Here’s Why Your Social Media Presence Matters (It’s Not What You Think)

Digital Marketing Posted On: Dec 12, 2018

why social media matters

Ever thought why you get those promoted videos when scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed? Almost every company out there is taking advantage of social media. Why? They have realized one simple thing: If a business has no social media presence, it has no identity. Companies often team up with a digital marketing agency to help them build their brand, get more personal with customers and drive sales.

This hasn’t become a trend but a necessity for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a garage, a personal blog or an e-commerce store, being on social media is being a step ahead of the competition.

Social media helps you:

  • Maintain Your Brand’s Online Reputation.
  • Establish A Personal Connection With Your Customers.
  • Target The Right People At The Right Time.
  • Get Cost-Effective Returns For Your Marketing

These are some of the numerous advantages that are crucial for your business.

With the power of the smartphone and internet in people’s hands, customers have grown accustomed to the digital life and use social media daily. Think thousands of users on a single platform looking for a product or service. With a great social media strategy, you have a much better chance of turning them into customers.

But that’s not the only reason to have your brand’s presence on social media.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow brands to target a certain demographic. So if you are an apparel company making clothes for women and want to sell your products to women aged 20-35 living in South Boston, Massachusetts, USA, you can target the exact demographic on Facebook and make great sales.

statista research

Did you know? According to market research company Statista, the number of social media users in 2019 will reach a staggering 2.77 billion. Thanks to the boom of video content, users are streaming more of YouTube videos than TV. Also, according to Alexa’s Top Sites in terms of traffic, YouTube is second after Google in terms of traffic, followed by Facebook at third.

This has made companies consider social media for their marketing strategies.

Brands and companies are using Facebook video ads to tell their brand story. Live video is becoming the next big thing.

Thanks to machine learning and AI, retail and e-commerce brands are using chatbots to respond to customer queries on Facebook pages.

What’s more? People are using their social media accounts to shop for products. With Instagram’s shopping feature, customers can directly shop for products using their Instagram accounts. So if you  own a retail business, having an Instagram account for your brand is a no brainer.

New features and changes in social networking sites and apps are revolutionizing the way brands do business. That’s why sky’s the limit to which you can leverage your brand on social media.

While a digital marketing agency can help brands build relationships, brand authority, and awareness amongst its customers, it is important to choose the right digital marketing agency in the first place.

And that’s where we come in!

Our team of social media strategists and writers can help you build a great social media presence for your business. With our customized social media marketing packages we offer everything to meet your needs at a cost-effective budget.

A small or big company? We’ve got you covered. We recommend going through our social media pricing plans to find out what suits you better and get your social media page up and running.

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