This is How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Posted On: Oct 16, 2019

What if we told you that in the near future a computer program would assist you in creating your next big digital marketing campaign?

Would you believe us? But it’s true!

Artificial intelligence is insanely revolutionizing the digital marketing industry rapidly than ever before.

Marketers today are using AI to fuel their digital strategy, make smart decisions, and grow their sales.

Long story short, it is becoming the all-in-one toolkit for marketers to simplify their digital marketing efforts.

Here’s how:

By using AI you can automate your tasks, gain valuable insights about your target audience, and even deliver a unique experience to every different customer.

Not quite familiar with artificial intelligence? Here’s a refresher:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

To put it simply, Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is the ability of machines or computer programs to mimic human-like intelligence to perform tasks smartly.

To put that into perspective…

It’s the underlying technology that brings you the exact results you’re looking for when you type something in Google like “Age of Barack Obama” or “When did the beatles played their first concert?”

artificial intelligence


So How is Artificial Intelligence ImpactingDigital Marketing?

Today AI is used by everyone from digital giants like Google, to e-commerce companies like Amazon to solve business problems and deliver smart solutions.

Here’s how artificial intelligence is shaping digital marketing:

Fortelling Customer Behavior Through Propensity Modelling

how is artificial intelligence impacting digital marketing

In recent times, marketers have started using predictive analytics like Propensity Modelling to supercharge their marketing strategy.

It’s a tool that helps companies predict their customers’ behavior by associating their characteristics with tendencies.

For example, if you are a toy manufacturing company, you can use Propensity Modelling to determine how likely a customer would buy a newer model of your toy with certain accuracy.

It will track your customers’ buying habits and propensities like opening an email, signing up for a form, or even clicking the buy button to predict their buying possibility.


AI is The Next Big Thing in Email Marketing

AI is the next big thing in email marketing

Many have the misconception that emails are an old-school way of connecting with customers, but that’s certainly NOT true.

Today AI is impacting email marketing in a HUUUUGE way.

Want to send personalized emails? With AI, you can!

AI offers you an option to personalize your email marketing campaigns based on customer preferences and behaviors. This helps you better connect with your audience.

Not just that, machine learning can also analyze tons of data about your customers and suggest the best time to contact them via email. Not just that, it can even personalize email content for each subscriber.

It can suggest which customers are more likely to convert, who is in which phase of the sales funnel, which subject lines grab the most attention and a lot more.

Crazy right?

These would help you highlight the most important metrics for your email marketing campaign.

Digital Advertising Has Changed Becauseof AI

digital advertising has changed because of AI

Digital advertising is another area of digital marketing where AI is becoming more prevalent.

Be it big social media platforms like Facebook or search engine giants like Google, almost everyone is infusing AI and machine learning in their platforms.

Thanks to AI, advertisers are now able to determine which customers are more likely to take the desired action. They can also analyze customer information more smartly and even detect the best audience for their business.

There has also been a rise of many Audience Management as a Service (AMaaS) systems that use deep learning and machine learning together.

They can handle and optimize your ads on advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Which is revolutionary!

With them you can not only test different audiences but also figure out who are more likely to make a conversion. Or, even identify the best advertising platforms for your business!

AI Has Transformed Web Design andUI/UX For Good

AI has transformed web design and UI/UX for good

Here’s a frightening fact!

Today it’s not only developers and designers that can design good websites, computer programs can too!


There are certain applications like Grid that utilize AI to design websites based on certain user inputs such as CTAs, images, copy, etc.

So if you had yourself thinking that machines still have a long way to go, then that time has already arrived!

Not just that…

Using different smart algorithms, you can also customize your website’s UX for each visitor.

AI can analyze hundreds of thousands of data points like a user’s location, demographics, device type to display content that is more relevant to each user.

Through such groundbreaking advancements in UI/UX, AI has shown to dramatically increase the website’s conversion rate by a huge margin!

AI-Enabled Chatbots Are Taking Over

What customers are more concerned with these days is a quick and meaningful response from companies.

This is why AI chatbots are becoming the norm for many businesses. The trend of using these new chatbots is also rising each day.

By implementing AI companies are becoming more smarter at delivering responses that are less robotic and more human.

AI enabled chatbots are taking over


Today businesses use AI-powered chatbots to deliver more personalized support to their customers.

Compared to regular chatbots, AI chatbots are more powerful. They can deliver more personalized responses, suggest recipes, and even track orders.

What’s more, they can enhance brand reputation by delivering contextually appropriate messages and minimizing delays, thus increasing customer satisfaction significantly.

Long story short: If you’re tired of dealing with hundreds of queries from those frustrated customers, AI chatbots are the way to go!

AI is Revolutionizing Content Marketing

AI is revolutionizing content marketing

If you thought AI is only able to beat you at a game of chess and become your personal assistant then guess what!

It can also write like humans and produce content!


As crazy as it may sound, it’s true.

There are software programs that use natural language processing to create content that reads as if it was written by a human.

These programs are usually used by companies to create data-centric content like reports and insights for their content marketing goals.

AI-enabled Content Generation Engines fetch input from thousands of sources, fetch keywords, and create an article or blog.

Though the content might not be that creative it’s still a revolutionary thing achieved by technology today.

Audience Targeting for Search Ads

Another way AI is redefining digital marketing is by letting search engine marketers target audiences through interests and habits.

If you run Google search ads then this is definitely worth a try!

You can target your customers based on who they are, what their interests are, what they’re looking for, or how they’ve interacted with your company.

For example, if you are a seller of peanut butter, you can increase your reach for customers who have searched for terms like ‘peanut butter with no sugar’ and ‘peanut butter with coconut milk chocolate.’

Google offers an option in AdWords called In-market audiences which uses machine learning to understand your customers’ purchase intent.

With that, you can boost the impact of your search campaign and drive more sales!

Final Thoughts

As you may have guessed by now, artificial intelligence has become the cornerstone of digital marketing.

By implementing AI in your digital marketing strategy, you make your campaigns more powerful and effective. Not just that, you can deliver a more personalized brand experience and outperform your competitors.

If you don’t know the right way to leverage artificial intelligence in your marketing campaigns then fret not!

We, as a digital marketing company, can always lend you a hand.

We have helped plenty of brands and companies grow their business by implementing AI in their marketing strategy. Be it SEO, PPC or Content Marketing, we can help you with it all.

Get in touch with us to grow your business today!

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