Get verified on Instagram right now – Do it the smart way!

Social Media Posted On: Dec 31, 2020


If you are smart, then Instagram is smarter, at least when it comes to getting you verified.

But don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Yes, there’s a whole lot of noise when it comes to getting verified. That lovely blue tick that appears next to your Insta account name does change things for good.

For some it’s an identity, for others, it’s a symbol of authenticity.

For most of us who just simply love to get verified, it’s just about that warm feeling that we get from seeing that blue tick on our page.

Who doesn’t? It’s just so freaking awesome!!!!

Well, even if we were not celebrities or big brands or superstars as such we could have a name to ourselves, couldn’t we? Especially when it comes to Instagram,  we genuinely want to have something that says we have our own identity and trademarks.

That’s why we thought we’d break it up to you,  how relatively easy it is to get you verified.  But first, let’s understand some basic principles.

So stay tight and keep reading if you want to get verified.

What exactly does this blue tick mean?


To understand how you can get verified on Instagram you need to first know what exactly this blue tick actually means.

In the thick of it, most of us occasionally forget what the blue tick actually means.  Yes, it’s that fancy old sign that we see on the pages of famous celebrities and other big brands like Nike and Airbnb.

But is that it?

Is the blue tick only an indicator of how popular that particular person or brand is? Well, that’s one part of it but that’s actually not why Instagram introduced the blue tick into its algorithm.

Yes, most of us know the real meaning behind the blue tick.  In simple words, it is a way of saying that the particular person owning the blue tick is authentic.

That’s the catch, you just need to be authentic!

When we say authentic, it means building a unique stand out presence on your Instagram page.

Before we get into the specifics on how to get verified on Instagram,  always remember, Instagram will verify you if you are authentic and a real person with a unique identity.

What about having followers for a criteria?

Well, for all good reasons this is the oldest belief in the book.  We should either be a Kim Kardashian or a Cristiano Ronaldo to get that blue tick and that’s what your smart Instagram friend would tell you.

But the truth is we know people who have got the verified sign with just 400 followers.  There are so many YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, and all kinds of people who’ve got that verification sign with just a limited amount of following.  It does not depend on the number of followers you have.

Then what does it depend on?

It depends on the kind of engagement that you are getting from your posts, the value that you’re providing to your followers, and the noise that is being generated when people talk about you in their posts or stories.

Yes, this is as simple as it is.  So now you know how to get verified on Instagram,  right?  At least you have the confidence to go and apply for it.

To summarise it for you,  just keep a note of these bullet points.

  • Authentic:  Being a real person, a brand, or a business
  • Unique:  Having a unique presence on Instagram and other networking websites.
  • One and only one: You can have only one Instagram account of yours verified.
  • Public: Your Instagram account should be public.  Private Instagram accounts cannot be verified.

Have a full proof bio

One of the first things that any user or follower would be curious about is your Bio. Most of the impression is conveyed through how your Bio looks.

That’s exactly what Instagram’s highly qualified verification team is also interested in before they verify any account.  So make sure that your Bio is completely optimized and leveraged to a level where they don’t have to go through your posts to verify you.

Of course, the mandatory requirements are:

  • A brief description of yourself or your brand
  •  A profile picture
  •  Set of quality posts

That being said, never stick to the minimum requirements. Leverage your Bio to the full extent, or in other words make it full proof.

Request for verification if you feel confident

If you feel that your brand or a unique presence can really make it through and does have an authentic value to it,  do go forward and request for verification from Instagram.

All you need to do is,  go to the settings option that appears when you click on the hamburger icon towards the right of your profile.

So it’s…

Settings > Account > Request Verification.

Now Instagram requests you to enter your full name.

Any niche name that you or your brand has got.

The category under which you or your business belongs.

A relevant photo of your government-issued ID.

That’s it.

This information is then received by Instagram’s verification team. They then go through your Instagram account and all the details that you’ve entered. If they find that your account is authentic then you will receive a notification in your response tab within a week or so.

You will receive a direct response that says a yes or no.  It’s as simple as it is. Instagram does not give any explanation for why you are verified or why you are not.

So, only apply for verification if you are confident about The authenticity of your brand. You always have the added option of applying for verification even though you were rejected the first time.

But that’s for another day. Now let’s look into some pro tips to get you verified faster than ever before.

Pro tips to get you verified

Before you apply for verification make sure you read these tips and then proceed. These tips work for real and have been studied and in all manner attend to Instagram’s algorithm. They will get you every inch closer to getting you verified on Instagram.

Become the victim of impersonation!

Well don’t be scared, this is no trick. We are not going to tell you any trick that will ruin your chances of getting verified. This is just a no brainer that Instagram’s algorithm follows.

When you’re thinking of how to get verified on Instagram, the first thing that you’ll try doing is build a steady account. You might even have spent some time raising quality followers.

Then you apply for the verification.  In most cases, Instagram does not verify you, that’s unless you have a surreal, impressive, and unique brand presence.

Yes, and why doesn’t Instagram verify?  It’s not because you didn’t make the cut.  It’s because they failed to prioritize yours.

“They fail to prioritize your account because they feel that your account is doing good but didn’t need any sort of protection.”

You heard that right.

Verification = protection.  

It’s a sign that comes along the tag saying that people impersonating you, your voice, and your brand are differentiated from the real you.

A verified badge also means that users can now rely on your account as you’re been


by Instagram.

So if you don’t have impostors and impersonators who mimic you and everything that you do,  it means that you’re good to go and verification is not of prime importance.

That’s why it’s really important you get some noise about you on your followers and other pages too.

This way you can guarantee that your Instagram account becomes verified.

Sounds good?

Yes, and you’ll see how good it is when it works.

Moving on…

Build a strong social base outside Instagram


You’re telling me that this ain’t all about Instagram. There’s something beyond it that can get you verified.

Yes, and this is the beauty of Instagram’s algorithm.  It is so beautifully designed that you can get verified if you play it smart.  It’s because Instagram loves verifying it’s wonderful users.

All you have to do is build your brand with your unique personality on other social media platforms and networks.  For instance, if you are a singer then you can have a YouTube channel that has a substantial amount of engagement.

It doesn’t matter what you do.

What matters is how you do it and the kind of engagement you’re creating in all the other platforms. This makes Instagram realize that you are a big bet on other platforms, which automatically prompts them to verify you so that their users experience it too.

Some Instagram experts also put it this way.

If you have an authentic fan following only on your Instagram page and people recognize you without a doubt, then they wouldn’t need a blue tick or a verification to know that it’s you or your brand. 

So, Instagram does not prioritize you again.

That’s why it’s super dope important to build a steady audience in all the other similar social media platforms that are available. This way you’re

Just One Step Closer

to getting verified by Instagram.

Mission accomplished!

Yes, you are all set and done.

When you have realized everything that’s been said in this blog and put it into action,  you will see that you get verified by Instagram sooner than later.

Stay true to yourself and Instagram will verify you!

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