Online law firm marketing will get you potential clients – It’s a 100% win-win situation!

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 13, 2021

The cases are rising but Covid-19 won’t stop the judicious lawyer from getting those potential clients. When we say getting potential clients, we mean it for real.
( We lawyers just love playing with cases!!!…, oh but spare the Covid cases right now, lol )

Well, you might possibly think that lawyers and law firms don’t stand a chance for getting potential clients, ever since the herculean doors of coronavirus forbid lawyers from the privileged act of physical consultations. 

Heck no! –  and that’s the only way a lawyer can get his potential clients, right, by verbally engaging with the client and winning their trust? At least that’s what we’ve been doing as professional lawyers for the last, say what, a billion years…

But this is where Charles Darwin’s quote comes into play,
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”

Yes, and change is what we are witnessing right now. Without the advantage of a physical consultation, we need to open the doors to a new kind of consultation.

Law firm marketing has added a new dimension to its agenda. And very successful and competent lawyers who are giving it their all, are proving it’s turning out for the good.

So what is it these successful lawyers are doing that gets them their potential clients? Don’t be startled, it’s just something we all know, but we don’t use doubting that it will ever give us profitable results.

It’s undoubtedly what we’ve all come to know as 
“Online marketing for law firms.”

Before you get enticed about the results you can get from law firm digital marketing, let’s take a look at the statistics. Less words, but more results convey the truth for real.

The conveying results – statistics! Ever since law firms have been incorporating law firm internet marketing or law firm digital marketing into their marketing agenda, they’ve been witnessing tremendous results. The results could be in the form of getting potential clients, increasing their reputation online, and thus becoming the stalwart of people who are looking for someone to defend their case. Somebody to fight for them and somebody to bring justice.

Let’s take a look at some of the conveying results.

  • 70% of law firms have landed potential clients via their website and other social mediums. Most of those law firms that landed potential clients through their websites were small firms consisting of about 2-9 attorneys.
  • Law firms that used video marketing in their law firm digital marketing agenda reported an exponential increase in site traffic.
  • Law firms that took to social media channels such as Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter in this pandemic time landed potential clients, through virtual consultations.
  • Advertising means such as podcasts, blogs, and other types of posts have been used by law firms to win potential clients by a margin of 200% in this week period.
  • Law firms that portrayed a great client-centric website with customer reviews and satisfaction ratings gave way to new clients.
  • Law firm internet marketing that focused on using specific CTA’s on their website that was user-friendly to potential clients made it used during this pandemic. 

    If there’s anything the year 2021 reinstigates, it’s online marketing.

For us lawyers, it’s online marketing for law firms. By creating a sound-proof strategy for our marketing of legal services, we can win potential clients who will love to have your clients defend their case. 

But before you take your law firm marketing online and focus on the essential elements that will boost your law firm digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the basic elements that will get you started and attract potential clients. 

Aren’t you excited? Let’s jump on!

Why should you invest in law firm digitalmarketing?

As a judicious and competent lawyer, and from all your experience of legal practice, you know that it is very important to ask yourself twice before you invest in something. 

Yes, you should be double sure of what you are doing and make sure that the direction you’re going in will give you 100% results. Well, at least a certain cut-off should be achieved.

The reason why online marketing for long firms is the way ahead is that 
“People are now online like never before….”

If you know that people are now online, it definitely means that your potential clients are also online. Well, the fact is that “96% of people who are seeking legal advice start online, out of which 86% of the people at least consult with three law firms before making the final decision.

Now, does that tell you why law firm internet marketing is so important to get potential clients? Unlike any other fancy ideas that your crazy marketer or a friend would tell you, online marketing of law firms will guarantee you instant and effective results.

Yes, people are all over looking for judicious attorneys online without having to physically consult them during these restricted times. That being said, there is also a growth outlook among people who are looking out for lawyers to fight their cases.

Let’s take a look at that growing outlook of your potential client’s mindset.

Trust and impression

The harder you judge these two qualities you will understand that they are making the cut-off for people ‘choosing a client’ Vs ‘not choosing a client’. Yes, the growing sense of the trust factor has arisen from the participation and competency of businesses, brands, and other services online. With customers getting to analyze, 

envision, and choose from multiple programs online, they only go for those programs or services that generate trust in them.

That’s why digital marketing for lawyers is so important. It helps you nail the ‘trust factor’ and attract potential clients through the inviting realms of your phenomenal and breathtaking website. It helps you create an impression that lasts on the mind of a potential client and forces them to contact you for a virtual consultation. 

Think about it? With all the technological updates and web design services available, you can literally attract every worth of your potential client by linking into their subconscious mind. You can genuinely use all the dynamo of law firm internet marketing to create a revolution and make a name for yourself in the big world.

Integrating digital marketing techniques into your plan of action!

Now that you know that online marketing for law firms is the way ahead, how do you integrate this into your lawyer online marketing? Yes, is it only about building a sound website? Can you just attract potential clients by having a strong social media presence? Do you have to seek the help of a law firm marketing agency to curate a marketing plan for you?

The answer is that there is a specific nature to which each individual law firm works. Understanding the personality of your law firm will go a long way ahead into making a great name in the digital world and attracting potential clients. 

What we mean by law firm personality is that there are key points that will distinguish you from your competitors and help you rank in Google’s SERPs and attract potential clients. Yes, understanding the specific nature and personality of your law firm will help you optimize your marketing of legal services.

That takes us to the most important section of this blog…

Next World branding ideas

Giving a unique tone and identity to your law firm website is a core component of law firm digital marketing. When a potential client visits your website they must be deceived by the visual outlook of your website. 

Yes. The more customer-centric your website is, the more chances for a virtual consultation. In fact, stats say that 94% of the impression factor is created by the visual appeal and design of your website. This is where you might require the help of a digital marketing agency to create a standout website that will speak to your client.

Expert digital marketing agencies that understand the principles of branding and law firm internet marketing will help you understand the voice and tonality of your law firm and help you build a sensational online presence. 

Take a look at West Coast Trial Lawyers firm’s homepage. Anybody from Los Angeles looking for an expert personal injury attorney, won’t have to look for the given the visual appeal of their page. 

A standout image of two lawyers, confidently appealing to the inner mind of the potential client as well as the reinvoking statement which says 
 “ Ranked #1, Personal injury firm, Los Angeles” 
give them the headway. 

You can also see that they have customized buttons on the website which help the clients to navigate through it easily. Yes, this is a successful case of online marketing for law firms.

You can also draw inspiration from other law firm websites. But when designing and branding your website you should make sure that there is a unique voice and tonality to it.

Become visible in Google’s SERP pages

Well, just because you build a standout website that speaks uniquely to your potential client, it doesn’t mean that your potential clients should find you.

Yes, all roads lead to Rome, but not necessarily for the people who are searching online for a potential lawyer. In this case, you need to make sure that the potential client is able to find and track you.

In other words, your website needs to be ranked on the homepage of Google’s SERP. There is no other way they are going to find you.  That’s another reason why you need to focus on digital marketing for lawyers.

This is where you already know or probably heard of, the highly esteemed digital marketing service, that is (SEO Search Engine Optimisation). 

Highly optimized SEO website

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation basically means, optimizing your website so that it ranks organically in Google’s search engine result pages. So whenever relevant or potential clients type a specific keyword such as, “best law firms near me,”  your law firm website will appear on Google’s homepage if it is highly SEO optimized.

That is why you need to focus on SEO for your marketing of legal services. Online marketing for law firms or law firm marketing won’t stand a chance without highly optimized SEO tactics. 

An expert digital marketing agency will optimize your website for highly accredited SEO tactics. By conducting an SEO audit of your website, they will be able to tell you, what you need to focus on to rank organically on Google. 

This is primarily achieved by targeting high-value keywords that appeal to your services and law firm digital marketing. You will have to create a foundational content strategy, that depicts the content flow of your website.

Your website should be then optimized with primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords that target different types of keywords for different content pages. 

You will also need to get backlinks from other authoritative websites. Getting backlinks from authoritative websites helps Google understand that your law firm agency is a reputable and trusted one, thus ranking you above your competitors.

There is yet another way to rank in Google…

Targeted PPC ads

PPC ads are basically search engine ads that appear on a user’s search engine page when he or she types a specific keyword. The only difference between SEO and PPC is that you pay Google a small fee every time a user clicks your ad. By highly optimizing your PPC campaigns, you can boost your law firm digital marketing strategy as PPC ads directly target your potential clients.

The potential client who searches for a specific keyword such as ‘best Personal injury attorney near me,” is in dire need of an attorney at that very moment. Instead of clicking on a law firm website, they might just prefer clicking on an ad that directly says that your law firm is reputable. 

With PPC, the advantage is that your law firm can instantly rank on the SERP pages if the keywords are specifically targeted. You can achieve this with the expertise of a digital marketing agency.

Make it a point to include PPC in all your law firm internet marketing campaigns. A well-devised PPC campaign and highly optimized SEO strategy will work hand in hand to get your law firm website visible to potential clients.

Generating authenticity online

Ok! So now that we have a great website and we are visible online,  does that mean your law firm website will be chosen over others?

Well, that’s a question to ponder.

Think of it this way. You’ve probably used Amazon to buy most of your products. So how do you choose which products to buy? You will scroll through the individual products, pertaining to different brands and there is one thing you will definitely check.

Yes, we have all done it and we all know what it is. 

It’s checking the previous customer satisfaction ratings. It gives us a lot of confidence when we know that somebody has liked a certain product, or mentioned a comment about it. 

When it comes to digital marketing for lawyers, that’s exactly what you should be looking to do. Unlike any other service, there’s a lot of trust and reliability that comes into play when clients are looking for genuine and reputable attorneys, law firms. 

ORM or Online reputation management is an integral component of law firm marketing. Managing the reputation of your law firm among potential clients will win you their respect and also eventually get you new clients. That is why you need to start collecting positive feedback from the clients that you’ve already worked with and won the case for. In doing so, you will be able to generate trust and reliability in the clients that are scrolling through your website.

Google also accredits your identity on its platform when clients attribute to your law firm with positive responses, feedback, and testimonials. It helps your law firm gain authenticity on Google and rank organically when people search for specific keywords. 

An expert digital marketing agency will implement a law firm digital marketing plan, wherein managing your clients, getting client feedback, and boosting your business website with authoritative, reviews and ratings will be taken care of.

Rule it when it comes to –  Social media!

You can manage to sleep off when a potential client drops by your law firm. But never think of keeping your social media platform stagnant, as it can literally be the centre stage for getting clients. 

Yes, you heard that right. Potential clients are all over social media platforms, and you must dismissively look to win their attention by creating noise. 

According to a report conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA), it is said that… 

“76 % of the 4000 law firms enlisted in the association had an active social media presence.”

Now do you reckon how potentially important social media is for law firms? It is the central hub to implement digital marketing for lawyers. Yes, lawyers and law firms need to look to upgrade their social media presence when going forth with law firm internet marketing.

It’s about ruling the stage across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms that can serve as customer sites for marketing your law firm.

The surprising result that you get from social media unlike any other medium is that it creates a lot of noise. If the content, video, or any other information is relevant to the user who is going through your social channel, they will spread the news to their friends.

Ultimately, the likes, shares, and comments that you get on your page will bring in a lot of people, among which your potential clients could contact your law firm for legal services. 

They won’t have to look for secondary approval as people have already placed their trust in you through their likes, shares, and comments.

They will just call your law firm and get an appropriate lawyer to win their case. That’s how impactful online marketing of law firms could be through social media. 

If you take a look at the stats, out of the 4000 law firms in the ABA that implemented law firm digital marketing 42% of firms, consisting of only 2-9 attorneys, got potential clients only via social media channels. 

That tells you about the kind of results you can get from social media digital marketing for lawyers. But it boils down to the kind of content and information you are generating on social media channels. 

You need to create content that your target audience will be interested in reading about. You can involve excerpts of your blog posts, such as “How child custody is determined?” You need to consistently create posts that are trending, legitimate and provide the solution for your potential client. This way they will feel that you are the best law firm to approach.

Virtual Vibes

Your moral client should feel the urge to take their smartphone and dial your law firm’s contact number just by having heard you speak on a small video section. 

Yeah! You need to create a magnetic pull that draws your potential client, somehow just like magic, swayed by the authentic power of your virtual prowess.
“You Got To Tell Your Legal Services, Not Sell!!!!!”

That is why you need to focus on creating a virtual aura where a potential client gets to know, hear, and feel you so that they can make a decision based on clear-cut convictions.

What’s better when you have gigantic video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Google podcasts today, where millions of viewers are haplessing watching videos to flush time. They give you the option of bringing your online marketing for law firms alive and into reality, also helping the client to make a responsive decision. 

Since it’s not possible for most clients to physically travel and meet a lawyer as a result of covid-19 restrictions, video streaming platforms are a great alternative to create the space for initial discussions.

When you adopt video marketing strategies into your marketing of legal services and law firm marketing, you need to only play the essentials. You need to respond to critical questions that may trigger a client into signing a deal with your firm, videos that will inform them on various law related matters, and other information that can effectively attract their imagination. 

To take your law firm digital marketingone step ahead, you need to essentially integrate your videos and YouTube demonstrations on your website. 

 “Law firm websites that integrate YouTube into their  website  get potential clients as it enhances understandability,  authenticity, and genuinity of your legal services.”

When people are able to get an understanding for real, whom they are going to deal with, they will be able to make an authentic decision. Yes, creating and spreading virtual vibes can also invite the invaluable dominance of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in making your website come to life. 

Integration of latest technologies on your website make the user understand that you are current, updated with trends, and above your competitors. That’s why it’s very important to take your marketing of legal services into the virtual dimension.

Mission accomplished!

Well, here you are at the end of the blog, having known about all the profitable law firm digital marketing trends that will take your law firm marketing to the next level in 2021. Now, you need to connect with an expert digital marketing agency that will provide you these services in one go.

You don’t have to look further when it comes to online marketing for law firms. Atop Digital is here to strategize everything regarding your law firm internet marketing and get those potential clients for you.

It’s mission accomplished when you have Atop Digital with you! 

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Hotel digital marketing will take your SMB to the next level in 2021!

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 8, 2021

Do you know that more than 65% of people make their hotel bookings online?

Yes, it’s more about online brand presence these days. The modern traveler seems to have taken an extra liking towards those hotels that have great visual representations of their hotel amenities, reviews, and ratings enlisted on their website. 

The hotels and lodging businesses that are able to portray a wonderful online presence are making it huge. Now everything from trust, reliance, and customer satisfaction begins from a strong digital presence. 

But that’s not just it. 

Whether your small and medium-sized hotel is a boutique hotel, resort hotel, or a garden hotel, you will need to properly segment and know your audience before reaching out to them and marketing your hotel. 

There should be some mechanism in place that takes complete control of your online presence, online reputation, bookings, branding, paid ads, email marketing, and especially social media marketing. 

How do you accomplish all these tasks? 

Don’t worry! 

All you need is the best hotel digital marketing agency that will work out the best hotel digital marketing strategy for you. 

In this blog, you will read everything you need to know about why hotel internet marketing is the most resourceful tool that you can use to market your brand and reach out to your audience.

Let’s get to the matter, right away

The waking scenario! 

The prime reason why you should focus on hotel digital marketing is the fact that people are using digital channels to do their hotel bookings and research their travel destinations today. 

People want to see and get a first-hand experience before they book a hotel. They want to know the amenities your hotel provides, the beauty of your location, and the activities that take place in your hotel that will make their stay convenient and comfortable.


They also want to know the previous customer satisfaction ratings, reviews, and other factors that will help them decide which hotel to choose from. All of this which you cannot accomplish without hotel online marketing.

This means that if you are not available online and if you don’t have a strong digital presence, your target customers will have no other option but to do the bookings at other hotels that showcase a strong digital presence. By focusing on hotel internet marketing, you can stay ahead of your competitors, by looking at the strategies they are using and implementing better strategies.

Why hotel digital marketing is the go-to optionfor your SMB in 2021?

One of the first things that you learn about running a small hotel business is that there are so many aspects to it. At first, you might think that spreading awareness about your newly established hotel business is the only prior task. After some quality time of knowing how the industry works, you understand that retaining customers becomes equally important.


That’s where the need for hotel online marketing comes. When you build your market presence online with sound customer satisfaction ratings on your website, people will automatically associate your hotel as a custom travel destination. You will not only reach out to your target audience but also retain them. Another reason why you need hotel internet marketing is that you have to maintain the costs of a rising business while adding qualitative features that will enhance your small scale hotel business. The experience and expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency will build a soundproof strategy that will minimise the cost and maximize the performance of your hotel.

What can you achieve with a hotel digitalmarketing agency?

Now let’s take a look at what exactly you can achieve from hotel online marketing. The experience and skill of a hotel digital marketing agency can get you results quickly within no time.

1. Reach out to your target audience.

The first and foremost parameter of any rising small business is to get customers. Once you start attracting customers, you can then proceed to think of sales and revenue. 

Not just any person who is in search of a hotel, you need to reach out to your target customers, but those who will be interested in your type of hotel accommodation.


The expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency will help you to segment the audience type that is profitable for your hotel venture. Depending on the kind of hotel you own, they will figure out a hotel digital marketing plan that will cater to your audience. 

With the tools available for hotel internet marketing, the agency will directly reach out to your target audience via different platforms. That takes us to the one and only formidable advantage of hotel online marketing.

2. Build a strong online presence

Do you know that, oftentimes, hotel businesses that have great holiday destinations do not get sufficient number of bookings because they don’t have an identity online?

Yes, you heard that right!

It’s not only about your small scale hotel business having an online presence. Your hotel must reflect an individual personality that speaks to the hearts of customers when they scroll through your website. This is accomplished with hotel internet advertising. They should feel comfortable with the aesthetics, visuals, and graphic representations of your hotel featured on your website.


Consider going through Grand America hotel’s website. You will immediately be attracted by the colourful pictures of the hotel and the authentic ratings and reviews that make its presence genuine. It tells volumes about their hotel internet marketing

Giving a voice and identity to your hotel business online requires a great understanding of what your hotel business is about and the audience to cater to. 

An expert hotel marketing agency will give a voice/branding to your hotel business. They will help you differentiate between your competitors and build a great brand.

3. Landing up on the homepage of Google

Ok! Now we know how important it is to have a unique branding presence for your hotel business. The next question is, how do customers understand that you exist and how can they find you?

Yes, this is where the massive application of hotel internet advertising comes into play. With the help of a well devised SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, your hotel will slowly become visible on the homepage of the search results where custom users search on specific keywords. Hotel online marketing via SEO will give you a huge turnaround in customer visits.

For instance, if a customer searches for the phrase ‘Best Boutique Hotel in Houston,’ your website that is SEO optimised will appear on the homepage of Google where the user will be able to view your hotel’s features.


Well, this takes the expertise and experience of a hotel digital marketing agency to come up with the best SEO strategy and keyword strategy to make your website rank on Google’s homepage. 

By targeting specific keywords on your website page,  your website will eventually appear in the homepage of Google, thus reaching out to potential customers. That is why hotel online marketing is so important for a prosperous business today.

4. Laser eye targeting via PPC ads

If SEO can help you organically appear on Google’s homepage, then PPC is a means of hotel online marketing that will help your website appear on the homepage when you pay Google a small fee to do so. 

Yes, PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a form of ads that directly target your customers via Google’s SERPs and generate more bookings on your website. The conversion rates that you get via PPC is the fastest as it directly appeals to the searchers needs. 

A user that is searching for a specific keyword such as ‘best small hotels in Houston,’ will click on your ad only if he/she genuinely wants to plan his hotel destination. This way, only those people who genuinely want to visit your hotel will click on the PPC ad. 

Thus, through this form of hotel internet marketing, you get customers who directly convert to the bottom of the funnel. A PPC campaign gives you the provision to focus on a group of keywords that your ideal customer is searching for, so that you rank for that keyword and the customer clicks in.


Every time a customer clicks your ad you pay a small fee to Google.  When compared to the profit that you get from a user clicking your ad and eventually visiting your hotel for their stay, the fee you pay to Google is extremely small. 

The biggest advantage of using PPC ads is that you get instant results. Organically ranking your website via SEO takes six to eight months of time. But a well devised PPC campaign will get you results within weeks. That is why you need to hire a hotel digital marketing agency to do your PPC marketing which comes under hotel online marketing. 

They will segment keyword types based on demographics, time, nature of product or service, and other factors. If one PPC campaign does not work, they will effectively try out various campaigns and ‘keyword groupings’ so that your website eventually appears on Google’s SERPs right above the organic listed websites.

5. Consistent and active engagement

It might seem as though you’ve won the battle if you have attracted your customer via hotel internet marketing and all is going very well for your small hotel business. But today’s small hotel businesses have to face yet another fact. There is so much stiff competition from all the sides that you’ll have to stay on your toes to constantly attract customers to your hotel destination.


How do you do it?

Thanks to the standard feature of hotel digital marketing, you can manage your online reputation and attend your customers via your business website, social media channels and email marketing.

  • Strong online reputation

    You need to maintain a strong online reputation across all your digital mediums. Your website, social media channels, and other platforms that help you interact with your customers should always be actively resonating with your audience. The dynamics of your hotel internet marketing agenda should involve your customers across all the activities and doings of your hotel business. 

  • Managing your social media channels

    Your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media channels must be on point with the kind of content and aesthetics you use to attract your customers via hotel online marketing. You must look out for ways to engage with your customers to get their feedback and responses and always keep them glued to your brand.


The expertise of a hospitality internet advertising agency will lay out a hotel online marketing plan that will manage your social media channels effectively.

  • Personalized email marketing

    A generic overhaul of your brand can be maintained via your website reputation and social media engagement. But you also need to  look forward to personalized marketing in your hotel digital marketing strategy where you can individually send out messages to your loyal and trusted customers. 


This way they will feel worthy, respected and will love you for the time you take to attend to their needs. Through hospitality internet marketing you can use personalized email marketing strategies to respond to your customers and to greet them with offers, seasonal discounts and other attractions.

The expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency will structurize a welcome email series strategy for you to reach out to new customers and elevate your brand presence with your loyal customers. 

Ready for the action!

By using hotel internet marketing or hotel digital marketing,  you can achieve all these parameters within no time. Your small hotel business will become successful in quick time within the expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency.

Atop digital is your trusted hotel marketing agency that will help you ace out your marketing plans and thus generate a huge audience of loyal customers within no time.

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What Is Predictive Advertising and Why it Can Transform Your Business

Digital Marketing Posted On: Feb 11, 2020

If we were to sum up the future for digital marketing, we’d sum it up in two words: Predictive Advertising!

This may sound like another exaggerated buzz word but predictive advertising has enough potential to RADICALLY TRANSFORM the way you do marketing online.

For instance, imagine what it would feel to predict what your customers want even before they tell you what they want. And, then show them the content that mostly meets their wants and needs.

That’s the power of predictive marketing.

Using it you can avoid wasteful spending by predicting data in real-time, understand the next move of your customer, and drive more conversions for your campaigns.

While all of this can be pretty overwhelming at first, understanding predictive marketing isn’t difficult.

So before getting into the nitty-gritty of things let’s first understand what predictive advertising is all about.

What is Predictive Advertising?



To put it simply, predictive advertising is a form of smart advertising that utilizes artificial intelligence, customer data, and statistical algorithms to figure out what could happen in the future.

Leveraging these crucial factors, predictive advertising accordingly shows the right content to potential customers on the right platform and at the right time.

In recent years, predictive advertising (a subset of predictive analytics) has dramatically evolved and has ever since changed the digital marketing landscape.

With the benefits and overall value predictive advertising provides, many businesses these days are implementing it in their digital marketing strategy to drive more relevancy for campaigns.

What Can You Do With PredictiveAdvertising?



If you’re wondering what you can achieve with predictive advertising, the possibilities are endless.

Apart from understanding key insights of your audience like purchase propensity and lifetime value, predictive advertising can add serious value to your overall digital marketing strategy.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Take Advantage of Massive Data

    Predictive advertising lets you take advantage of massive data that is available and let you leverage it to obtain important insights.

    You can mine anything from demographics information to behavioral data of your audience. You can gather third-party behavior intent data from numerous platforms available on the internet and even your competitor’s strategy and crucial performance data.

    Using this data as important touchpoints, you can understand the buying patterns and preferences of your customers.

  • Dynamically Optimize Your Ad Copy

    One area where predictive advertising shines is in dynamically optimizing your ad copy for digital marketing campaigns.

    Google Ads, for instance, offers you two dynamic ad targeting options namely dynamic ad targeting and demography-based ad targeting that work on predictions.

    1. Dynamic Ad Targeting

Google uses predictive advertising in your responsive PPC search ads to show the right type of copy to your audience. It takes in several ad copies but displays different ad copies to different users dynamically to identify which copy works best.

  1. Demography-based Ad Targeting

In this, Google dynamically shows different ad copies to different users based on demographic factors like location, behavior, language, etc. compared to just keywords.

  • Avoided Wasted Ad Spends

    Wastage of marketing budget cost millions, or sometimes even billions, to companies as oftentimes their ads reach the wrong people.

    Predictive advertising greatly reduces this risk and helps you optimize your marketing spends by dynamically adjusting the bids.

    One example of this is Google’s Smart Bidding functionality in Google Ads. Google lets you select a goal for your bidding strategy, fetches data from its advertising networks in order to dynamically adjust your bids in real time.

    Target Audience More Accurately

    Audience targeting can be made more effective and accurate by predictive advertising.

    You can utilize the data of your internal audience as well as third-party intent data to figure out new potential targetable customers.

    Using tools like Facebook’s Lookalike Audience and Google’s Similar Audience, you can gain behavioral touchpoints and reveal a better picture of your lead’s intent, which can tailor your marketing for success.

    Optimize for Micro-Moments

    Micro-moments, according to Google, are essentially intent-rich moments that drive a person to take action. For example, a person might feel like ordering a pizza at night and turn to his phone to take a particular action.

    This sudden desire to act on a need is a micro-moment that marketers can leverage using predictive advertising.

    By taking advantage of historic customer data, life events of your customers, and online tools, you can determine your customer’s needs before they give you a clue of any purchase intent.

    Once you know their needs you can start targeting ads to specific micro-moments of your customers.

Benefits of Predictive Advertising


There are some great benefits to doing predictive advertising for your campaigns.

Let’s You Predict Customer Needs Ahead of Time

Compared to other strategies that are reaction-based (for ex. Remarketing) , predictive advertising is based on real-time prediction.

This means instead of running behind people trying to sell your product, you can use predictive advertising to target your audience with a meaningful solution by predicting what they’ll need beforehand.

This makes a much bigger impact and increases the chances of driving more sales.

It Saves Cost

Manual data collection and analysis is not only a tedious task but also costs a lot in terms of money. With that said, predictive advertising solves this trouble.

It follows a simple approach to data analysis and easily lets you collect and optimize data through advanced machine learning algorithms, thus saving you the headache and cost of a manual procedure.

Drives More ROI

As predictive advertising is mostly based on a highly-accurate prediction of your audience’s behavior and intent, there is a much higher chance of your ads reaching the right people.

Thus, you can expect your ads to be delivered to the right customer just when they need a solution to their problem.

This gives you a much better bang for your buck and brings you more ROI for your spends which is otherwise not easily possible in other manual strategies.

Final Thoughts

Truth be told, predictive advertising is definitely the future of digital marketing and there is no reason not to take advantage of it.

It will not only drive you more conversions and leads but also make your brand resonate better with your target audience, helping you gain more loyal customers for your business.

Though keep in mind, to successfully leverage predictive advertising in your campaigns you’ll need a set of robust tools and marketing expertise.

Also, doing everything on your own might also not help you drive the best results.

Which is where we can help.

We are a reputed digital marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses leverage their growth using predictive advertising in the realm of PPC and Display Ads and can help you too.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out!

How to Do SEO on Shopify (9 Tips for Fastest SEO Results)

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 28, 2020

Let’s admit it: Shopify is one of the most used eCommerce CMS platforms out there with millions of businesses using it. However, only a few manage to improve their Shopify ranking using SEO.

Using SEO for Shopify can be a deadly tool in boosting your eCommerce performance on the web. Once used, it can dramatically help you rank for top positions in SERPs and help you get more traffic and leads.

To make it simpler, we’ve curated some of the best Shopify SEO tips for you. Using these will help you improve SEO on Shopify.

Ready to boost your search engine rankings? Use the Shopify SEO checklist below:

Register with Google Search Console &Bing Webmaster Tools


This is your first key step to Shopify SEO success.

Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are two indexing tools owned by the world’s most important search engines: Google and Bing.

Having your website registered on Google and Bing will let them know about your presence and result in an instant crawl of the pages on your Shopify store.

It’s a minor but crucial step you should take before proceeding further with anything else when optimizing your Shopify store.

Make sure you register both www and non-www domain versions of your website.

Add Shopify Sitemap.XML File to Webmaster Tools


A ‘sitemap’ or a ‘site structure’ is a file that contains a list of all the webpages of your Shopify site. It’s an XML file that tells search engines what pages to crawl and index on your website.

From an SEO point of view, optimizing your sitemap is a key to ranking in search engines and must never be avoided. A well-structured site helps your customers easily navigate through pages, thus increasing their dwell time on your store.

Shopify, by default, creates a sitemap for you where it is stored in the root directory of the website. For example,

You can then submit your sitemap file to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools.

To upload your sitemap on Google Search Console:

  1. Sign in to your Google Search Console account.

  2. Click on the URL of your website.

  3. Then on the left, click on ‘Sitemaps’ and click ‘Add/Test Sitemap.’

Doing so will make it easier for search engines to crawl your store.

Do In-depth Keyword Research



Keywords drive SEO and that should always be your rule of thumb when doing SEO for Shopify stores.

Without the right set of keywords, you’ll have a hard time ranking your store and its content in search engines.

When searching for relevant keywords, make sure you target those that people are actually searching for.

Try to pick keywords with high intent. These keywords have higher chances of conversions as they call for a customer need that requires immediate solving.

For example: “Buy medium-sized full-sleeve pink women t-shirt” is a long-tail keyword that tells you exactly what the customer’s intention is and they might be looking for.

Another thing to keep in mind when doing keyword research is looking for low difficulty keywords with good search volume.

You can also use specialized keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, or Answer The Public to look up keywords for your products.

Optimize Your Shopify Meta Descriptions,Titles & URLs



For anyone proficient in SEO will know how important metadata is for successfully ranking in search engines. It’s that key information that tells search engines what the page is about and what visitors can expect once they land.

For every Shopify regular and Collections page, make sure you write solid SEO-optimized URLs, titles, and meta descriptions.

The effective way to do that is to incorporate highly-ranked keywords in your store’s title and description without making it sound stuffed or redundant.

Also, when writing your descriptions keep them short and crisp. They shouldn’t exceed the desired character limit.

Optimize Your Shopify Images for SEO

Another way to take your Shopify SEO further is by also optimizing the images on your store. Adding alt tags has shown to impact search rankings so make sure you don’t skip it.

You can do that including appropriate Alt-tags and adding relevant keywords.

When adding alt-tags remember to keep them short and unique. The aim of alt tags is to help crawlers understand what the image is all about so try to keep it simple.

Also, when adding keywords in alt text do so in a way that they sound natural. Unnecessary stuffing of keywords might result in a red flag from Google and can hurt your rankings.

Write High-Quality Content


Writing content is, hands down, an excellent way to improve SEO on Shopify.

In most cases, business owners on Shopify don’t create engaging content and shift their focus on writing descriptions instead. While that’s a good thing it reduces your chances of ranking organically as product description content doesn’t necessarily rank higher in search engines.

On the other hand, high-quality content like blogs, articles, and guides rank much higher in search engines, attract more traffic from visitors, and thus drive chances of making more sales.

On top of that, high-quality content also brings plenty of backlinks to your store which further straightens your store’s authority on the web.

As you can tell, good content is the cornerstone if you want to spike the website rankings and traffic of your Shopify store.

Takeaway: Write insanely good content that will make people share it across the web.

Start Building Backlinks


Backlinks, like content, are a great way to drive rankings, authority, and sales for your Shopify business.

A link back from a high authority website gives search engines a signal about the overall usefulness of your website. It’s like getting an exclusive reference that results in a boost in rankings (Great if you want to surpass competitors in search results.)

There are plenty of ways you can build backlinks. The most common and effective way is through posting regular and guest blogs.

You can use one or both techniques together to build backlinks around your store.

When guest blogging, always target websites with a domain rating higher than your own. A backlink from such websites is always better than from a website with domain authority lesser than you.

Optimize Your Page Speed


Believe it or not, the time taken to load your Shopify page can positively or negatively impact your rankings.

This is why it’s always a good idea to optimize the loading speed of your webpages so search engines give it a preference over other pages.

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can optimize the speed of your Shopify pages so that they load faster.

  • Switch to AMP: Accelerate Mobile Pages is a Google framework designed to help pages load faster on mobile devices. Using AMP for Shopify pages and blogs will definitely enhance their loading speed.

  • Compress Images: Compressing high-res images reduces the opening time of a page. You can use compression tools to reduce the size of images in your store.

  • Install a Responsive Theme: A faster and more responsive theme increases the page opening speed. Try to look for one that’s highly supported by developers.

  • Remove Unnecessary Apps: Shopify installs apps from the store which, if not used, can slow down your website. Try removing those which are not needed.

(Bonus Tip) Hire a Shopify SEO Expert

Doing SEO for Shopify doesn’t have to be a difficult task. However, as SEO is dynamic in nature, using outdated strategies from yesteryear won’t help you rank.

That’s why partnering with a dedicated SEO expert specialized in Shopify is always a good idea. These can be a single individual or a group of people that have immense knowledge and technical expertise in SEO.

Best of all Shopify SEO experts, unlike generic marketers, use professional tools and strategies to help businesses rank their Shopify business.

Thus by reaching out to such professionals, you can save yourself plenty of legwork and time to focus on more important tasks for your business.

And guess what, you don’t have to look for one.

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO services for Shopify and eCommerce websites. We have helped plenty of businesses drive SEO success and can help you generate plenty of leads, traffic, and sales.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out!

ATop Digital Bags Another 5-Star Review! (New Achievement Unlocked)

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 27, 2020

Look, I know we’ve talked about our Clutch reviews before, but we just can’t hold it in! ATop Digital has yet again bagged another 5-star review with a new project.

That’s right! It’s another big win for us in terms of client satisfaction and a testament to our expertise in terms of excellent digital marketing services.

Why a Clutch review?

Clutch reviews are important to us because they help distinguish us from the crowd as well as help customers better understand our broad range of digital marketing expertise.

Getting featured on Clutch also means we belong to a list of India’s top digital marketing agencies.

There’s also a reason why we call ourselves a full-stack powerhouse—we don’t just offer packages but an entire range of creative solutions. We focus on cultivating a multi-channel approach, including social media marketing, SEO, and PPC.


Beyond that, we’re also known for our WordPress and e-commerce development as well as our content creation and branding skills. Clutch lists top firms in various segments, ranking them by their service lines and ability to deliver.

Just take a look at our most recent project with Teilen System Walls. The office partition manufacturer initially hired us to help increase their digital sales, starting with a site revamp.

We designed a new WordPress site and drove traffic to it by developing robust SEO and PPC campaigns. That included creating ads for Google Ads in addition to Bing. Even now, we still deliver monthly reports to show just how many leads they’re getting through investing in digital marketing.

A few words from our client:


What wowed Teilen System Walls the most was our ability to maximizing their marketing operations, particularly in terms of targeting, lead tracking, and suggested optimizations. As their president said:

“…they have also gone out of their way to suggest new things that we could be doing to improve our success. I appreciate the fact that they think about ways that we can do better as a business.” — President, Teilen Systems Walls

Thanks to their support, and the support of all of our clients, we’ve been able to rank well on Clutch’s sister sites, too.

According to The Manifest, ATop Digital is one of the best social media marketing agencies in India. And not just that, we’re working on being listed with other industry experts on an emerging creative portfolio site called Visual Objects.

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our previous work, or you can also reach out to us to find out more!

We love challenges and are always on the lookout for exciting new projects to tackle. If you have anything in mind, we’d love to help you bring it to life.

46 Eye-opening Digital Marketing Stats for 2020 (Don’t Miss Them)

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 15, 2020

Not sure if you’re using the right marketing strategy or leveraging the latest digital marketing trends? The only way to find that out is through some eye-opening digital marketing statistics.

Here’s why!

Digital marketing facts can help you better understand the ever-changing digital world.

Not just that, they also tell you why a particular thing trended in digital marketing and what you can do to take your marketing strategy to outperform your competitors.

From social media to content and SEO statistics, we’ve curated a bunch of important digital marketing statistics for 2020 to solidify your marketing this year. Check them out!

Social Media Marketing Statistics


Social media usage statistics are exploding with new data and it’s no surprise why!

#1. As many as 2.65 BILLION PEOPLE use social media worldwide and is expected to touch 3.1 BILLION by 2021! (Statista)

#2. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have the MOST ACTIVE USERS of all social media platforms with MORE THAN 2 BILLION, 1.5 BILLION, AND 1 BILLION users respectively. (Our World in Data)

#3. Facebook is the BEST PLATFORM FOR BUSINESSES with 89% of marketers using it for brand marketing, 83% of customers using the platform, and 66% saying they Like or Follow brands on Facebook. (Sprout Social)

#4. Of all visual content shared on social media, INFOGRAPHICS ARE SHARED 3X MORE. (Jeff Bullas)


As you can see from these statistics about social media, marketing on top social networking platforms is a must if you really want to leverage your ROI. We suggest doing solid research of your target audience and using compelling visual content in your posts for effective engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Statistics

#5. ABOUT 70% OF ALL MARKETERS view SEO as a more effective strategy than PPC. (Databox)


#7. Due to the lack of backlinks, 91% OF ALL WEB PAGES NEVER GET ANY ORGANIC TRAFFIC from Google! (Ahrefs)

#8. The sites listed on the first page of Google SUCK UP 91.5% OF ALL SEARCH TRAFFIC! (Search Engine Journal)

#9. Of all voice search answers, 40.7% COME FROM A FEATURED SNIPPET. (Backlinko)


Considering these mind-boggling stats about search engine optimization, make sure you pay maximum attention in honing your on-page and off-page SEO.

Aim at writing super-useful content that’ll fetch you backlinks. Also, don’t forget to write intent-based content, and optimize for voice search using long-tail keywords.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC Advertising) Statistics


According to the latest PPC stats, paid search marketing is viewed as a highly important digital advertising strategy in 2020, especially for eCommerce and retail businesses.

#10. Paid ads on Google have an estimated 11.38% CLICK-THROUGH RATE. (Sparktoro)

#11. Paid ads bring $2 for every $1 spent on advertising, that’s a 200% ROI. (SmallBizGenius)

#12. Paid search ads can increase brand awareness by up to 80%. (Google)

#13. Compared to organic visitors, PPC visitors are 50% MORE LIKELY TO BUY something once they land. (Unbounce)

#14. On an average basis, 41% of all total clicks go to the top 3 paid ads in the Search Engine Results Page. (Wordstream)


To make the most of your digital marketing efforts, make sure you allocate a dedicated budget for PPC search ads. Using PPC automation to further optimize your search campaigns is also a great idea. It’s a top PPC advertising trend and will help you drive better results for your ad campaigns.

Content Marketing Statistics


Content marketing is expected to remain a crucial digital marketing tactic in 2020. Here is what top stats on content marketing have to say:

#15. Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing COSTS 62% LESS and generates about 3X AS MANY LEADS. (Demand Metric)

#16. Video content is 50X more likely to generate organic search traffic compared to regular plain text. (OptinMonster)

#17. 86% OF BUYERS say they prefer interactive content which is accessible on-demand. (DemandGen)

#18. Content marketers who prioritize blogging as their strategy are 13X MORE LIKELY to generate successful ROI. (HubSpot)

#19. 70% of the US population knows what ‘Podcasting’ is and 51% of them have listened to at least one podcast. (MusicOomph)


As you can see, blogging and interactive content, mostly video, are top content types among content marketers so we’d suggest focusing your content marketing strategy around high-quality blogs and video ad campaigns. Creating podcast content will also prove effective.

Doing so will bring you more leads and ROI for your content marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Statistics


If you think email marketing won’t be effective in 2020, then you may be wrong according to these stats on email marketing:

#20. People spend as much as 2.5 HOURS EVERY WEEKDAY checking their personal emails when at work. (Adobe)

#21. Emails that are personalized can produce a transaction rate 6X HIGHER THAN OTHER MARKETING EMAILS. (Business2Community)

#22. Marketers who have segmented their email marketing campaigns have seen an INCREASE IN REVENUE AS HIGH AS 760%. (HubSpot)

#23. The CONVERSION RATES FOR EMAILS ARE MUCH HIGHER compared to social media, direct traffic, and search. (Smart Insights)

#24. About 75% OF EMAIL MARKETERS use at least one type of automation tool for email marketing. (Social Media Today)

#25. As many as 42.3% OF CUSTOMERS will delete an email if it’s NOT OPTIMIZED FOR SMARTPHONES. (Backlinko)


To make the most of your email marketing campaigns, we’d suggest implementing personalization, segmentation, and automation in almost all of your email marketing campaigns. Not only that, make sure all of your emails are mobile-optimized for better customer experience.

Online Reputation Management Statistics


The strongest element of good Online Reputation Management in 2020 will be reviews as the following stats suggest.

#26. About 76% TRUST ONLINE REVIEWS LIKE PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS from family and friends (BrightLocal)

#27. 60% OF CUSTOMERS say negative reviews made them lose interest while 49% OF THEM SAY THEY NEED AT LEAST A 4-STAR RATING for businesses before they use them. (StatusLabs)

#28. Positive reviews make as many as 73% OF CUSTOMERS TRUST A LOCAL BUSINESS MORE. (reputation x)


As you may have guessed already, to drive positive online reputation management for your business you have to focus on getting good reviews.

Try to stay active on social media and resolve customer queries swiftly with positive engagement strategies.

Maintaining your business listing on the web will also help you keep a positive reputation for your business.

Amazon Marketing Statistics


Amazon has rapidly established itself as the new Google for shoppers. With many sellers flocking the shopping website for businesses opportunities, Amazon marketing will boom in coming years as recent stats suggest.

#29. Every month about 197 million people or more around the globe use their devices to visit (Equivalent to the whole population of Russia!) (BigCommerce)

#30. 90% compare Amazon’s price when making a decision. (CNBC)

#31. 89% of buyers say they are more likely to purchase products from Amazon compared to other ecommerce retail websites. (Feedvisor)

#32. There are more than 2.9 million active sellers on the Amazon marketplace with 86,849 new ones joined in 2019. (Marketplace Pulse)

#33. 43% of teenagers mention Amazon is their favorite website when it comes to shopping. (Piper Sandler)

#34. In 2019, Amazon dominated 50% of the entire US eCommerce market. (TechCrunch)

#35. More than 60% of customers start their online shopping search for a new product on Amazon. (Statista)


With such eye-opening numbers, it’s no surprise marketing on Amazon will bring profitable results for retail businesses. If you’re a retail business, the key is to have a good presence as a seller and solid expertise in running different Amazon ads. You can also hire an Amazon marketing agency to setup and market your business on Amazon.

Influencer Marketing Statistics


Influencer marketing is considered by marketers as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Thanks to the growing popularity of micro and nano influencers on social media, influencer marketing will still remain popular in 2020 as per the following statistics.

#36. About 92% marketers think influencer marketing to be an effective type of marketing strategy. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

#37. Raising brand awareness is considered one of the top three influencer marketing campaign objectives by 86% of marketers. (World Federation of Advertisers)

#38. As per estimates, brands are likely to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. (Business Insider Intelligence)

#39. 8 out of every 10 customers have bought something after viewing it as a recommendation from an influencer. (Rakuten Marketing)

#40. About 40% of Twitter users mentioned they purchased as a result of a Tweet made by an influencer. (Twitter Blog)

#41. 70% of subscribed teenagers on YouTube mentioned they related more to YouTube creators than celebrities. (think with Google)


If you have a good marketing budget, it’s wise to invest in influencer marketing. Partnering with nano or micro influencers in your respective niche will dramatically drive more brand awareness and sales. It will also help turn your long-term customers into devout advocates for your brand.

Programmatic Advertising Statistics


Programmatic advertising has dynamically changed over the years giving businesses new opportunities to leverage customer data. Here’s how the current state of programmatic advertising will impact the overall digital marketing landscape in 2020.

#42. Of all the digital display ad spending in the US, more than two-thirds is bought programmatically. (eMarketer)

#43. Among podcast advertising for episodes, about 51.2% accounts for programmatic ad insertion. (The Drum)

#44. The market size of Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) was worth 6.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to 15.8 billion by 2027. (Statista)

#45. Close to 80% of mobile display advertisements in the United States are bought programmatically. (Digi Day)

#46. Considering the first three months of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, the total global programmatic ad spending for video rose by 238%. (InMobi)


With recent development in programmatic technology, the trend behind it isn’t stopping anytime soon. We suggest incorporating programmatic mobile display ads as a part of your campaign for personalized marketing.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to drive your digital marketing to the next level, then make sure you adhere to our hand-picked digital marketing stats for 2020.

These will easily help you craft an effective strategy and drive more leads and growth for your business.

If you’re not sure what strategy will work out for you, we can always help out.

We are a specialized digital marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses drive growth on digital platforms and can help you too.

Get in touch with us and we’ll take care of it all.



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7 HOT Digital Branding Trends for 2020 You Should Know Right Now!

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 8, 2020

Planning a give an overhaul to your brand? Without new branding ideas or expert guidance of a top branding agency, you’ll be far off in making your branding efforts amazing, let alone successful.

Think about it.

Branding today isn’t what it used to be back in the day. Thanks to rapid digitization and changes in the way consumers interact with a brand, digital branding has transformed completely!

So sticking to old-school branding tactics of yesteryear might not be a good idea after all.

Which is why we’ve curated some really hot branding trends for you take cues from.

Adopting and using them in your branding strategy will definitely help you revamp your brand to perfection!

Here they are:

The Era of ‘Phigital’ Marketing

If you’ve just scratched your head wondering what “Phigital Marketing” means, let us explain.

Phigital marketing is nothing but a hybrid between “physical” and “digital” marketing. It combines both aspects of physical and digital strategies to give a unique and immersive brand experience to the user.

Thanks to the growing potential of virtual and augmented reality in marketing, brands have stepped in to give an unforgettable experience to their customers using Phigital marketing, making it a popular creative branding strategy.



An early example of Phigital marketing could be taken from a Brazilian store called C&A.

The store used real-time Facebook data of their followers and used it in one of their hangers!

That’s right.

For every product, they displayed a particular amount of Facebook Likes left by fans right on their hangers. This allowed customers to figure out the popularity of each item and helped them make a purchase.

So if you’re planning an online or offline branding campaign, don’t forget to leverage Phigital marketing. It’ll help you stand out from the competition and surge your brand awareness to the next level.

Inclusive Marketing Will Take CenterStage

Inclusive Marketing is a type of marketing that promotes the diversity of the audience your brand serves by including real people in your campaigns.

These campaigns are mostly focused on stories, stereotypes or real-world scenarios and are more focused on delivering a meaningful message to the audience.

The “Picture-Perfect Life” commercial by Google is a fantastic example of Inclusive marketing. It shows real photos taken by people of different backgrounds using their Pixel 2 smartphone.

Google’s intent behind the campaign was to show that even though people appear happy in their photos or videos, they might still be struggling with mental disorders from the inside and require support.

Through the campaign, Google perfectly connected with their audience and assured them that it identifies their struggles and also provides resources in times of help.

The trend of inclusive marketing is on the rise partly due to studies showing consumers’ preference over brands that are more inclusive and diverse.

This means the more inclusive elements you have in your campaigns, the more effective your branding campaigns will become.

Start adding more inclusive elements in your campaigns such as brand storytelling. Doing so will immensely help you get noticed by your audience than your competitors.

Responsive Logo Design Is a Must

Back in the day, it was okay for brands to use a single logo in their branding. Not anymore. Today, you’ll have to create a logo that DYNAMICALLY adapts to your environment.

The concept of dynamic logo design isn’t new. However, thanks to the ever-changing digital world and the rise of responsive websites and interactive apps, it has become mandatory for brands to make their logos responsive for better consistency.

A responsive logo is different than an icon and changes in size, complexity or color depending on the context.

It exists in four sizes namely: Maxi, Mid Max, Regular, and Small where each size can be used for different purposes such as need, location, and domain.

Here’s an example of responsive logos by popular brands:


The bottom line? Like responsive web design, make sure you create different variants of your logo to make it responsive.

This will help your brand maintain more consistency irrespective of which social media or online platform it’s present on.

Neon Colors and Gradients Are the Future

Colors have always been at the heart of branding and this year it’s all about futuristic neon color tones and gradients.

Think of a combination of saturated blues, deep vibrant purples, and glowing pinks, and you have a futuristic color palette that’ll easily attract anyone’s eye.

This color tone has largely been adopted by popular brands, famously by Mozilla and Tinder where the fresh, multidimensional, and beaming color saturation really strikes you.


So if you want to bring out a glowy and sensational futuristic vibe, implementing this color tone will radically transform your branding to the next level.

Don’t forget to play around and try out different gradients to infuse your brand with bright colors.

Minimalism is the Next BIG Thing

Remember Steve Job’s iconic quote: “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”? Well, it seems that’s making its way to branding this year around.

No kidding! Minimalism is set to establish itself as a top branding trend.

Be it top sports brands like Nike, tech companies like Microsoft, or clothing brands like Burberry, every brand is jumping the “Less is more” bandwagon, which is becoming more noticeable in their typography and style.

Wondering why all the logos have the same font? Yup, we don’t blame you.



The shift to this trend largely has to do with versatility and better customer recall.

By toning down the logo to simple fonts, it’s easier for brands to use these logos on different backgrounds. On top of that, simple logos are easier to remember by customers, thus giving brands instant recognizability.

So, whether you’re revamping your website or creating a new one from scratch make sure you keep things simple.

The Trend of Branded Hashtags WillRise

If you thought hashtags are only useful for increasing the reach of your posts on social media then that’s not the end of the story.

Hashtags, most specifically branded hashtags, have shown to increase customer engagement by 50% apart from being a crucial ingredient for brand awareness.

What’s more, today more than half of all hashtags on social media are branded and the number is expected to rise even more.

This sufficiently explains the impact of branded hashtags and why you should use them in your marketing campaigns.

When running a branding campaign on social media, try to incorporate a branded hashtag around your campaign. It could be anything from your brand’s tagline, to even your own brand name.

If you’re running a contest or a poll, you can even ask your customers to use your branded hashtag and extend the reach of your brand even further.

Here’s how Snowe, a brand selling home essentials uses the branded hashtag “#StartWithSnowe” to encourage their customers to share their home style to get featured on their feed.



Don’t Ignore Online Communities

Ever heard of online branding communities?

These are dedicated platforms built by brands that let customers interact with one another, participate in discussions, and share tips and advice.

According to recent studies, it was found that online communities build more trust between customers and the brand and increase retention rate.

That’s basically one of the reasons they are going to be more popular this year when it comes to branding.

With a strong community presence and engagement, you can establish yourself as a reputed brand and increase your chances of turning your present customers into devout advocates.

Communities can also save you from the hassle of researching your customers’ preferences, needs, and likes and help you understand what they truly want from you.

To take advantage of this trend, make sure invest in building a community for your followers and customers and start engaging with them on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Top branding trends for 2020 that will immensely help you leverage your branding strategy and get maximum exposure in your domain.

Make sure you implement each of them across different platforms and mediums for effective results.

And if you’re not sure how we’ll be there for help.

We are a digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive branding solutions across multiple platforms and can help you market your brand for growth and sales.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you with your requirements.

Latest SEO Trends for 2020 You Must Check Out (For Proven Rankings)!

Digital Marketing Posted On: Dec 25, 2019

Thought current SEO trends will remain the same next year? Not really. As 2020 is just around the corner, the rise of new search engine trends has already become more prevalent.

Look, today it’s more than just putting some relevant keywords in your content and optimizing your on-page SEO to rank your page in top results of Google.

Sure that’s still there but it’s still the tip of the iceberg.

With Google’s aim in making its search engine more easier and seamless for users, it has made plenty of changes in its algorithms and its overall framework.

So if you really want to get yourself out there and rank #1, you’ll have to take your SEO efforts further by following the newest trends in SEO.


By checking out some of the top SEO trends we’ve curated below. These will definitely keep you ahead of the game and boost your organic rankings by a good deal.

Check them out!

User Intent Will Become More Important than Ever

Alright, this is the first IMPORTANT thing you’ll have to keep in mind when crafting your SEO plan. User intent will clearly become the heart of SEO in 2020 and will shape your overall strategy.

For starters, you’ll have to understand Google’s newest BERT algorithm update. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and is Google’s neural network-based deep learning algorithm.

According to Google, it will do a better job of understanding the relationship between keywords, their relevance, and use in the context to rank and display relevant content for users.

Considering this big update, there is no surprise content with high search intent will rank on top much easier than the one with over-stuffed keywords.



Here’s an example of the BERT algorithm in action. The query is about a Brazilian asking about US visa and not the opposite. Earlier Google couldn’t understand the relationship of the word “to” in the query and would show a different result (a blog article). After the BERT update, it can understand the meaning and shows the relevant result.

This is what you should also focus on too.

To optimize for BERT, you’ll have to plan your SEO strategy not just for the sake of search engines but for your end-users. You’ll have to go really deep and understand your end-users’ nuances better and give them what they want to succeed.

Doing this and avoiding any blackhat tactic will help you rank faster in SERPs and avoid penalties from Google.

Optimization for No-click Searches WillRise

Let’s face it.

How many times have you looked for generic information on Google and got the answer right in the SERPs without having to click all the way through?

A lot right?

That’s what No-click searches are all about and, according to top SEO experts, they will gain major importance in 2020 as well as in the following years to come.

Zero-click or No-click searches are those results in SERPs that present useful information in the result page itself without redirecting users anywhere else.

Like this:



Think Featured Snippets, Local Map Packs, and Knowledge Graphs, you get the point.

According to a post by Rank Fishkin, it’s seen that less than half of Google’s searches receive clicks and the reason behind that is undoubtedly zero-click searches!


What does this mean for you? That ranking only in the top position isn’t necessarily enough and won’t bring you the desired outcome.

If you’re ranking on the first page of Google but are under a featured snippet from your competitor, then you’ll have a hard time driving traffic.

To really succeed in SEO you’ll have to optimize for no-click searches and bag that first place in the form of a featured snippet or a knowledge graph.

To take advantage of this SERP marketing trend make sure you strategically optimize for featured snippets, leverage new schemas like FAQ & How To as well as optimize your images.

You can also reconsider your keyword strategy for your blogs and websites and use those that perform well by doing some effective keyword research.

Doing so will definitely help you get ahead of your competitors.

E-A-T Guidelines Will Impact Content Ranking

Remember E-A-T? Google’s search algorithm factor that was released way back in 2014?

If not, here’s a refresher.

In simple words, E-A-T is a factor that determines the overall Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness of the content creator. Think of it as a checklist that lets Google check whether the written content is genuine and matches it’s quality guidelines.

With that being said, in 2020 Google will use it as a major parameter to test the overall reputation of businesses creating content.

This means if your business has a poor reputation, customer service issues, trust issues, or if your content fails to match the E-A-T guidelines then you’ll have difficulty ranking your business in Google.

These issues could include anything from reviews to security flaws and other technical problems.

Bottom line: If you really want to come across as a genuine entity in the face of Google then writing robust content, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering a great user experience will help you make the mark.

Valuable Content to Become the Driving Force of SEO


If you’re serious about gaining your audience’s attention and driving up your organic traffic and sales in 2020 then there’s nothing better to do than this:


As Google is going all user-centric with its search engine updates writing high-quality and relevant content to benefits users will, naturally, let Google reward you the top spot in search results.

What you can do?

In order to surpass your competitors, you’ll either have to follow SEO content writing best practices or hire someone who can write high-quality SEO-optimized content for you.

One way to dominate search rankings is by covering a single topic in-depth instead of covering bits of it for a single keyword.

For example, instead of writing a simple blog of 600 words, you can create an in-depth guide of 6,000 words or more that’s actually worth your audience’s interest.

By writing evergreen content, you’ll stand a much better chance of ranking for multiple keywords, drive more audience engagement, shares, and traffic which will thus boost your organic SEO.

Structured Data Will Become More Powerful

Structured Data has always been an integral part of SEO and for 2020 it’ll gain more importance.

Thanks to a bunch of updates by Google and support for new types of structured data you’ll be able to organize your content more effectively than before.

For example, if your business website has an FAQ page then with the help of a structured data type like FAQ Page Schema you can optimize it for your customers directly in search results.



This will let you optimize your content for not just search engines but also voice assistants and chatbots and help your ideal customers reach you.

By perfectly organizing your data for search engines you can make it easier for them to understand what’s on a page and how it’s related to other pages on your website. Not to mention, you can reap immense SEO benefits with structured data snippets.

With such rich snippets available for businesses, there’s no doubt the trend of structured data will rise even more in the future.

Mobile SEO is Here to Stay

That’s right, the trend of mobile SEO will still remain popular in 2020 and that’s because of the undisputed popularity of mobile searches over desktop ones.

As the popularity in voice search queries through smartphones keep on rising, it will become inevitable for businesses to adopt mobile SEO best practices.

To clearly gain an edge you’ll have to ruthlessly optimize each and every element of your website for mobile devices.

This could mean anything from making your website completely mobile responsive to optimizing your page speed and website structure.

Not just that, SEO experts also suggest that you perform a deep analysis of mobile SERPs to figure out how regular results differ from mobile ones.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! The latest and top SEO trends for 2020 you should definitely not ignore.

Adopting and implementing relevant ones in your SEO strategy will drive significant growth in your organic rankings and will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Don’t know which trend will work out for your business or need an SEO strategy that drives more organic traffic and sales? We can help!

We are a digital marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses grow their sales and organic traffic using effective SEO strategies and can help you too.

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7 PPC Trends for 2020 That Will Bulletproof Your Strategy

Digital Marketing Posted On: Dec 11, 2019

Let’s face it, PPC marketing has dramatically evolved since its inception. With new features and improvements coming forth each year, the trends have kept changing and shaping the future of PPC.

While PPC trends in 2019 were all about paid audience targeting and remarketing, the new PPC trends will be a lot more about cutting-edge technology!

Keeping these amazing search marketing trends under your radar will not only help you save your budget but also automate your performance and keep a step ahead of the competition!

Excited? Let’s dig in!

PPC Automation & Machine Learning Will Grow Strong


The first and most important thing marketers have to consider in 2020 is automation and the role machine learning will play in PPC campaigns.

Google’s constant investment in artificial intelligence and with automation shown to drastically improve campaign performance, marketers foresee it to become the next big thing in PPC marketing.

Some even predict automation to completely take over manual bidding in the future (more on that later). With such rapid changes, businesses will be required to optimize their PPC strategies in favor of search engine algorithms.

This could mean defining the right audiences and keywords based on your audience’s intent, optimizing conversion tracking, and writing conversion-centric ad copies.

Long story short, PPC automation isn’t just another fad in PPC advertising.

Google, with tons of data at its disposal, can help you get more personalized with your advertising efforts. It can show your ads to relevant audiences and save you plenty of time for other strategies.

In the end, automation will let Google learn better about your marketing goals and help you drive good results.

The Choice for Video Ads Will Grow

The next trend that will be hot in 2020 is, you guessed it, video ads.

While it’s not kept secret that video content is DOMINATING the internet right now. In fact, research suggests that a website with video content tends to keep visitors hooked for longer than websites without videos.

So how can marketers leverage video ads for the campaigns?

Enter: YouTube Bumper Ads.

YouTube Bumper ads are a new form of ads released by YouTube that lets advertisers market their offerings under six seconds. These short videos appear before a YouTube video and give viewers a quick preview about a brand.


Touted as a new creative tool by YouTube, it could be a fantastic brand awareness option for businesses.

Marketers can either run these ads as full-fledged campaigns or in conjunction with TrueView Ads. They can be easily set up in Google ads much like other paid ad campaigns.

Considering the effectiveness of these ads, there’s no doubt more marketers will jump in the video marketing bandwagon and so should you.

Make sure you opt for a good video content marketing strategy before planning your PPC campaigns.

Audience Targeting to Drive FutureCampaigns


Another big thing marketers will have to pay attention to is audience targeting.

If you’re familiar with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) you might be aware that it lets you deeply target your audience. From in-market audiences to affinity and audience targeting, Google has released a ton of options for search campaigns.

However, one amazing feature that marketers expect will drive PPC in 2020 is the ability to layer audience targeting on keywords.

What this means is you will be able to use demographic targeting and keyword targeting together in your campaigns.

Taking advantage of layered audience targeting will accurately help you display your ads to relevant people and thus save your PPC advertising management costs.

Amazon Advertising Will Dominate


Till now PPC had only been associated with familiar names like Facebook and Google. However, with the growing popularity of online shopping and Amazon’s arrival in the advertising space, things are rapidly changing.

Today, Amazon is the third-largest known advertiser and offers businesses plenty of options to sell their products. Amazon’s ads are also diverse as they can appear both on and off Amazon.

With that being said, the growing trend of Amazon advertising and adoption for Amazon PPC management is expected to skyrocket even more in 2020.

This means if you’re an eCommerce business then alongside using Google and Facebook PPC ads, investing in Amazon PPC ads will be more crucial for your business growth.

You can start running Amazon PPC ads on your own or hire a dedicated Amazon PPC agency to do it for you. These agencies offer Amazon marketing services and can take care of the entire management on your behalf.

A crucial advantage of investing in Amazon PPC ads is their potential to drive more sales. Amazon compared to Google or Facebook has audience traffic that’s highly convertible, meaning people visiting Amazon are ready buyers with more chances of conversions.

Thus by running PPC ads on Amazon, you have the potential to drive more sales compared to Facebook or Google.

Multi-Platform Advertising Will Become More Important Than Ever


Still running your ads on Facebook or Google? It’s time to level up!

According to marketing experts, more people are spending their time on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

This means more people are discovering their next brand on these platforms and ignoring them for paid advertising would be a huge mistake.

As the trend of new social media platforms grows, so will the opportunity for advertising on these platforms grow too.

The rule of thumb here is to build a presence on these platforms and segregate your advertising budget for each platform. This will let you test the competition, allocate budget more wisely according to ad performance, and win more customers.

It’ll also be crucial to keep an eye on new updates and features released on these platforms, this will give you more room to experiment with your campaigns and stay ahead of the game.

Smart Bidding Will Gain Momentum



Smart Bidding is a conversion-based automated bidding system that lets businesses optimize their PPC campaigns to get the desired results.

Smart Bidding uses machine learning to optimize conversions and can help you maximize anything from clicks to conversions and even enhance your CPC.

The goals Smart Bidding provides include Enhanced CPC (eCPC), Target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA), and Target Return on Advertising Spend (tROAS).

With advancements in artificial intelligence, smart bidding is expected to take over manual bidding in the future. In 2020 and ahead, it’ll become even more powerful and more businesses will be using it for executing their PPC strategy.

As a business, it is recommended that you optimize your PPC campaigns with Smart Bidding for 2020.

CPC Cost Will Rise Further



One important trend you should definitely pay attention to is the growing competition in SERPs and the impact it will have on CPC costs.

Marketers have predicted that due to lack of search query growth the rise in CPC inflation is inevitable and will stay strong in the coming year.

While not something to be happy about, it’s certainly an eye-opener on why you should allocate your budget wisely in 2020.

By carefully adjusting your budget, you’ll stand a better chance of making the most of your PPC campaign.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you know what will drive PPC in 2020, it’s time to start preparing your strategy accordingly.

By taking into account these seven PPC trends you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of your competitors with increased conversions and sales.

Not sure where to get started? We can also help you out.

We are a result-driven digital marketing agency that’s helped plenty of businesses drive sales using PPC campaigns. We offer a diverse range of solutions like Facebook Advertising, Google Search Ads, and also Amazon PPC Marketing to help businesses dominate their sales.

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How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest (With 10 AMAZING Features)

Digital Marketing, Social Media Posted On: Dec 4, 2019

If you thought Pinterest is just some platform to find fancy images in your free time, spare yourself this fact: Pinterest marketing in 2019 has transformed social selling!

More businesses are using Pinterest as a marketing tool today than ever before thanks to its rollout of features exclusively for businesses.

Think about it.

If you are a small business Pinterest could be the ideal marketing tool for you!

With excellent features, few creative ideas, and Pinterest marketing strategies, you can make your campaigns more effective and powerful with Pinterest.

To help you do that and save you some legwork, we’ve curated some of the best Pinterest features for businesses. Use them for your next social media campaign for some remarkable results!

Promoted Pins

Let’s start off with the most essential one on the list.

Promoted Pins are Pinterest’s paid advertising solution for businesses. Think of them as a “Boost Post” alternative to Facebook.

These Pins let you reach your intended target audience through demographic targeting and work on the CPC model, meaning you are charged only if someone clicks on your Pins.

You have the option to target using keywords, gender, location, and even device type. These Pins have a good engagement rate and Pinterest offers different types of Promoted Pins suitable for visitors at the top, center, or bottom of the marketing funnel.



The best part about these Pins is that they’re not only keyword focused but also context-dependent.

Promoted Video

Promoted Video ads are similar to Promoted Pins but, as you might’ve guessed already, contain videos.

As Pinterest is already a visual platform, these ads add much more engagement than other types of Pins. In fact, according to Pinterest themselves, 67% of users are more keen to engage with a brand after watching a video.

The advantage of video Pins is that they start playing instantly whenever users stumble upon them in the feed, making them stop in their tracks. This gives them a  much more immersive experience allowing you to tell your brand story in an interactive way.



Video Pins also have the power to make users take action. Thus with a creative video campaign, you can instantly drive sales. For example, L’Oreal with its Cinematic Pins was able to drive awareness of its True Match Lumi Glow Illuminator by a staggering 30.7%.

Promoted Video ads can be used for any marketing objective be it brand awareness or conversion-driven campaigns.

You also have the option to choose where you want your video ads to appear. Similar to Promoted Pins, Promoted Video can also be targeted according to audience, keyword or interest type.



Shop the Look Pins (AKA BuyablePins)



Shop the Look Pins is Pinterest’s answer to Instagram’s Shoppable Posts.

As many shoppers use Pinterest to do their research Pinterest has made it much more convenient for shoppers to buy products with Shop the Look Pins.

These Pins appear with clickable white dots on shoppable products in a photo, helping customers “shop the look” of the particular product as well as similar other products.

They can be set up in Pinterest’s Ad Manager and are available to all types of businesses.

Shop the Look ads



Inspired by the Shop the Look Pins, Shop the Look ads is Pinterest’s new collection format.

It allows businesses to display multiple products in one single ad. This enables audiences to check out various other products that are similar to the feature Pin’s image.

Pinterest allows advertisers to use up to 25 images in one image.

These Shop the Look ads help shoppers see a preview showcase of four products at first and, by clicking through, can see the remaining products.

Shop By Brand



Recently, Pinterest has added a section underneath branded Product Pins that lets visitors view related products offered by a brand.

This features dubbed “Shop By Brand” makes it easier for businesses to showcase their entire product catalog and seamlessly order their product line.

By activating this feature, businesses can hook prospective visitors with Pins of their new releases and keep them coming for more.

Personalized Shopping Recommendations



Another neat feature Pinterest has brought for businesses is personalized shopping recommendations for users.

Understanding the power of personalization and the impact it can have on buyers Pinterest has definitely made a move in the right direction.

Users now get product recommendations based on their pinning behavior or what they have pinned in the past.

As a merchant, your shoppable Pins can appear in these recommendations for users depending on how much inventory you have. Users can pin your products or even get land on your site to look for more products.

These recommendations appear on the home page, Style, Beauty, or DIY boards.

Dynamic Business Profiles



To enhance brand presence to a new level, Pinterest introduced something called “Dynamic Business Profiles” that lets businesses showcase their Pins in a much more engaging fashion.

This feature allows businesses to revamp their business profiles with dynamic cover images and bring forth their most important Pins in the spotlight.

The profile also features a Shop tab that lets viewers shop items from the profile helping you drive traffic to your website. As a business, you can also view key statistics like monthly visitors right from your business profile.

All in all, it’s a fantastic tool to make the perfect first impression on your audience.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are basically Pinterest Pins with added information that give more context to what the Pin is about and update information from the website.

Compared to regular Pins, these are much more “rich” in information and help engage visitors at first sight.

Based on the purpose, marketers can use Rich Pins to enhance their content and attract more users. There are six types of Rich Pins currently available:

  • Recipe: Gives info about ingredients, cooking instructions, recipe type, etc.
  • Article: Displays headline, title name, description, and publisher of the article or blog post.
  • Product: Gives product information such as status and description.
  • App: Gives information about the app and redirects the user to the App/Play Store for download.
  • Place: Place Pins include address, contact. no, and location information to help visitors reach businesses.
  • Movie: Movie Pins cover ratings and reviews of movies to help visitors learn about a particular film.

Rich Pins are great if you want to increase your engagement rate on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your blog or retail website.

Here’s an example of a Recipe Rich Pin:





Pincodes is an interesting Pinterest feature that basically brings more online traffic and interaction through offline means.

These are unique codes that businesses can create and display them offline in stores or banners. Pinners or interested Pinterest users can then scan them using the Pinterest Camera Lens to find similar Pins.

By getting a little creative, businesses can even create an offline campaign, use Pincodes, and bring some good engagement on their Pinterest profile or board.

The Pincodes are also shareable meaning you can share them with other people and make it easier for them to find your brand.




Catalogs is one of Pinterest’s new features for businesses lets them seamlessly upload their entire product catalog to Pinterest. Upon creating the catalog, their products are converted into Dynamic Product Pins that help users to shop for Pins.

This comes in handy if a business wants to showcase products other visitors are not aware of or haven’t searched yet.

It’s especially a handy feature for retail businesses with a large catalog as it can help organize their entire portfolio on Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you’re aware of the most amazing Pinterest features, make sure you start using them for your next social media campaign.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate firm, marketing on Pinterest with these features will definitely help you make a difference in your sales.

If you’re not quite sure how to use Pinterest for marketing or need a hand in setting up a campaign on Pinterest, we can always give you a hand.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses drive sales and growth using social media strategies. We offer Pinterest marketing services as a part of our social media packages and would be more than happy to grow your business sales.

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements.