6 Ways to Leverage Facebook Advertising for More Followers, Growth & Sales

Social Media Posted On: Dec 18, 2019


Has someone ever come up to you and said, “Facebook as a marketing tool is just another bad idea for your business”?

Let us tell you something MINDBLOWING!

According to the latest stats, more than 2.32 BILLION people used Facebook DAILY back in 2018 and about 93% OF COMPANIES use b2c and b2b Facebook advertising to market their products and services.

Surprised? Here’s what we, as a Facebook marketing agency, think:

While Facebook is used by millions around the globe for staying connected with friends, it’s certainly the best platform you can use for your business.

By honing your Facebook advertising objectives and leveraging Facebook ads for marketing, you can easily discover a huge array of audiences, keep your spends low, and generate more ROI for your business.

Here are a few Facebook advertising tips and strategies to help you do that. Make sure you try them out for some awesome results!

Start Creating Facebook AR Ads

As you might be aware of how Augmented Reality is taking the internet by storm, it’s no surprise that AR is making its way into advertising as well.

Facebook AR ads is Facebook’s creative marketing solution that uses AR to make more engaging connections with your audience.

Once in the news feed, these ads can grab visitors’ attention, let them interact with your brand’s AR camera effects, and get a first-hand experience of your product, all within the ad. This makes AR ads perfect for b2b marketing on Facebook.

For example, if you are a game developer or a cosmetic company you can create AR filters to mimic your products through real-time simulation and give your visitors an interactive experience.



Visitors also have the option to visit the store to make a purchase after trying out the product in the ad through a call-to-action.

AR ads give you the opportunity to engage, impact, and advertise your products much more creatively and drive revenue.

Get Creative With Facebook’s Video Creation Kit

Want to drive more engagement on Facebook with videos but don’t have a robust editing software? Facebook’s Video Creation Kit takes care of that for you.

The Video Creation Kit is a creative tool by Facebook that lets you turn your photos into creative mobile-optimized video ads.



With this handy tool, you can take your existing images, add overlays, logo on top of them and create quick videos for your Facebook ads.

The best part? You don’t necessarily have to be a professional Facebook marketing specialist to create them.

With simple ready-to-use templates and plenty of features, you can start creating video ads in a jiffy. The Video Creation Tool’s latest update now lets you automatically create multiple versions of your video in different aspect ratios.

You can also gain access to new templates, fonts, seasonal stickers, and more features to take your video marketing to the next level.

Captivate Using Instant Experience Ads

Another type of ad you should definitely us is Instant Experience.

Formerly known as Canvas, Instant Experience is an advertising solution by Facebook that lets you immediately grab your visitor’s attention with immersive content and drive up the engagement rate.



These ads have a quick load time, are completely mobile-optimized and, once clicked, offer a full-screen view with captivating media-rich content.

You have the option to add anything from photos and videos to carousels, form fill-outs, etc.

By using these ads in your Facebook content marketing strategy, you can drive more engagement and tell your brand story in a very creative way.

Make Marketing Personal With Messenger Ads

With advertising becoming more one-to-one and personal, more businesses are refining their strategy to deliver a more customer-friendly experience.

To make that simpler, Facebook has a special set of ads called Messenger ads. These ads come with a special call-to-action that helps initiate a text conversation within Facebook Messenger.



So instead of your ad looking like a typical advertisement with call-outs like “Shop Now”, or “Buy Now”, your visitors see a “Send Message” or “Learn More” button that helps them make the move.

These ads are available in three variations namely Destination ads, Sponsored Messages, and Home Section ads.

They are great if you want to strategically engage and nurture each and every customer as well as turn them into advocates of your brand.

Take Advantage of Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

Here’s the thing.

Facebook has billions of active users and targeting the right set of audiences from scratch and turning them into customers can be an overwhelming task.

Luckily, Facebook has a solution for that.

With Value-Based Lookalike Audiences, you can find a new set of target audience with similar characteristics of your best customers.



This means the tool can help you discover people that are more likely to become your ideal customers than generic audiences.

All you have to do is tell Facebook what you’re looking for in your new audience. This is done by inputting the source audience data like customer information, app activity, engagement, website visitors, etc.

Once received, Facebook will analyze it and create a new Value-based Lookalike Audience with traits similar to your existing customers.

Thus, Value-Based Lookalike Audiences can help you generate high-converting leads and also optimize your ad spend.

Retarget with Facebook Dynamic Ads

One ad type you should definitely make use of is Facebook’s Dynamic Ads.

Facebook Dynamic Ads are primarily used for promoting products to relevant customers, those that are most likely to be interested in them.

This makes Dynamic Ads ideal for retargeting purposes where a customer has shown interest in the product but didn’t purchase it.

Once targeted, they can appear on your customers’ Facebook feed and remind them to complete their action which can result in a boost of sales.

Make sure you use these ads to spark interest in your customers and drive up revenue of your products.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to leverage Facebook advertising for your business, it’s time to start planning and experimenting for success.

By using the right set of ads and targeting strategy mentioned above you can achieve much higher growth on Facebook in terms of followers and sales.

Don’t know where to start? We can help!

We are a digital marketing agency with experience in driving more sales and followers on Facebook and other top social media platforms.

With an ideal social media strategy, we can help you deliver more growth on social media and take your business ahead of the competition.

Get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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