5 Amazing Facebook Ad Targeting Tips & Strategies To Explode Conversions

#Amazon Marketing Posted On: Feb 4, 2020

Did you know? Facebook is a GOLDMINE when it comes to audience data. With dozens of Facebook ad targeting options available, you can drive ridiculously good performance and thus more conversions for your ads.

Here’s why!

Using Facebook targeting the right way helps you reach the right people at the right time alongside significantly lowering the cost per conversion of your ads.

The result? MORE SALES!

But how can you take advantage of effective Facebook targeting and truly harness its power? That’s what we’re going to tell you in this blog!

It contains some amazing Facebook ad targeting tips and strategies which will easily skyrocket the ROI of your ads.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

Start Using Google Analytics for Targeting

Believe it or not, Google Analytics can be your strategic Facebook ad targeting tool.

You can start by mining the demographics reports on your site and gather data from there. This will let you identify the accurate age group and gender of your most highly-valuable customers.

Once you have the data, you can then start targeting that particular customer group.

Another way to use Google Analytics is for interest-based targeting. You can trim down your audience based on numerous categories based on interest such as In-Market Segment, Affinity, etc.



What’s more, you can also fiddle with the “Geographic Targeting” option to find out where your audience hangs out.

You can gain some vital geographic information about your audience through the reports and then target your ads to those audiences.

Don’t Overlook Custom AudienceTargeting

Custom Audience targeting is a powerful way to reach existing customers who have interacted with you on Facebook or on the web. In this, you can target the audience based on Customer List, Website Traffic, App Activity, and Content Engagement.

There are two main purposes marketers use Custom Audience on Facebook: Retargeting and Lookalike Audience.

With retargeting, you retarget and show ads to customers who have already visited your website, interacted with your sales pages, or showed interest in your products but who didn’t convert. However, retargeting requires Facebook Pixel to be activated, which can be created from your Ads manager.

For Lookalike Audiences, you can create a custom group of people having the same likes and interests as your existing customers and target ads to them.

A good thing about Custom Audience is that you can exclude people who are already your customers and that are least likely to convert. This can help you avoid wasted clicks.



With Custom Audience targeting you can target a whole list or just particular subsets based on your objectives like brand awareness or lead generation.

Start Mining Data on Audience Insights


Audience Insights is a fantastic tool if you want to understand your target demographic in detail. You can get much deeper insights of people who’ve liked your page or other people who have the potential to be your customers.

Audience Insights gives you a birds-eye view of major details about your audience like relationship status, life events, ethnicity, gender, age, educational level, etc.

For example, if your business is into selling products related to fitness or bodybuilding, you can filter your audience search according to demographics, page likes, location, and activity.

So based on your findings, your highly relevant audience could be single men and women from the age of 25-34 with a university education or with job titles belonging to the military or protective services.

The more you dig in your demographics data, the more you’ll raise your chances of driving conversions for your ads.

Get Super Specific With Layered Targeting

Layered Targeting is a phenomenal feature that sets Facebook ads apart from the rest.

With this, you can layer one targeting option on top of another to create a niche audience category narrower than your other generic groups.

For example, if you are a business that sells home decor items to women from the age 18-45 living in the US but more specifically wants to promote a niche product themed around “Love”, you can use layered targeting as follows:

You can initially target your audience based on interests. Then, you can use level 1 targeting to target those who are not only interested in home decor but who are also aware of Amazon or who have a behavior of online shopping.


Then, using level 2 targeting, target those who are not only avid shoppers but also are newlywed, who have a life event coming up (for ex. birthdays), or who have just begun a new relationship.

In this way, you can get super specific, talk directly to your target audience and offer a solution that’s highly relevant to them.

You can take this a step further by targeting your ads to a specific high-converting landing page for more conversions.

Categorize By Device or Event Targeting

Another way you can leverage your targeting on Facebook is by segmenting your ads by different categories like device type, browsers, or simply life events.

This a great way to optimize your targeting for better reach.

If you are a tech blogger who blogs about Android or tech devices running on the Android platform you can target those who use Facebook through Android apps compared to those using iOS or other platforms.

This will let you show ads to a much relevant audience that’s more likely to be interested in your services than say, other generic users.

Similarly, if you are a business that belongs to a niche, you can use Facebook’s event targeting to show ads to those experiencing a major life event.



For example, wedding photographers might target couples who got recently engaged. Similarly, movers & packers can target people who have brought a new house or apartment.

Likewise, jewelry designers specializing in jewelry for toddlers or kids can target newborn parents or couples celebrating their anniversary.

Facebook makes targeting life events easier as people tend to post them on their timelines.

Final Thoughts

All in all, successful Facebook ad targeting is an art of its own.

Mastering it can not only help you get to your most potential customers but also lower your CPM or CPC and drive more sales.

Now that you know some really amazing Facebook ad targeting tips and strategies, make sure you use each of them for different audiences and advertising goals.

Get specific about your audience, create in-depth personas, and leverage these tips and tricks for conversion success.

If you’re not sure how we can always give you a hand.

We are a digital marketing agency that has helped businesses thrive on social media platforms like Facebook and can help you drive successful conversions for your business.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out!

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