7 Killer Amazon Marketing Strategy Tips to Skyrocket Sales in 2020

Amazon Marketing Posted On: Feb 26, 2020


Are you a seller selling without an Amazon advertising strategy? It’s time to take things seriously because more than 1 MILLION sellers joined Amazon JUST LAST YEAR! That’s 3,000 people joining EACH DAY!

A lot of competition!

But don’t let that scare you. A robust Amazon strategy analysis is just what you need to get ahead of the game. With an in-depth Amazon business strategy in place, you can easily uptick your product marketing on Amazon.

These days plenty of businesses leverage dedicated Amazon digital marketing to outsell their products. By following their footsteps you too can skyrocket your sales with an effective plan.

To make things easier, we’ve curated some amazing Amazon marketing strategy tips for each phase. Use them to create an excellent strategy for your Amazon business and stay ahead of the competition.

Start With Market Surveys


Before you even get into the nitty-gritty of your Amazon strategy, you should first know what your customers want, and that’s what market surveys help you unravel.

To start off, you can come up with a bunch of questions. Try to think about what kind of questions would you ask your potential market?

Once you have them in place, compile them in a survey form to be sent to your audience.

There are plenty of programs like Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and Survey Planet which you can use to conduct your research. You can also use social media to create quick surveys.

After sending your survey, take note of the results. This will give a general idea about the current market situation and help you strengthen your strategy.

Perform Competitive Analysis


While surveys can get you vital information about the current market situation, understanding the competitive scenario is just as important.

This can be done by running a competitive analysis. It’s understanding and deconstructing your competitor’s strategy in and out to learn what makes them number one.

Competitor analysis also lets you understand potential loopholes in your own strategy, prevents you from committing mistakes, and save valuable time. Overall, it can bring forth excellent insights for your Amazon differentiation strategy.

Here are a few things to look for when doing a competitive analysis on Amazon:

  • Keywords: Look for what keywords are being targeted by your competitor along with the search volume. Make a list and use them in your listing.

  • Presentation: Figure out how competitors present their products to customers. The kind of packaging they use. Or the language they use in their listing copy.

  • Pricing: Understand the pricing strategy used by your competitors. Are they pricing their products aggressively or simply overpricing their products.

  • Reviews: Look for the kind of reviews your competitors are getting on their products. Do they have one-star or two-stars? Understand why customers are happy or unhappy with their products.

  • Customer Pain Points: Look for the problems customers have in your competitor products. Then address them in your listing.

Nail Your Keyword Research


When creating a strategy on Amazon, keywords are crucial. Target the wrong keywords and you could lose on a lot of potential customers.

As every person searching on Amazon has different intent, it makes sense to do keyword research based on search intent than the old fashioned way. Using the exact same keywords your customers are using to look for products lets you match their relevancy and also helps in ranking for product searches.

The best hack to do this by reverse engineering your customer’s search intent. Imagine being in your customer’s place and think of what keywords would you use naturally to find a product.

This will unravel keywords and that are more likely to convert.

You can also A/B Test different keywords to measure their performance using dedicated keyword research tools for Amazon.

In this way, you can experiment with different keywords in your title, bullet points, and description by keeping high-performing keywords and eliminating redundant ones.

Target for the Buy Box


Aiming for the Buy Box is a strategic way to earn more sales on Amazon.

It’s a little box that appears on the listing page that recommends other sellers selling the same product as yours at different prices. Essentially, it gives sellers different options to purchase the same product.

So basically when you’re listed in the Buy Box, you get additional traffic from other listings which increases your chances of earning conversions.

While getting a spot there is tricky as it’s based on Amazon’s algorithm, there is one way to make it happen:


By adhering to proper product shipment policies and gaining good reviews, you can increase your chances of ranking in the Buy Box.

Bottom line: Try to get good ratings for your Amazon products. With you having good reviews compared to other sellers competing for the same product you can outperform others and win the Buy Box.

Advertise Your Amazon Products onSocial Media


Did you know that leveraging social media to promote your products can be an excellent Amazon branding strategy?

There are plenty of sellers who use Off Amazon techniques to sell their products and end up increasing their sales by good numbers.

An easy way to promote your Amazon products or Store Page on social media is by posting links in your Profile Bio section or in Stories.

Doing this will bring more visibility to your Amazon products.

You can also run ads to drive traffic to your Amazon listing. Using visual-heavy platforms like Pinterest (A favorite among shoppers), you can promote your products using the Promoted Pins feature to reach your ideal audience and redirect them to your Amazon page.

Leverage Google Shopping Ads

Another strategy to drive more sales on Amazon is by taking advantage of Google’s own Shopping Ads.

It’s seen that shoppers who start their purchasing journey using Google end up making more purchases on Google in a short amount of time than Amazon.

That’s good news as you can establish your customers’ journey with Google’s ads and end it by redirecting them to your Amazon listing page.

How? Using an effective landing page strategy!


You can bring shoppers to your landing page and entice them to take action using an irresistible offer. It could be anything from a deal or a coupon discount code that buyers can redeem on your Amazon listing.

Another strategy is to redirect your listing ad traffic to your website. This is to make shoppers take action like joining a mailing list first to get a coupon.

Such direct offers minimize the gap between shoppers and your products. With the help of Google’s Shopping Ads you can thus speed up the buying process and enable Off Amazon traffic to reach your listing page quickly.

Tap Into International Markets

Believe it or not, selling your products in different marketplaces can quadruple your sales.

Amazon allows you to list and reprice your products in international marketplaces like Amazon.de, Amazon.jp, etc., making it easier for you to make a mark on a global scale.

There are multiple businesses who make it global using Amazon’s Fulfilment by Amazon program, you too can register for such programs and have your products listed to international markets.

You can experiment with different marketplaces, check the demand for your products in each market, and accordingly leverage your presence in your best performing locality.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a robust Amazon strategy can make a huge impact on the sales and branding of your e-commerce business.

Make sure you implement these amazing tips when strategizing your Amazon campaigns, test out what works for you, and win some sales!

In moments of hurdles or difficulties, you can also let us know for help.

We are a certified Amazon marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses drive sales on Amazon using impactful Amazon marketing strategies.

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