Hotel digital marketing will take your SMB to the next level in 2021!

Digital Marketing Posted On: Jan 8, 2021

Do you know that more than 65% of people make their hotel bookings online?

Yes, it’s more about online brand presence these days. The modern traveler seems to have taken an extra liking towards those hotels that have great visual representations of their hotel amenities, reviews, and ratings enlisted on their website. 

The hotels and lodging businesses that are able to portray a wonderful online presence are making it huge. Now everything from trust, reliance, and customer satisfaction begins from a strong digital presence. 

But that’s not just it. 

Whether your small and medium-sized hotel is a boutique hotel, resort hotel, or a garden hotel, you will need to properly segment and know your audience before reaching out to them and marketing your hotel. 

There should be some mechanism in place that takes complete control of your online presence, online reputation, bookings, branding, paid ads, email marketing, and especially social media marketing. 

How do you accomplish all these tasks? 

Don’t worry! 

All you need is the best hotel digital marketing agency that will work out the best hotel digital marketing strategy for you. 

In this blog, you will read everything you need to know about why hotel internet marketing is the most resourceful tool that you can use to market your brand and reach out to your audience.

Let’s get to the matter, right away

The waking scenario! 

The prime reason why you should focus on hotel digital marketing is the fact that people are using digital channels to do their hotel bookings and research their travel destinations today. 

People want to see and get a first-hand experience before they book a hotel. They want to know the amenities your hotel provides, the beauty of your location, and the activities that take place in your hotel that will make their stay convenient and comfortable.


They also want to know the previous customer satisfaction ratings, reviews, and other factors that will help them decide which hotel to choose from. All of this which you cannot accomplish without hotel online marketing.

This means that if you are not available online and if you don’t have a strong digital presence, your target customers will have no other option but to do the bookings at other hotels that showcase a strong digital presence. By focusing on hotel internet marketing, you can stay ahead of your competitors, by looking at the strategies they are using and implementing better strategies.

Why hotel digital marketing is the go-to optionfor your SMB in 2021?

One of the first things that you learn about running a small hotel business is that there are so many aspects to it. At first, you might think that spreading awareness about your newly established hotel business is the only prior task. After some quality time of knowing how the industry works, you understand that retaining customers becomes equally important.


That’s where the need for hotel online marketing comes. When you build your market presence online with sound customer satisfaction ratings on your website, people will automatically associate your hotel as a custom travel destination. You will not only reach out to your target audience but also retain them. Another reason why you need hotel internet marketing is that you have to maintain the costs of a rising business while adding qualitative features that will enhance your small scale hotel business. The experience and expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency will build a soundproof strategy that will minimise the cost and maximize the performance of your hotel.

What can you achieve with a hotel digitalmarketing agency?

Now let’s take a look at what exactly you can achieve from hotel online marketing. The experience and skill of a hotel digital marketing agency can get you results quickly within no time.

1. Reach out to your target audience.

The first and foremost parameter of any rising small business is to get customers. Once you start attracting customers, you can then proceed to think of sales and revenue. 

Not just any person who is in search of a hotel, you need to reach out to your target customers, but those who will be interested in your type of hotel accommodation.


The expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency will help you to segment the audience type that is profitable for your hotel venture. Depending on the kind of hotel you own, they will figure out a hotel digital marketing plan that will cater to your audience. 

With the tools available for hotel internet marketing, the agency will directly reach out to your target audience via different platforms. That takes us to the one and only formidable advantage of hotel online marketing.

2. Build a strong online presence

Do you know that, oftentimes, hotel businesses that have great holiday destinations do not get sufficient number of bookings because they don’t have an identity online?

Yes, you heard that right!

It’s not only about your small scale hotel business having an online presence. Your hotel must reflect an individual personality that speaks to the hearts of customers when they scroll through your website. This is accomplished with hotel internet advertising. They should feel comfortable with the aesthetics, visuals, and graphic representations of your hotel featured on your website.


Consider going through Grand America hotel’s website. You will immediately be attracted by the colourful pictures of the hotel and the authentic ratings and reviews that make its presence genuine. It tells volumes about their hotel internet marketing

Giving a voice and identity to your hotel business online requires a great understanding of what your hotel business is about and the audience to cater to. 

An expert hotel marketing agency will give a voice/branding to your hotel business. They will help you differentiate between your competitors and build a great brand.

3. Landing up on the homepage of Google

Ok! Now we know how important it is to have a unique branding presence for your hotel business. The next question is, how do customers understand that you exist and how can they find you?

Yes, this is where the massive application of hotel internet advertising comes into play. With the help of a well devised SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, your hotel will slowly become visible on the homepage of the search results where custom users search on specific keywords. Hotel online marketing via SEO will give you a huge turnaround in customer visits.

For instance, if a customer searches for the phrase ‘Best Boutique Hotel in Houston,’ your website that is SEO optimised will appear on the homepage of Google where the user will be able to view your hotel’s features.


Well, this takes the expertise and experience of a hotel digital marketing agency to come up with the best SEO strategy and keyword strategy to make your website rank on Google’s homepage. 

By targeting specific keywords on your website page,  your website will eventually appear in the homepage of Google, thus reaching out to potential customers. That is why hotel online marketing is so important for a prosperous business today.

4. Laser eye targeting via PPC ads

If SEO can help you organically appear on Google’s homepage, then PPC is a means of hotel online marketing that will help your website appear on the homepage when you pay Google a small fee to do so. 

Yes, PPC or pay-per-click advertising is a form of ads that directly target your customers via Google’s SERPs and generate more bookings on your website. The conversion rates that you get via PPC is the fastest as it directly appeals to the searchers needs. 

A user that is searching for a specific keyword such as ‘best small hotels in Houston,’ will click on your ad only if he/she genuinely wants to plan his hotel destination. This way, only those people who genuinely want to visit your hotel will click on the PPC ad. 

Thus, through this form of hotel internet marketing, you get customers who directly convert to the bottom of the funnel. A PPC campaign gives you the provision to focus on a group of keywords that your ideal customer is searching for, so that you rank for that keyword and the customer clicks in.


Every time a customer clicks your ad you pay a small fee to Google.  When compared to the profit that you get from a user clicking your ad and eventually visiting your hotel for their stay, the fee you pay to Google is extremely small. 

The biggest advantage of using PPC ads is that you get instant results. Organically ranking your website via SEO takes six to eight months of time. But a well devised PPC campaign will get you results within weeks. That is why you need to hire a hotel digital marketing agency to do your PPC marketing which comes under hotel online marketing. 

They will segment keyword types based on demographics, time, nature of product or service, and other factors. If one PPC campaign does not work, they will effectively try out various campaigns and ‘keyword groupings’ so that your website eventually appears on Google’s SERPs right above the organic listed websites.

5. Consistent and active engagement

It might seem as though you’ve won the battle if you have attracted your customer via hotel internet marketing and all is going very well for your small hotel business. But today’s small hotel businesses have to face yet another fact. There is so much stiff competition from all the sides that you’ll have to stay on your toes to constantly attract customers to your hotel destination.


How do you do it?

Thanks to the standard feature of hotel digital marketing, you can manage your online reputation and attend your customers via your business website, social media channels and email marketing.

  • Strong online reputation

    You need to maintain a strong online reputation across all your digital mediums. Your website, social media channels, and other platforms that help you interact with your customers should always be actively resonating with your audience. The dynamics of your hotel internet marketing agenda should involve your customers across all the activities and doings of your hotel business. 

  • Managing your social media channels

    Your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media channels must be on point with the kind of content and aesthetics you use to attract your customers via hotel online marketing. You must look out for ways to engage with your customers to get their feedback and responses and always keep them glued to your brand.


The expertise of a hospitality internet advertising agency will lay out a hotel online marketing plan that will manage your social media channels effectively.

  • Personalized email marketing

    A generic overhaul of your brand can be maintained via your website reputation and social media engagement. But you also need to  look forward to personalized marketing in your hotel digital marketing strategy where you can individually send out messages to your loyal and trusted customers. 


This way they will feel worthy, respected and will love you for the time you take to attend to their needs. Through hospitality internet marketing you can use personalized email marketing strategies to respond to your customers and to greet them with offers, seasonal discounts and other attractions.

The expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency will structurize a welcome email series strategy for you to reach out to new customers and elevate your brand presence with your loyal customers. 

Ready for the action!

By using hotel internet marketing or hotel digital marketing,  you can achieve all these parameters within no time. Your small hotel business will become successful in quick time within the expertise of a hotel digital marketing agency.

Atop digital is your trusted hotel marketing agency that will help you ace out your marketing plans and thus generate a huge audience of loyal customers within no time.

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