Landing pages are one of the foundations behind every lead you generate. They’re precise, to the point, and get the job done most of the time. But, as many of us know they serve a single purpose. You search for something, you land on a page, and sign up if you find the offer compelling or leave if you don’t.


But, what if you could engage your visitors by not making them leave your landing page?

What if you had the power to customize your landing pages? Make them more personal for each of your visitors?

What if you could retarget them with different messages using landing pages?

Here’s the good news: That’s possible with dynamic landing pages.


Dynamic Landing Pages are pages that change its content and display different messages to different visitors based on specific scenarios and user behavior. These depend on numerous parameters such as interests, location, and even keywords.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Instead of just creating a single landing page for your campaign, you can create one dynamic landing page and totally customize its content to cater to every specific visitor.


You can use dynamic landing pages for your PPC campaigns. That’s because they’re much preferred for PPC than organic search.

If you’re looking for something great for your SEO strategy, we recommend implementing SEO techniques centered around latest trends like voice search. That’d definitely prove more effective.


Due to its dynamic and script-based nature, search engines usually don’t index the script of dynamic landing pages.

Now does that make dynamic landing pages unworthy in any way? Absolutely not.

They truly shine in PPC campaigns.

Using dynamic landing pages and PPC together makes a killer combination. They’re a more ideal choice if you’re looking to skyrocket conversions faster. With them you also get to experiment with different ad groups and keywords.


Let’s say you want to show your visitors a relevant landing page based on what they’ve searched.

How will you determine what page copy will meet your visitors’ expectations once they land?

You have two choices:

  • Choice 1: You can create different landing pages for different ad groups.

Not only will this take most of your time and make your job tedious but also difficult to manage, as there is a possibility you could have more than a few ad groups.

  • Choice 2: You can create a single landing page and change the text or copy specific to each ad group or keyword (A much better way!)

This would not only make your job easier but also help you measure your campaigns more effectively.

For example,

Say you want to target the keywords ”Double Breasted Trench Coats for Men”, “Double Breasted Trench Coats for Women”, and “Double Breasted Trench Coat Offers” for a couple of ad groups.

Instead of having three separate landing pages for each of these keywords, you can create a single dynamic landing page and change its dynamic text with these keywords.

So let’s assume you’ve finished creating the dynamic landing page. When a visitor will land on the page, its headline or body copy will automatically change based on the keywords the visitor used to come on that page.

If a visitor searched the phrase “Double Breasted Trench Coats for Men” to come on the page, the headline might change to “Look for the Best Double Breasted Trench Coats for Men.”

On the other hand, if a visitor landed by searching for “Double Breasted Trench Coats for Women” then the headline might again change to “Look for the Best Double Breasted Trench Coats for Women.”

Smart? You bet.

To better understand how dynamic landing pages work, assume it’s Women’s Day and you’re searching for facial kits online.

After typing the keywords “best facial kits for men”, you may land on a website that shows the message “Get 30% Off on The Best Facial Kits for Men.”


Let’s try searching using different keywords.

After typing the keywords “best facial kits for women”, you may again land on that same website showing a different message “Women’s Day Offer: Avail 70% Off on The Best Facial Kits for Women.”

How did that happen?

With dynamic landing pages you can customize the text you want to display by assigning specific URL parameters.

After doing so the page will dynamically change the text depending on those parameters.

All you have to do is set those URL parameters in the destination URL of your PPC campaigns and you’re set.

Now each time your visitors will land on your page, they’ll see different messages for different keywords.

You can thus have a single dynamic landing page and make it’s headline or body copy change depending on the search term entered by your visitor.

In this way, having dynamic landing pages for PPC campaigns can help you convert much faster than static landing pages.


Now that you know what these personalized landing pages are capable of, you may want to know where can they benefit you.

You can use dynamic landing pages to:


Quality Score is a rating provided by Google that determines the quality and relevancy of your PPC campaigns.

Landing pages affect your Quality Score in a good or bad way. It’s hence necessary to have high-quality personalized landing pages for your campaigns for maximum advantage.

Dynamic landing pages significantly help you boost your Quality Score thanks to the personalization features they offer.


Having a single landing page for a single product might get the job done for you but what if you sell similar products and services?

In that case, dynamic landing pages can help you bring overall traffic to a single page and by dynamic text replacement show specific service or product offers.


This is one of the best reasons why you need dynamic landing pages for your campaign. Other than using them to change elements based on keywords or location, you can also use them to A/B test discounts, and promotional offers.


Let’s say you’re running a campaign to promote an offer of 50% Off on Shoes.

Instead of that, you can test different offers to find out how frequently people convert. Do people convert with 49% Off? Or are they likely to convert with 55% Off?

You can understand your customers’ buying behavior just by testing different offers and realize how people respond differently with various offers.


If your business is situated in different cities or areas, you can use automatic text replacement in your dynamic landing pages to optimize for different locations.

If your business is providing services or selling products in countries like US, UK, or Canada for example, you can use location-specific keywords for each country and optimize them using the same landing page.


As you might’ve guessed by now, dynamic landing pages can add tremendous value to your business and spike up your conversions without the extra legwork.

They improve your quality score, they’re easier to use, plus they’re customizable.

If you’re not yet using dynamic landing pages, better late than never. Build yourself a stunning dynamic landing page today.

If you need a hand, we’re always there to help.

We have an entire team of dedicated professionals that’ll help you build dynamic landing pages for your business. Have a look at our PPC Packages and let us know how we can help.