Online law firm marketing will get you potential clients – It’s a 100% win-win situation!

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 13, 2021

The cases are rising but Covid-19 won’t stop the judicious lawyer from getting those potential clients. When we say getting potential clients, we mean it for real.
( We lawyers just love playing with cases!!!…, oh but spare the Covid cases right now, lol )

Well, you might possibly think that lawyers and law firms don’t stand a chance for getting potential clients, ever since the herculean doors of coronavirus forbid lawyers from the privileged act of physical consultations. 

Heck no! –  and that’s the only way a lawyer can get his potential clients, right, by verbally engaging with the client and winning their trust? At least that’s what we’ve been doing as professional lawyers for the last, say what, a billion years…

But this is where Charles Darwin’s quote comes into play,
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.”

Yes, and change is what we are witnessing right now. Without the advantage of a physical consultation, we need to open the doors to a new kind of consultation.

Law firm marketing has added a new dimension to its agenda. And very successful and competent lawyers who are giving it their all, are proving it’s turning out for the good.

So what is it these successful lawyers are doing that gets them their potential clients? Don’t be startled, it’s just something we all know, but we don’t use doubting that it will ever give us profitable results.

It’s undoubtedly what we’ve all come to know as 
“Online marketing for law firms.”

Before you get enticed about the results you can get from law firm digital marketing, let’s take a look at the statistics. Less words, but more results convey the truth for real.

The conveying results – statistics! Ever since law firms have been incorporating law firm internet marketing or law firm digital marketing into their marketing agenda, they’ve been witnessing tremendous results. The results could be in the form of getting potential clients, increasing their reputation online, and thus becoming the stalwart of people who are looking for someone to defend their case. Somebody to fight for them and somebody to bring justice.

Let’s take a look at some of the conveying results.

  • 70% of law firms have landed potential clients via their website and other social mediums. Most of those law firms that landed potential clients through their websites were small firms consisting of about 2-9 attorneys.
  • Law firms that used video marketing in their law firm digital marketing agenda reported an exponential increase in site traffic.
  • Law firms that took to social media channels such as Facebook,  Instagram, or Twitter in this pandemic time landed potential clients, through virtual consultations.
  • Advertising means such as podcasts, blogs, and other types of posts have been used by law firms to win potential clients by a margin of 200% in this week period.
  • Law firms that portrayed a great client-centric website with customer reviews and satisfaction ratings gave way to new clients.
  • Law firm internet marketing that focused on using specific CTA’s on their website that was user-friendly to potential clients made it used during this pandemic. 

    If there’s anything the year 2021 reinstigates, it’s online marketing.

For us lawyers, it’s online marketing for law firms. By creating a sound-proof strategy for our marketing of legal services, we can win potential clients who will love to have your clients defend their case. 

But before you take your law firm marketing online and focus on the essential elements that will boost your law firm digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the basic elements that will get you started and attract potential clients. 

Aren’t you excited? Let’s jump on!

Why should you invest in law firm digitalmarketing?

As a judicious and competent lawyer, and from all your experience of legal practice, you know that it is very important to ask yourself twice before you invest in something. 

Yes, you should be double sure of what you are doing and make sure that the direction you’re going in will give you 100% results. Well, at least a certain cut-off should be achieved.

The reason why online marketing for long firms is the way ahead is that 
“People are now online like never before….”

If you know that people are now online, it definitely means that your potential clients are also online. Well, the fact is that “96% of people who are seeking legal advice start online, out of which 86% of the people at least consult with three law firms before making the final decision.

Now, does that tell you why law firm internet marketing is so important to get potential clients? Unlike any other fancy ideas that your crazy marketer or a friend would tell you, online marketing of law firms will guarantee you instant and effective results.

Yes, people are all over looking for judicious attorneys online without having to physically consult them during these restricted times. That being said, there is also a growth outlook among people who are looking out for lawyers to fight their cases.

Let’s take a look at that growing outlook of your potential client’s mindset.

Trust and impression

The harder you judge these two qualities you will understand that they are making the cut-off for people ‘choosing a client’ Vs ‘not choosing a client’. Yes, the growing sense of the trust factor has arisen from the participation and competency of businesses, brands, and other services online. With customers getting to analyze, 

envision, and choose from multiple programs online, they only go for those programs or services that generate trust in them.

That’s why digital marketing for lawyers is so important. It helps you nail the ‘trust factor’ and attract potential clients through the inviting realms of your phenomenal and breathtaking website. It helps you create an impression that lasts on the mind of a potential client and forces them to contact you for a virtual consultation. 

Think about it? With all the technological updates and web design services available, you can literally attract every worth of your potential client by linking into their subconscious mind. You can genuinely use all the dynamo of law firm internet marketing to create a revolution and make a name for yourself in the big world.

Integrating digital marketing techniques into your plan of action!

Now that you know that online marketing for law firms is the way ahead, how do you integrate this into your lawyer online marketing? Yes, is it only about building a sound website? Can you just attract potential clients by having a strong social media presence? Do you have to seek the help of a law firm marketing agency to curate a marketing plan for you?

The answer is that there is a specific nature to which each individual law firm works. Understanding the personality of your law firm will go a long way ahead into making a great name in the digital world and attracting potential clients. 

What we mean by law firm personality is that there are key points that will distinguish you from your competitors and help you rank in Google’s SERPs and attract potential clients. Yes, understanding the specific nature and personality of your law firm will help you optimize your marketing of legal services.

That takes us to the most important section of this blog…

Next World branding ideas

Giving a unique tone and identity to your law firm website is a core component of law firm digital marketing. When a potential client visits your website they must be deceived by the visual outlook of your website. 

Yes. The more customer-centric your website is, the more chances for a virtual consultation. In fact, stats say that 94% of the impression factor is created by the visual appeal and design of your website. This is where you might require the help of a digital marketing agency to create a standout website that will speak to your client.

Expert digital marketing agencies that understand the principles of branding and law firm internet marketing will help you understand the voice and tonality of your law firm and help you build a sensational online presence. 

Take a look at West Coast Trial Lawyers firm’s homepage. Anybody from Los Angeles looking for an expert personal injury attorney, won’t have to look for the given the visual appeal of their page. 

A standout image of two lawyers, confidently appealing to the inner mind of the potential client as well as the reinvoking statement which says 
 “ Ranked #1, Personal injury firm, Los Angeles” 
give them the headway. 

You can also see that they have customized buttons on the website which help the clients to navigate through it easily. Yes, this is a successful case of online marketing for law firms.

You can also draw inspiration from other law firm websites. But when designing and branding your website you should make sure that there is a unique voice and tonality to it.

Become visible in Google’s SERP pages

Well, just because you build a standout website that speaks uniquely to your potential client, it doesn’t mean that your potential clients should find you.

Yes, all roads lead to Rome, but not necessarily for the people who are searching online for a potential lawyer. In this case, you need to make sure that the potential client is able to find and track you.

In other words, your website needs to be ranked on the homepage of Google’s SERP. There is no other way they are going to find you.  That’s another reason why you need to focus on digital marketing for lawyers.

This is where you already know or probably heard of, the highly esteemed digital marketing service, that is (SEO Search Engine Optimisation). 

Highly optimized SEO website

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation basically means, optimizing your website so that it ranks organically in Google’s search engine result pages. So whenever relevant or potential clients type a specific keyword such as, “best law firms near me,”  your law firm website will appear on Google’s homepage if it is highly SEO optimized.

That is why you need to focus on SEO for your marketing of legal services. Online marketing for law firms or law firm marketing won’t stand a chance without highly optimized SEO tactics. 

An expert digital marketing agency will optimize your website for highly accredited SEO tactics. By conducting an SEO audit of your website, they will be able to tell you, what you need to focus on to rank organically on Google. 

This is primarily achieved by targeting high-value keywords that appeal to your services and law firm digital marketing. You will have to create a foundational content strategy, that depicts the content flow of your website.

Your website should be then optimized with primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords that target different types of keywords for different content pages. 

You will also need to get backlinks from other authoritative websites. Getting backlinks from authoritative websites helps Google understand that your law firm agency is a reputable and trusted one, thus ranking you above your competitors.

There is yet another way to rank in Google…

Targeted PPC ads

PPC ads are basically search engine ads that appear on a user’s search engine page when he or she types a specific keyword. The only difference between SEO and PPC is that you pay Google a small fee every time a user clicks your ad. By highly optimizing your PPC campaigns, you can boost your law firm digital marketing strategy as PPC ads directly target your potential clients.

The potential client who searches for a specific keyword such as ‘best Personal injury attorney near me,” is in dire need of an attorney at that very moment. Instead of clicking on a law firm website, they might just prefer clicking on an ad that directly says that your law firm is reputable. 

With PPC, the advantage is that your law firm can instantly rank on the SERP pages if the keywords are specifically targeted. You can achieve this with the expertise of a digital marketing agency.

Make it a point to include PPC in all your law firm internet marketing campaigns. A well-devised PPC campaign and highly optimized SEO strategy will work hand in hand to get your law firm website visible to potential clients.

Generating authenticity online

Ok! So now that we have a great website and we are visible online,  does that mean your law firm website will be chosen over others?

Well, that’s a question to ponder.

Think of it this way. You’ve probably used Amazon to buy most of your products. So how do you choose which products to buy? You will scroll through the individual products, pertaining to different brands and there is one thing you will definitely check.

Yes, we have all done it and we all know what it is. 

It’s checking the previous customer satisfaction ratings. It gives us a lot of confidence when we know that somebody has liked a certain product, or mentioned a comment about it. 

When it comes to digital marketing for lawyers, that’s exactly what you should be looking to do. Unlike any other service, there’s a lot of trust and reliability that comes into play when clients are looking for genuine and reputable attorneys, law firms. 

ORM or Online reputation management is an integral component of law firm marketing. Managing the reputation of your law firm among potential clients will win you their respect and also eventually get you new clients. That is why you need to start collecting positive feedback from the clients that you’ve already worked with and won the case for. In doing so, you will be able to generate trust and reliability in the clients that are scrolling through your website.

Google also accredits your identity on its platform when clients attribute to your law firm with positive responses, feedback, and testimonials. It helps your law firm gain authenticity on Google and rank organically when people search for specific keywords. 

An expert digital marketing agency will implement a law firm digital marketing plan, wherein managing your clients, getting client feedback, and boosting your business website with authoritative, reviews and ratings will be taken care of.

Rule it when it comes to –  Social media!

You can manage to sleep off when a potential client drops by your law firm. But never think of keeping your social media platform stagnant, as it can literally be the centre stage for getting clients. 

Yes, you heard that right. Potential clients are all over social media platforms, and you must dismissively look to win their attention by creating noise. 

According to a report conducted by the American Bar Association (ABA), it is said that… 

“76 % of the 4000 law firms enlisted in the association had an active social media presence.”

Now do you reckon how potentially important social media is for law firms? It is the central hub to implement digital marketing for lawyers. Yes, lawyers and law firms need to look to upgrade their social media presence when going forth with law firm internet marketing.

It’s about ruling the stage across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other platforms that can serve as customer sites for marketing your law firm.

The surprising result that you get from social media unlike any other medium is that it creates a lot of noise. If the content, video, or any other information is relevant to the user who is going through your social channel, they will spread the news to their friends.

Ultimately, the likes, shares, and comments that you get on your page will bring in a lot of people, among which your potential clients could contact your law firm for legal services. 

They won’t have to look for secondary approval as people have already placed their trust in you through their likes, shares, and comments.

They will just call your law firm and get an appropriate lawyer to win their case. That’s how impactful online marketing of law firms could be through social media. 

If you take a look at the stats, out of the 4000 law firms in the ABA that implemented law firm digital marketing 42% of firms, consisting of only 2-9 attorneys, got potential clients only via social media channels. 

That tells you about the kind of results you can get from social media digital marketing for lawyers. But it boils down to the kind of content and information you are generating on social media channels. 

You need to create content that your target audience will be interested in reading about. You can involve excerpts of your blog posts, such as “How child custody is determined?” You need to consistently create posts that are trending, legitimate and provide the solution for your potential client. This way they will feel that you are the best law firm to approach.

Virtual Vibes

Your moral client should feel the urge to take their smartphone and dial your law firm’s contact number just by having heard you speak on a small video section. 

Yeah! You need to create a magnetic pull that draws your potential client, somehow just like magic, swayed by the authentic power of your virtual prowess.
“You Got To Tell Your Legal Services, Not Sell!!!!!”

That is why you need to focus on creating a virtual aura where a potential client gets to know, hear, and feel you so that they can make a decision based on clear-cut convictions.

What’s better when you have gigantic video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Google podcasts today, where millions of viewers are haplessing watching videos to flush time. They give you the option of bringing your online marketing for law firms alive and into reality, also helping the client to make a responsive decision. 

Since it’s not possible for most clients to physically travel and meet a lawyer as a result of covid-19 restrictions, video streaming platforms are a great alternative to create the space for initial discussions.

When you adopt video marketing strategies into your marketing of legal services and law firm marketing, you need to only play the essentials. You need to respond to critical questions that may trigger a client into signing a deal with your firm, videos that will inform them on various law related matters, and other information that can effectively attract their imagination. 

To take your law firm digital marketingone step ahead, you need to essentially integrate your videos and YouTube demonstrations on your website. 

 “Law firm websites that integrate YouTube into their  website  get potential clients as it enhances understandability,  authenticity, and genuinity of your legal services.”

When people are able to get an understanding for real, whom they are going to deal with, they will be able to make an authentic decision. Yes, creating and spreading virtual vibes can also invite the invaluable dominance of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in making your website come to life. 

Integration of latest technologies on your website make the user understand that you are current, updated with trends, and above your competitors. That’s why it’s very important to take your marketing of legal services into the virtual dimension.

Mission accomplished!

Well, here you are at the end of the blog, having known about all the profitable law firm digital marketing trends that will take your law firm marketing to the next level in 2021. Now, you need to connect with an expert digital marketing agency that will provide you these services in one go.

You don’t have to look further when it comes to online marketing for law firms. Atop Digital is here to strategize everything regarding your law firm internet marketing and get those potential clients for you.

It’s mission accomplished when you have Atop Digital with you! 

Reach out to us now…

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