How to Grow Your Small Business With Social Media (Effective Tips for Success)

Social Media Posted On: Jul 4, 2019

Grow Your Small Business With Social Media

Is your small business struggling? Ever considered using social media for growing your sales? Think about it. Just a single friendly engagement or a contest on social media can rack up your startup’s growth!

We’re not kidding.

It’s seen that product giveaway campaigns have shown to strengthen the engagement between small business owners and their customers, bringing them more sales.

What’s more, social media is a cost-effective platform that can help you promote your products, bring brand recognition, and take your small business from nothing to the most talked about company on the web!

And it won’t be difficult. Just follow these simple social media tips and you’ll be growing your business in no time.

Do Your Research

Do Your Research

Before you create a Facebook or Twitter profile and start firing up posts, it’s first important to do your homework.

Yup, we’re talking about your target audience.

Make sure you do some thorough research about your customers and create some buyer personas.

A buyer persona is like a fictional portrayal of what your ideal customer would look like. When creating one, try including as much demographic data of your customers as you can.

This important data will give you some insights into your customer’s likes, interests, dislikes, behavioral patterns, location, age, etc. and help you understand your customers better.

Create a Social Media Plan

Create a Social Media Plan

After you’re done gathering enough information, it’s time to create a solid social media strategy.

Without a plan of action, your efforts will lack direction and eventually bring futile results.

This is where social media strategy comes into play. It will help you streamline your objectives, set SMART goals, and measure results.

When creating a social media marketing plan make sure you do the following:

  • Write down your goals: Be specific on what you want to achieve with your campaign. What audience will you be targeting? What social media platform will you be using?
  • Do competitor research: Take a look around on what your competitors are doing. What strategies are they using? What can you learn from them?
  • Perform an audit of your social media accounts: If you’ve already done social media marketing earlier make sure you do an audit. It will help you examine your efforts and identify which techniques are driving the most results.
  • Make a social media calendar: Try creating a dedicated calendar for your social media posts. This will help you keep track of your posting timeline and help you determine which posts performed well and when.

Leverage the Platforms Used By Your Customers

It’s a no brainer right?

Instead of putting all your efforts on every social media platform, why not streamline them on those that are most used by your audience?

You can get started with evaluating the nature of your own business.

Is your small business a retail store? Then Instagram or Pinterest is the ideal platform for you. Is the nature of your business more corporate? LinkedIn is the way to go.

By leveraging the right platform, you’ll not only be able to find your ideal audience but also convert them better than other platforms.

What’s more, you’ll save more time and make room for further improvement.

To cite an example, The Good Batch a New York-based bakery does a great job of leveraging their Instagram feed.

Being a restaurant and knowing people’s tendency for posting food pictures online, they post some sensational images of their products both inside their bakery and around iconic places in NYC giving their audience a lot to talk about.


Content is the foundation of everything, even social media.


Because quality content has shown to impact audience engagement so make sure you create something your audience will like, comment, and share instantly.

Start creating some engagement posts. They are fun, interactive, and help build engagement with your audience. You can use different types of media like GIFs, images, videos, graphics, etc.

Another simple way to drive engagement is by asking simple questions to your audience:

create some eye-catching content


Money Crashers do a good job at this. They offer information regarding personal finance and stir up some engagement by just asking their audience to share some frugal living tips.

Short, sweet, yet effective.


Did you know you can use social media to provide some great customer service and improve your online reputation?

Businesses from all industries have long been doing this to improve their customer service.

From top airlines to restaurants and retail stores, everyone has leveraged social media as a customer service tool and so should you.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Always stay active on social media: Whether you’re in the office or on the go, make sure you keep an eye on your social media handles for customer queries, mentions, comments, etc.
  • Take prompt action: Keep an ear on your notifications, make sure you take prompt action without delaying it. If you acknowledge your customer’s query at the time it was posted, your customer will see it as a caring gesture.
  • Try Social Media Tools: You can take advantage of social media tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to keep a bird’s eye view on all your social media profiles.

They are great for organizing social media handles and tracking comments.


optimize your social media

Now that you’re putting some great efforts on social media, it’s also important to optimize them for your business.

What’s the best way to do that? Enter social media optimization.

It’s a way of promoting awareness of your business on social media by optimizing your profiles on social networking as well as social bookmarking sites.

Here’s how you can optimize your social media:

  • Integrate social media in your website: Try using social sharing buttons or plugins on your website’s blog. This will rapidly increase the shareability of your content.
  • Use the same photos across different channels: Make sure your profile and cover pictures are the same on every platform. This will bring consistency and easily help the audience identify your business.
  • Make your profiles complete: Try adding every piece of information about your business on social networks. It will increase trust amongst your customers.
  • Use social bookmarking sites: You can also promote your business on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. Do share your content on these sites alongside other social media websites.


Last but not the least, you should definitely try to leverage top trends on social media.

If used the right way, you can literally take your posts to stardom.

Here’s how to do it:

First identify what’s trending. You can take advantage of Google Trends or look up for top trends on Twitter to do this.

Then, all you have to do is post your content using trending hashtags at the right time.

Once your posts start getting traction, there’s no looking back.

One brand that best shows how it’s done is Oreo.

When there was a power outage in the stadium during the SuperBowl XLVII 2013, Oreo took advantage of it by posting a tweet. The tweet rapidly went viral and Oreo got some free promotion.

keep an eye out on what's trending

What did they do? They seized the trend and used it to their advantage.

You can do the same. Next time you see something trending, just ask how you can capitalize it to benefit your business.

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