How Starting a Merch By Amazon Business Can Make You Filthy Rich!

Amazon Marketing Posted On: Sep 13, 2019

how starting a merch by amazon business can make you filthy rich

What if we told you that you can literally make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS just by selling t-shirt designs?

Would you believe us? Probably not.

But here’s proof:

According to an article by, Neil of Merchinformer claims he had made over $150,000 back in 2016 just by selling t-shirt designs.

What made it possible? It was nothing but Amazon’s own platform called ‘Merch by Amazon.’

Since its launch back in 2015, Merch by Amazon today has become the new talk of the town for designers looking to make money online.

It’s Amazon’s own platform that lets designers leverage their skills to create and sell t-shirt designs to different customers.

Whether you’re a designer or an entrepreneur looking to start an online business by selling t-shirt designs, Amazon Merch can be a great place to start.

But before you get all excited, let’s first understand the whole thing to get a better idea of this platform’s true potential.

What is Merch by Amazon?

merch by amazon


To put it simply, Merch by Amazon is a dedicated platform for designers and entrepreneurs that lets them sell unique t-shirt designs to millions of Amazon customers and earn royalties on sales without any prior costs.

In short, if you have some old artworks lying somewhere on your computer then you can sign up here, sell them to people, and earn some real cash!

How Does Merch by Amazon Work?

The working process of Merch by Amazon is pretty straightforward.

You first start off by filling a registration form and wait till Amazon approves your request. Merch by Amazon follows an invite-only system and takes a few weeks to approve.

Upon approval, Amazon then requests some basic information about you after which you are pretty much good to go.

Once you’re on board you are given the Merch dashboard that contains all the necessary tools to upload your designs, market your listings, and even track sales.

The platform follows a tier system where you are upgraded to different Merch by Amazon tiers for each quality designs you sell.

You have to upload your artwork as per Amazon’s design specifications, pick a product type and color, and then set a price for your designs.

After strategically deciding a price you create a listing that Amazon then shows to your customers.

When interested people find your listing and buy your t-shirt, Amazon prints it and ships them for you.

Great! Now that you know how the whole thing works, let’s find out the potential benefits of the platform.

The Advantages of Starting a Merchby Amazon Business

There are plenty of sweet benefits of selling your designs on Amazon through the Merch platform. Here are some:

the advantages of starting a merch by amazon business

It Comes With FBA Support

The most obvious reason to go with the Merch platform is that it supports Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA.

This means Amazon will handle everything for you from the printing of your t-shirts to the delivery and customer service.

You don’t have to worry about owning an inventory, or packing and shipping the products yourself as Amazon takes care of it for you.

The only thing you have to take care of is creating awesome designs your customers will love and creating a listing that will help you stand out from the crowd. For that, we’d suggest partnering with an Amazon marketing agency for better results.

it comes with FBA support

You Get Reach to a Massive Audience

When compared to other selling platforms, Amazon offers a more direct reach to millions of potential customers ready to shell out for your designs.

This means you stand a much better chance of selling more designs on Amazon than on other freelancing platforms or selling websites.

you get reach to a massive audience

You Get Charged Per Sale

This is another reason why you should start a Merch by Amazon business, you don’t have to worry about any additional costs.

Amazon only charges you for every sale you make on your designs. It takes a cut and pays you the remaining net amount without any additional fees.

For example, if a T-shirt is sold for $18, the expected earnings for your designs could be anywhere around $5-6.

you get charged per sale

Availability of All The Tools You Need

As an Amazon Merch seller, you get your own dashboard in-built with useful analytics tools to help you track your sales.

You can use them to get useful insights on your artworks, track metrics to optimize performance, and monitor sales figures all from one place.

availability of all the tools you need

Great for Business Branding

Imagine this:

Your company is doing a branding campaign on YouTube and the goal is to attract more people, make them aware of your brand, and turn them into subscribers.

You can design creative t-shirts for your audience and sell them as exclusive merchandise.

Not only would it strengthen your brand image among your subscribers but it will also make others aware of your brand through your creative designs and brand logo.

Creative t-shirt designs can also help your followers carry the face of your brand wherever they go. What’s more, your t-shirts could become great conversation starters in the general public.

Final Thoughts

Thought Amazon was only a platform for buyers? Think again.

With Merch by Amazon, you can literally sell your designs to a gazillion of potential customers and make some INSANE amount of money while you sleep.

Whether you’re a designer looking to earn some extra bucks or an entrepreneur planning to start a full-time business, Merch by Amazon can, either way, bring plenty of benefits to the table.

Though keep in mind that alongside creating some stellar designs, optimizing your listing page with the right keywords is also crucial.

Without that, your listing might suffer in rankings and not bring good sales. This is why having an Amazon marketing agency do it for you is always a good idea.

An agency can optimize your listing with the right keywords, content, and media to ensure that it performs to the fullest.

And you don’t even have to look for one.

We are an Amazon marketing agency ourselves that can help you boost the performance of your listing and leverage some sales.

Have something in mind? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

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  1. Thank you for such valuable insight. I am a graphic designer and planning to start selling my merch online. Do Amazon Merch boosts sales on Prime Day as well?

    1. Hi Alex, Although it’s not explicitly mentioned that Amazon Merch will boost your sales on Prime Day, the FBA support that comes with it will definitely help your product rank faster and appear more often to the customers.

      If you want to learn how to boost your product sales on Prime Day, we highly recommend reading this blog on the Amazon Prime Day strategy.

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