ATop Digital Bags Another 5-Star Review! (New Achievement Unlocked)

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 27, 2020


Look, I know we’ve talked about our Clutch reviews before, but we just can’t hold it in! ATop Digital has yet again bagged another 5-star review with a new project.

That’s right! It’s another big win for us in terms of client satisfaction and a testament to our expertise in terms of excellent digital marketing services.

Why a Clutch review?

Clutch reviews are important to us because they help distinguish us from the crowd as well as help customers better understand our broad range of digital marketing expertise.

Getting featured on Clutch also means we belong to a list of India’s top digital marketing agencies.

There’s also a reason why we call ourselves a full-stack powerhouse—we don’t just offer packages but an entire range of creative solutions. We focus on cultivating a multi-channel approach, including social media marketing, SEO, and PPC.


Beyond that, we’re also known for our WordPress and e-commerce development as well as our content creation and branding skills. Clutch lists top firms in various segments, ranking them by their service lines and ability to deliver.

Just take a look at our most recent project with Teilen System Walls. The office partition manufacturer initially hired us to help increase their digital sales, starting with a site revamp.

We designed a new WordPress site and drove traffic to it by developing robust SEO and PPC campaigns. That included creating ads for Google Ads in addition to Bing. Even now, we still deliver monthly reports to show just how many leads they’re getting through investing in digital marketing.

A few words from our client:


What wowed Teilen System Walls the most was our ability to maximizing their marketing operations, particularly in terms of targeting, lead tracking, and suggested optimizations. As their president said:

“…they have also gone out of their way to suggest new things that we could be doing to improve our success. I appreciate the fact that they think about ways that we can do better as a business.” — President, Teilen Systems Walls

Thanks to their support, and the support of all of our clients, we’ve been able to rank well on Clutch’s sister sites, too.

According to The Manifest, ATop Digital is one of the best social media marketing agencies in India. And not just that, we’re working on being listed with other industry experts on an emerging creative portfolio site called Visual Objects.

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our previous work, or you can also reach out to us to find out more!

We love challenges and are always on the lookout for exciting new projects to tackle. If you have anything in mind, we’d love to help you bring it to life.

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