ROI.

Did you lack the vision? Probably not. But here’s something you did certainly lack.

A digital marketing strategy.

Believe it or not it’s like a digital road map of your entire marketing campaign, and without it you are as good as lost.

A digital marketing strategy can give a direction to your marketing campaigns, unify your digital channels, and help you generate more traffic and leads while you sleep.

Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons why you should have a digital marketing strategy for your business.


Let’s face it.

How many times have you tried to market your products in different ways only to get dejected by a “Why did I ever do this?” feeling?

Without a proper digital marketing plan and strategy in place, this is bound to happen.

By having a digital strategy you can easily form your goals and align key targets for your company.

One way a digital marketing strategy can help you is by setting SMART goals for your business. SMART here stands for SpecificMeasurableActionableRelevant, and Time-bound.

you are unsure about your marketing goals


Specific: Your goal must be specific and shouldn’t be too broad. For example, if you are running a marketing campaign, ask yourself what do you specifically want to achieve with the campaign? It could be anything like achieving 10 leads over a period of one week. That’s what it means to have a specific SMART goal.

Measurable: Your goal must be measurable in the sense that you should be able to track your goal’s progress. For example, increasing engagement from a Facebook campaign isn’t a SMART goal whereas increasing engagement by 35% is.

Actionable: Actionable in this context refers to the attainability of your goal. For example, if your engagement did increase by 35%, your next step would be to increase it by another 35% rather than aiming for a much higher 50%.

Relevant: Your goals must be relevant and should make sense with your overall business objectives. For example, unnecessarily opting for an email marketing strategy instead of an SEO strategy would prove irrelevant and is not a sign of a relevant SMART goal. Setting relevant goals will help benefit not only you but your entire company.

Time-bound: Your goals should be able to deliver results under specific time constraints. For example, increasing traffic on your blog by 35% every 3 months would help you achieve better results by the end of the year than trying to increase it by 80% without any deadline.

When your goals are defined around these parameters you have a much higher chance of achieving success with your marketing efforts.


Prominent content and digital marketing strategist Martin Jones once said:

“Knowing your audience is key to marketing success.”

Was he wrong?

Knowing your target audience is important.

You don’t want to sell products aimed at children to 50-year-olds in the wrong parts of the country, do you?

Such kind of targetting hardly gets any returns. On the contrary, it depletes your marketing budget significantly.

However, this can be avoided with a digital marketing strategy.

By defining your target audience and creating personas you’ll get plenty of insights on your customer’s age, behavior, interests, likes, dislikes, etc.

One way to do this is through target audience analysis. You can start by researching demographics, interests, likes, location, etc. of your prospective customers in a group and analyze them to bring insights on how they can be targetted.


From small-scale shops to self-employed people and big corporates, everyone is taking their business online.

Customers, on the other hand, are making their daily purchases online be it through apps or the web.

The digital revolution has made it even more challenging for companies to win customers online.

In such cases, only a creative strategy can help you market your products.

For example, take a look at brands such as Domino’s which is using creative digital strategies to leverage sales.

They do a great job of providing a hassle-free ordering experience using different digital channels. Customers can order on Facebook via Facebook chatbots and even through voice commands via Amazon Echo.

By coming up with such creative digital strategies, you can stand out from your competitors and generate more revenue from your marketing.


This means if your online business listings have low or negative reviews it can indirectly impact your sales.

Not only that, if you’re not addressing your customer’s concerns on social media or other digital channels your reputation can be severely damaged.

After all, what could be worse if you’re getting a response like this:

online reputation has become more important than ever


This makes it important to adopt an online reputation management strategy.

It’s a type of strategy that can help you promote and maintain a positive reputation for your business online.

If you don’t have time to manage your company’s reputation online, you can also take the help of a digital marketing agency to do it for you.


Here’s the thing.

Today people don’t just look at ads and buy products. They go on the internet, do their research, read reviews, ask their friends about it, and then buy.

Today’s information age has given customers access to smartphones and the internet which helps them make better buying decisions.

So how can you sell your products using the information? Enter content marketing.

Content marketing is the new way of selling products online.

By creating content that educates and informs, your customers are more likely to buy from you than through a bland sales advertisement.

A stellar content marketing strategy can help you raise your brand awareness and improve your rankings on search engine results pages. Not only that, it can tremendously engage your audiences and nurture already existing customers.

Content such as informative blogs, whitepapers, YouTube videos, captivating infographics, etc. are great at driving traffic and increasing subscribers which will help you generate plenty of leads.

Here’s an example of content marketing done right.

your customers are becoming smarter


Intrepid Travel uses travel content of its customers to leverage their engagement on social media as well as their own website.

By posting inspiring travel images from travelers on Facebook and by sharing their stories on their website, content helps Intrepid Travel connect with their core audience.


What’s the use of a stunning looking website if people are not able to find it?

In research, it was found that about 93% of people searching online don’t go past the first page on search engines. On top of that, it was seen that of all the internet traffic brought by Google, 96% of it came through mobile.

This indicates that ranking on top of search engines and making your website mobile-friendly today is crucial than ever before.

In order to rank on top and drive results, companies make their websites responsive to mobile devices and use different search engine marketing strategies.

Here’s why you should too.

Search engine campaigns help you rank your website for both paid as well as organic traffic.

By targetting the right keywords, creating PPC ads, and testing out different organic SEO strategies, you will not only be able to rank your website on top of search engines but also generate more traffic and sales.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to have a digital marketing strategy for your business. For every digital platform, there are different strategies and tactics you can use to leverage your campaigns.

However, keep in mind that every strategy needs in-depth planning and brainstorming to achieve maximum success.

There is a possible chance that you might not always come up with creative strategies for your campaigns which is why it makes sense to let someone do it for you.

If you aren’t sure how to create a digital marketing strategy, you can always ask us for help.

We are a reputed digital marketing agency ourselves that specializes in creating unique campaigns on different platforms.

Our team of digital and content marketing wizards can help you craft digital marketing strategies to generate traffic and leads.

Just head over to our services page and let us know your requirements. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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