These Industries are Multiplying Sales Tenfold Using Digital Marketing & Why You Should Too

Digital Marketing Posted On: May 3, 2019

Instagram allows you to add shopping links

It all started in the bakery of Dominique Ansel, a French pastry chef based in New York.

Though not a doughnut fan himself, one thing he was familiar with was croissants as he grew up eating them as a child.

One day when someone told him he didn’t have doughnuts on the menu he decided to do an experiment. Little did he know that it would change his business forever.

The result? A new kind of pastry called Cronut, a hybrid between croissant and doughnut, was born.

Wait. The story didn’t end there and here came the twist.

Ansel’s new pastry really caught attention when a food blogger narrated his experience in a blog. It ramped up the traffic to his website by a staggering 300%.

What’s more, hundreds of people would line up to taste the newly invented pastry which was like a limited edition back then.

Such is the power of blogs and digital marketing. They can take your business to new heights when you least expect them.

The case study could be taken as a good example of digital marketing within the food industry.There are also several other businesses from different industries that are benefiting from digital marketing.

Curious to know which? We’ve compiled the top ones for you to check out.

Here they are:


Ever found any social media feed without ads from retail stores? At least we haven’t.

The retail industry is said to be one of the most rapidly growing industries in the market.

Whether we’re talking about huge e-commerce companies or small-scale stores, retail companies are reaping great benefits through digital marketing be it social media, PPC ads, or SEO.

Most companies from this industry have heavily invested in social media marketing. With social networks like Facebook and Instagram bringing up advanced marketing features for brands, it has become much easier to target and engage customers.

For example, Instagram allows you to add shopping links directly to your photos by tagging different products.

 Instagram allows you to add shopping links


Upon tapping the product tags, people can find the product description, its cost, and a shopping link to the website.

With the help of such features and a well-planned digital marketing strategy, businesses can sell products and convert visitors in creative ways to boost their ROI.

The entertainment industry is one of the rapid adopters of digital media and it’s not surprising to see why.

Marketing in the entertainment industry today has not stayed restricted to just TV, posters, or billboard ads.

Whether it’s the trailer of any latest movie, live celebrity videos, or a review of television series, entertainment companies are taking advantage of websites like YouTube or social media to share content and engage with their target audiences.

Take a look at Netflix, for example. They have a long history of using social media in eccentric ways to promote shows, movies, and updates with their fans.

The best part? They don’t disappoint a bit.

Using such digital marketing strategies media and entertainment companies are successfully promoting their upcoming films and content. Not only do they help them entice their audience to check out their content but also boost engagement and sales.

Imagine this.

Your shoulders and knee joints have started paining at the same time and you’re feeling a bit unusual.

What would you do next?

Perhaps take out your smartphone and look for likely symptoms of some disease right?

Well, there are thousands of others that do the same which brings us to something important in digital marketing—content.

Content is THE MOST crucial part of any digital marketing campaign.

After all, for doctors and consultants in the healthcare industry what could be better than sharing useful advice for their audience?

If your business belongs to this industry, you can leverage your sales tenfold using content marketing.

It can help you rank higher in search engines and benefit other digital advertising channels too.

 content marketing


Here’s an example of healthcare digital marketing by Bapist Health using an infographic.

The content and visuals not only give you useful information but also make it more shareable on social media and other platforms on the web, thus further enhancing your reach.

Like the infographic above, numerous businesses in the healthcare industry leverage their marketing efforts by creating similar useful content like articles, blogs, case studies, and whitepapers.

It helps them reach relevant people faster and boost thought leadership within their industry.

Some even partner with digital marketing agencies to further leverage their content strategy and boost their reputation and brand awareness.

People love their food, and most interesting of all, they love sharing it on their social media profiles.

What does this mean for companies in the food and restaurant industry?

Endless opportunities for promotion.

Marketing in the food industry has always been on the creative side and brands within this industry have gone heavy on digital marketing.

Knowing the emotional connection people have with their food, brands have realized the potential of digital marketing and the impact it can have on their growth and sales.

Whether it’s creating mouthwatering content on social media, informative recipe on their blog, or just engaging contests to boost their sales, brands are taking advantage of digital tools and strategies to generate significant revenue.

Take a look at this excellent example by cactusclubcafe.



Their contest is simple, enticing, and buzzworthy enough to spread their name. This one post helps them fetch a good amount of followers in no time.

By creating contests like these you can generate buzz around your products and business.

It can be as easy as taking the best picture of your products and asking your audience to describe why they like it in exchange for a gift voucher or a coupon.

The internet is becoming the new hotspot for discovering, buying, and selling real estate.

Not only are there apps by developers but also Facebook pages and interactive websites that help you book a site visit.

This has made digital marketing a great choice for generating business revenue for the real estate industry.

If your business falls in this category, you can experiment with Facebook ads and target your audience with promotional discounts and posts.

You can also rank your website on the top spot of Google’s search results using paid search advertising to generate more revenue than your competitors.

If you are a property broker or dealer, you can also create informative blogs to market yourself as a consultant.

The choices are endless.

With all that said, digital marketing is a great way to generate leads and profits. Needless to say, leaving it out of your marketing plan will be a serious mistake.

Whether your business belongs in the aforementioned industries or not, digital marketing can still significantly help you boost sales in your respective industry.

All you need are the right tools and strategies to help you generate more than what you’re spending.

And we can help you achieve that.

We’re a digital marketing agency that has helped countless brands and start-ups generate revenue through digital marketing.

Our team of digital marketing strategists and creative designers will not only help you craft campaigns to reach your target audience but also help your followers convert into advocates for your brand.

Ready to jump in the digital marketing bandwagon? Check out our digital marketing services, tell us your requirements, and we’ll take it from there.

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