Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Specialists For Your Small Business?

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Digital Marketing Spealists For Small Bussiness

For small to medium enterprises (SMEs), digital transformation is an impactful process especially when you’re in the initial stages of building an integrated marketing plan. Since small businesses are mostly cost sensitive they need smart marketing strategies. This is why you need digital marketing specialists who can work in close collaboration with your brand, and deploy marketing resources that are ideal for your business’s growth. 

Now here’s the most important question you should be asking. 

“What differentiates small business digital marketing specialists from other internet marketing companies? This is what you need to know.”

Digital marketing specialists that focus on SMEs offer

  • Cost effective marketing solutions for digital and mobile channels
  • Maximized ROI geared to suit small to medium enterprises
  • Strategic consistency at every stage of development
  • Committed marketing partner who support in-house marketing teams 

Small business digital marketing solutions is an effective combination of affordable pricing, brand cognizance and tech savvy specialists. If you don’t want to run into a series of bottlenecks while trying to acquire and retain customers, then forget about traditional marketing agencies. 

You need digital marketing experts who understand the value of ‘performance advertising’ across multiple digital platforms. 

Let’s break down the jargon.

Digital marketing specialists that focus on SMEs offer

How Digital Marketing Specialists Boost Small Business Revenue?

The expertise of a reliable digital marketing agency resonates with exactly what small businesses need – a blockhouse of digital technologies implemented at specific stand points in your marketing strategy without surplus expenditure. This is where it gets interesting because digital marketing specialists methodize your brand’s requirements to achieve marketing objectives. 

“But many small businesses don’t know how or when to look for digital marketing experts so it’s time to declutter.”

Struggling With Time, Money and Manpower?

It is very convenient to work with a small business digital marketing agency because you’re saving BIG on time, money and manpower. While they expand your brand presence online, you can shower your efforts into running the business. This means focusing on your list of prospects, pushing towards conversion, forming partnerships and getting more investors. 

“Another honest truth – you don’t need an unlimited budget to facilitate a digital marketing program. Currently small to medium sized businesses invest approximately 46% of their budget into digital advertising.”

So we’re looking at low cost marketing tactics for the initial foothold which is to build a great reputation through productive SEO practices. As for manpower, digital marketing specialists are the extended support your in-house marketing team receives in the long run. Most small businesses don’t have the time or money to build a digital marketing team from scratch since it is easier to find marketing experts who can work independently. So whether it’s to acquire leads, or improve your search engine ranking you’re going to need digital ninjas to get the job done.

digital marketing specialists boost small business revenue

Are You Missing Out On Foot Traffic? 

Without a clearly defined digital marketing strategy you can’t possibly stand strong especially when you’re thinking local. An industry specialist determines what factors in customer loyalty – a local comprehension to familiarize the target market with your brand. If your small business sells customized garden pots in Houston, wouldn’t it make more sense to reach out to a local community to boost awareness? The best kind of revenue is from a loyal customer base and a digital marketing specialist will capture potential customers who want to shop local or pitch in search terms like ‘nearest flower shops in Houston’. You get the drift? 

Keep reading, there’s more

Digital marketing specialists who engineer your business website implement an SEO strategy that centres on the hyperlocal. The keyword research incorporates location based search terms, linking to local directories and much more. So to improve the chances of a local business being seen on search engines, foot traffic is a basic necessity. This thought process is essential when optimizing for a small business website. 

Confused About Social Media Marketing?

“We’re sure you’ve heard enough about social media marketing but what’s going to work best for your business?”

social media marketing

Will you churn out images for Pinterest first if your company is service based? What if you’re a food business and need those Instagram followers upfront, snapping pictures right and left – let’s not forget hashtags and shares! For a small business, digital marketing experts need to be brand advocates on specific social media platforms that suit your business needs at distinct stages of a marketing funnel. 

Your business’s social media marketing strategy summarizes everything you want consumers to understand about your brand right from narration to value propositions. And who better than a digital marketing specialist to promote your story? Right from understanding performance metrics of every social media campaign to measuring social media ROI, you need clear communication happening on the right platforms. 

Let’s not forget statistics.

“Did you know that YouTube has the highest millennial reach regardless of gender? Facebook acquires 69 – 70% percent social network penetration according to a US survey in 2019.”

social network statistics

Social media has become an influential platform which predicts buying behavior and decision making. A social media expert will monitor engagement and recommend social networks for potential targeting capabilities.  

Is Your Market Research Outdated?

When your market research falls apart or is just too ancient for a reader’s liking, you’ll need experts to dig deeper. Digital marketing specialists monetize on changing trends which means finding your brand’s coherence with the right audience. You want organic reach? Understand what your target audience is looking for and why. You want more engagement? Understand the lingo of your audience and create consumer centric copies. A digital marketing specialist looking towards promoting a small business will always keep in mind one important thing – current customer demands and expectations.

digital marketing specialists

To every action, there’s a plausible motivation so it’s necessary to hire an expert who understands the relevance of market research. You will need content that achieves business objectives but first, understand the audience you’re reaching out to on a daily basis. To understand your online marketplace, a skilled digital marketing specialist will study buying personas of customers, recommend mediums for marketing communications and focus on organic traffic first versus paid traffic.  

Competition Eating Away Customers?

The best digital marketing services for small businesses focus on competitive analysis – this is kinda obvious when you’re just starting out. If business A is your next door competition, and business B is an indirect competitor – how do you tackle both? When you don’t devote enough resources to digital marketing, existing businesses will snatch away sales before you can interpret the why’s. So to stay one step ahead, internet marketing consultants will define value propositions based on distinct buying personas – in simple words adding value to your ad campaigns. 

“Now don’t get confused, digital marketing specialists will promote paid traffic but your focus should be organic traffic first. As a small business owner, we know you’re concerned about ROI; we get it and that’s why your paid advertising needs to be conversion oriented, targeted towards specific customers and within your marketing budget.”

best digital marketing services for small businesses

For e.g. a week before Thanksgiving you giveaway festive coupons for a family of two on your website, boost conversion through an email marketing campaign and ask for Thanksgiving snapshots on social media to enhance customer engagement. It’s a basic marketing strategy that compliments buyer’s sentiments and promotes brand loyalty. 

Is Your Content Directionless?

“Words can inspire. Words can sell. Words can even start a trend.”

Remember the #icebucketchallenge?

Content is king or queen (we’re not gender biased!) A reliable digital marketing agency knows that your brand will have a unique narration so every piece of content you create should have an objective. Even if you are a small to medium enterprise, your product or service can be promoted with quality content that is search engine optimized, digitally promoted and aimed towards sending a specific message. Content creation should always have an objective for e.g. website blogs to improve organic traffic and ranking on Google or landing page copies to get potential leads.

“Digital marketing activities include both content creation and copywriting – yes they’re both different yet work simultaneously. But avoid the stagnancy of duplication.” 

Your content should be niche specific, original and factual. As long as you have a digital marketing specialist to streamline the content strategy, all you need is quality driven content that is engaging and ample in supply. 

Perplexed About Changing Market Trends?

The digital marketing arena is constantly evolving and your small business is the gladiator looking to survive. If you want to be a champion among many especially in your industry, take it slow and be realistic. How much time do you really have to understand the changing market trends? The best digital marketing specialists have an arsenal of updated SEO knowledge, latest marketing tools and the analytical bend to first comprehend and then implement.

While you may only have limited time to give a run through of your business goals, your digital marketing partner will coordinate every activity and agenda with your in-house team. This is keeping in mind the current marketing trends and consumer landscape your small business falls under. You need trial runners to be on the forefront and a digital marketing specialist understands the dynamics of marketing trends. 

What about continuous improvement?

“Now that’s where the best digital marketing specialists will come in with a single-handed digital marketing solution – keep optimizing. But do you have the time to hit repeat? Are you thinking of taking the next big step with your digital marketing goals?”

If you want your small business to sustain in the digital age you need to get hold of industry experts with digital marketing expertise. While we know you can find ways to address these challenges, you also can’t waste time. The time to decide is now.

single-handed digital marketing solution

Atop Digital is the stronghold for your small business. Do you want to monetize the latest digital marketing trends? Call us, it’ll just take a minute.  

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