Top SEO Trends You Must Follow in 2019 (For Guaranteed Success)

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jun 27, 2019

top seo trends you must follow in 2019

Ranking on search engines is a top priority these days, especially when you’re facing some fierce competition from your business rivals. So what should you do to take your SEO game to the next level? Easy, just check the top SEO trends.

Here’s why.

SEO is evolving every day due to constant changes in algorithms done by search engines. So what worked for you last year, might not work for you today.

Sticking with some top and recent SEO trends help you get a headstart.

Ready to supercharge your SEO strategy in 2019? Check out these latest trends in SEO.


We knew you saw that coming.

If you’re not yet optimizing your SEO strategy for voice search, you may fall behind in terms of rankings in 2019.

Because this year it’s all about voice search SEO.

It’s estimated that by 2020, more than a quarter of all internet traffic will come through voice queries. With the rapid evolution of machine learning and voice assistants, people will use their phones to look up for restaurants, book flights, and even call a salon to book appointments.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at what Sundar Pichai has to say


With voice optimization, you stand a great chance of ranking on search engines.

Pro tip: Start using long-tail keywords with higher search intent to rank for voice queries.

If you want to learn more, you can read our blog on voice search SEO. It will help you give a better understanding and help you rank on top.


If you were thinking only optimizing for voice will help you land in front of your audience, you might be mistaken.

Because it’s not only voice but also video that is redefining SEO.

That’s right.

Apart from ranking for the web, ranking for video content has become a top priority for businesses. They can bring a staggering 157% increase in organic traffic.

But what is Video SEO? It’s a technique of improving the rankings of your video in a video search engine like YouTube or a generic search engine like Google.

video seo will become a priority

YouTube alone is a massive search engine. Due to the growing number of video content on YouTube and the web, businesses are taking advantage of it and more will happen to do so in the future.

Make sure you optimize keywords for the title, description, and video tags and boost your chances of getting discovered by your audience.


High-quality Content Is Still The King

If you’re still creating content just for the sake of maintaining your blogs then think again.

While that may have been a good strategy in the past, things aren’t the same today.

The reason?

It is predicted that high-quality, valuable content will remain a top ranking factor when it comes to SEO.

And no we’re not talking about those generic 500-word posts that go obsolete. We’re talking long, valuable, and quality content with rich links and media that will bring the most traffic.

Google’s E-A-T (Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness) standards are a bunch of guidelines that offer important information on what Google expects in high-quality pages and how websites can do better when it comes to rankings.

According to experts, it’s said that having high-quality content will help you meet these guidelines and will thus help you rank.

Bottom line: Don’t overlook long-form, high-quality content for websites, blogs or other important pages of your website.


Let us ask you a question: Is your website optimized for mobile devices?

Does your phone still opens the desktop version of your website and not a dedicated mobile version of your website?

If yes then it’s a red alert in terms of rankings and SEO traffic.


Mobile-first index is Google’s way of ranking websites based on the quality of UX the websites provide on mobile devices.

This means if your website lacks a mobile-friendly version, Google will index your website’s desktop version instead. Due to bad UX, your visitors will get frustrated and will leave your website. Worst of all, you will lose traffic.

What to do?

Get yourself a mobile-friendly version of your website by making it responsive to mobile devices. You can do that by hiring a professional web developer to do it for you.


website security to become a serious necessity


Alright. How many of you have seen the above message in your browser?

We assume a lot of you.

Here’s the reason behind this message: Google since its July 2018 security update has started marking websites without an HTTPS certificate as ‘non secure.’

What this means is, if your website still runs on the older HTTP protocol, your visitors will encounter this message before they can even see the face of your website.

A bad welcome sign for a website isn’t it?

It has hence become mandatory to have an SSL certificate in 2019 if you want to enjoy some credibility. By having one, not only will you improve the security of your website but also boost your rankings on search engines.

What’s more? You’ll gain more trust from your visitors.

So if you’re planning to nail that top spot, better make your website secured.


One thing that’s not going away anytime soon is the trend of making your website more organized in the eyes of Google. AKA Paying attention to Structured Data.


As artificial intelligence is drastically evolving day by day, Google has started giving more importance to structured data.

Structured data is nothing but an on-page markup that organizes your website’s content. This helps search engines make a better sense of what the content is all about and rank relevant content based on specific queries.

Using AI Google crawls webpages faster, understands the relation between different phrases, words, content, etc. and indexes data quickly.

If your website’s data such as metadata, structured markup, tags, etc. is well-organized Google can rank your website for specific search queries.

These can be in the form of rich featured snippets, knowledge graphs, or even Google Now cards for mobile users.

rich featured snippets

Here’s a tip: Make use of Google’s own Structured Data Testing Tool, it will help you structure your website’s data and make ranking easier on search engines.


There you have it! Some top SEO trends of 2019 to help you spike your traffic and rankings.

If you really want to boost your SEO performance and beat the competition in your industry just staying on top of trends won’t do it.

You should have a well-planned SEO strategy in place. In that way, you’ll be able to skyrocket your rankings with the perfect keywords right off the bat.

And we can always give you a hand.

We’re a digital marketing agency ourselves that has helped numerous companies rank on search engines with effective on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Get in touch with us and let us help you rank higher.

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