5 Awesome Ways to Get Genuine Amazon Reviews in 2020 (Secrets Revealed)

Amazon Marketing Posted On: Mar 20, 2020


Struggling to get five-star reviews for your Amazon product? Want to learn the secrets on how to get reviews on Amazon that blast up your sales?

Guess what, it’s not that difficult as it seems.

As an Amazon seller, reviews are immensely important if you want your product to be in the search results spotlight.

Most important of all, they’re crucial if you want to build trust and loyalty about your brand and its products so that more people spread the word about your brand far and wide.

Not at all a good idea, if you ask us.

That’s why you should be aware of some genuine ways to get Amazon reviews that positively impact your brand and seller account health.

Here are some way on how to get Amazon reviews

Most sellers often take to blackhat review generation techniques for their products. This leads to the suspension of their Amazon seller account as they’re against Amazon’s terms and conditions.

Use Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program



This is the most easiest way for beginner sellers to gain Amazon reviews.

Amazon’s own Early Reviewer Program allows customers to basically write reviews for products enrolled in it. So in return, Amazon provides these customers credits between $1-3. Once the review is posted, the product containing the review is marked with an orange ‘Early Reviewer Rewards’ badge.

The Early Reviewer program requires sellers to pay $60 for products having less than five reviews. It also requires that the selling price should be more than $15 with acceptance of reviews under 5-stars.

Also, in order to take advantage of this program, your brand needs to be registered.

As a seller, this can help you gain legit reviews fast from customers especially if you have new products lined up to be sold. It can significantly increase your chances of driving sales for your products.

Connect With Customers that Gave a PositiveSeller Feedback



Most of the time customers aren’t sure about different terminologies used on Amazon.

They tend to mix up terms such as ‘Seller Feedback’ and ‘Product Reviews’ and consider Seller Feedback to be Product Reviews themselves which ends up in the seller losing valuable reviews.

While that may be a silly reason to lose reviews, here’s how you can prevent it.

All you have to do is review your Seller Feedback section and reach out to those customers who have left a Positive Seller Feedback rating to request a review.

Since only a small fraction of customers leave feedback ratings, those who had have a high possibility of leaving a product review as well.

Leverage Messenger Chatbots for Driving Reviews

Using a messenger chatbot is a smart way of leveraging positive reviews for your products.

The trick is to build a chatbot sequence funnel and have customers opt-in into a chatbot messenger app.

Getting a customer to opt-in is fairly simple since the customer has to just send a message. Once they do they immediately become your subscribers and you get to message them.

An easier way to do that is through Facebook Click-to-Messenger (JSON) Ads:



Instead of having traffic directed to a listing or a landing page, use Messenger ads with a discount coupon as a CTA to bring them in your messenger flow and into your list.

Once you have the customers in your messaging list, you can ask them to post a review.

Make Use of Discounts and Promotions toSpread Awareness of Products



Everybody loves discounts and more discounts generally bring healthy sales.

This also increases the likelihood of getting more reviews for your Amazon products since more people get to buy them.

All you have to do is use a good promotional strategy with feasible discounted rates for your products. You can use landing pages as a part of your strategy to drive maximum sales from your promotional discounts.

Just make sure you provide amazing quality products with splendid customer support and don’t forget to keep your listings optimized.

Implement a Solid Email Marketing Strategy


Email marketing is an old-school, yet effective, way of driving Amazon reviews for your products.

One way is to launch your new Amazon products straight to an Off-Amazon email list. When launching new products redirect customers to your product listing page instead of sending them to your website.

This will not only help you drive your sales velocity but also bring positive reviews.

You can even set-up a follow-up email sequence for customers once they have purchased your product.

Sending personalized emails in this way can make review generation more effective and much easier.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that Amazon reviews play a huge role in steering up your product sales. By using the right tactics, you can generate quality reviews without sounding too pushy and gain an edge ahead of your competitors.

Now that you know some of the genuine ways to drive reviews on Amazon, make sure you use them for your product lineup.

If you’re not sure of the right white-hat review generation tactics, you can always take help of experts like us that know their way around Amazon reviews.

We are a reputed Amazon marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses drive positive reviews and sales for their products and can do it for you too.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

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