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Digital Marketing Posted On: Oct 18, 2019

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You probably know that today, digital marketing is not a choice; it’s a necessity. Businesses of all sizes rely on digital marketing to engage consumers and ultimately obtain ROI.

But perhaps you don’t know where to begin looking. Finding the right digital marketing agency for your business needs is challenging.

ATop Digital is here to end your search; after all, we don’t call ourselves the full-stack digital marketing powerhouse for nothing. Based in Mumbai, India, and with offices in California, we offer digital marketing services as well as content writing, web design and development, and branding. And our most unique specialty? Amazon marketing!

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We’re not just any digital marketing powerhouse — we’re a vetted powerhouse.

Our company enjoys partnering with Clutch, the Inc. 500-ranked platform that connects buyers with the absolute best service providers. So far, we’ve received 2 reviews on Clutch from our loyal clients.

Our most recent review came from JAGZ Marketing, an e-commerce company that sells direct-to-consumer health products.

They approached us to improve their Amazon business — and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We run their Amazon business and execute a wide range of services, including listing optimization, keyword research, content creation, and image placement.

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We also run their Amazon PPC ad campaigns. Since we began working together, they’ve seen a 3–4-fold INCREASE in daily sales, while their cost-per-sale has DECREASED by 50%!

“I’m very impressed with their Amazon services, and they did everything they said they would. Their content writing and the images they choose are excellent, and they are open to feedback.” — CEO, JAGZ Marketing

We were thrilled that JAGZ Marketing left us 5 stars.

We also received a perfect ranking from a writing agency that hired us to design and develop a custom WordPress website with a custom tagging feature. The agency was so impressed by our work that they’ve commissioned us for other projects, such as incorporating a timer feature from their Wrike project management software into their QuickBooks Online system.

We also created a CRM system that tracks leads through their website, stores them in a backend database, and then assigns statuses and follow-ups to each lead. Another project entailed developing a software system to manage the company’s 20 on-call writers.

CRM system that tracks leads

Thanks to such amazing client feedback, Clutch ranks us as the top digital agency in Mumbai, India! We’re also deemed one of the 30 best digital marketing agencies in India on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. Both of these sites are fantastic business resources and will show you how ATop Digital Technology Consulting stays on top.

If your business needs marketing solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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