6 Terrific Social Media Optimization Tips To Grow Your Business

Social Media Posted On: Jan 1, 2020


Let us tell you a startling fact! Social media optimization is THE MOST underrated digital marketing strategy many businesses fail to take advantage of.

While many companies invest heavily in building a strong social media presence, they often fail to optimize their profiles or invest in social media optimization services.

This lack of a dedicated social media optimization plan makes their strategy more ineffective and downscales their performance.

And you don’t want that to happen now, do you?

On the flip side, there are numerous benefits of social media optimization.

Robust social media optimization strategies can help you:

  • Drive more awareness.
  • Fetch plenty of traffic.
  • Build a better web presence.
  • Make your business look professional on social media.

Excited? If you’re looking for smart ways to optimize social media, we’ve curated a bunch of helpful social media optimization techniques to let you do just that.

Make sure you use them to take your social media performance to the next level!

Professionally Optimize Your Social Media

Alright, the first and most crucial step to optimize your social media is to fill out each and every detail of your social media profile.

Most businesses often leave out certain fields of their social media profiles and leave them incomplete. This gives a bad impression to your audience. Not to mention, some social media websites, like LinkedIn, minimize reachability due to less availability of profile information.

But by optimizing your social media profiles, you can eliminate that risk.

Think of it as optimizing your website for SEO with the only difference being you do it for your social media profile.

The trick is to not only fill out each and every field but also keep the details consistent across each and every platform you’re present on.

For example, if your business is on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, you can mention key information of your company in the bio, use the same logo and cover photo (if required) across each platform.

This will help visitors identify you much easily and make your social media profiles look more professional. What’s more, it can also help visitors distinguish your profile among other scammy and fake profiles with your brand name.

Here’s an example from Airbnb, notice how its profile bio, logo, and cover images are consistent on both Twitter and Facebook.


Do Proper Keyword Research

If you’re wondering keywords are only helpful in Search Engine Optimization and not Social Media Marketing then that’s certainly not the case.

In fact, keywords play a crucial role in making your social media strategy more effective. Without the right use of keywords, you’ll have a hard time running a successful social media campaign.

Here’s where to start.

By identifying the right set of words and phrases used by your audience, you can curate a handy list of keywords or hashtags and strategically use them in your profile.

You can also sprinkle them in your social media content and make it more effective.

Make sure you keep an eye out on your audience’s behavior. You can figure out relevant keywords by closely monitoring particular words they use to search or the hashtags they use in their own posts.

For example, if you own a pet store in New York and want to amplify your awareness on Instagram, you can use phrases or hashtags like #catsofinstagram, #petlover, #petstagram #dogoftheday, or #cute to broaden the reach of your posts.


Such keywords and hashtags can definitely help you drive more organic traffic to your social media profile. Make sure you use those that have the highest reach.

You can also use websites like Best Hashtags to research relevant hashtags for your posts and make them more personal for your audience.

Infuse Social Media Into Your Website



Ever seen businesses use social media buttons on their blogs or website? That’s another powerful tactic you can use to optimize social media.

After all, the more you integrate social media in your website, the higher the possibility to drive more visibility and shares.

Another way of incorporating social media into your website is through social feeds. There are plenty of rich plugins and programs available that showcase your social media feed on the website.

This can help interested people seamlessly visit your social media accounts straight from your website, resulting in more followers.

Not just that, popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. carry a high domain rating. This means, by linking to these sites you can greatly improve your web authority.

So even if your profile is new on social media, this will get you a good ranking boost in SERPs.

Create High-Quality & Engaging Content

As you know already content is the fuel that drives the whole internet, and for social media that’s no exception.

But creating content only for the sake of it won’t cut it, your content must be truly engaging and made with the target audience in mind.



How to create engaging content?

  • Start by creating a social media calendar: Make a list of important days and see what kind of content ideas you can generate for those days.
  • While writing content for social media, write short but irresistible copies and use eye-catching images for your posts.
  • Make use of different media like GIFs, videos, and audio to make your content stand out.
  • When posting content on different channels try to experiment with different captions and hashtags and see which ones get more likes and shares.
  • Mix a good chunk of curated content from across the web and other social media profiles in your calendar with your original content.

The idea is to remain consistent. Consistent posting of high-quality content will attract a good amount of followers and even spike your engagement rate.

Pick an Optimal Posting Schedule


It’s important to understand that the time at which you post something on social media greatly determines its success or failure.


Because your audience DOESN’T ALWAYS use all social media platforms at the same time.

Publishing content at the right time to the right audience and on the right platform significantly drives more conversions and shares.

Not to mention, by leveraging a trend at the right time can also make your content go viral on social media and spike your popularity overnight.

So if you want to truly optimize your social media channels, nail your timing and posting frequency.

Here’s when you should post:

  • LinkedIn – Between 10 AM to 11 AM – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 2x per week.
  • Twitter – Between 8 AM to 4 PM – Monday to Friday. 5x per day.
  • Instagram – 5 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, and 4 PM – Thursdays are the best. 1x per day.
  • Facebook – Between 1 PM to 3 PM – Thursday and Fridays. 3-10x per week.

Try to optimize your posting frequency for these days and timings. You can also use social media tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, or Buffer to schedule posts and make the job easier for you.

Leverage Analytics for Optimization


To track the success of your social media optimization strategy, you should definitely make use of analytics tools.

All analytics tools these days let you measure key metrics like engagement rate, likes, reach, impressions, and shares.

By using tools like Brandwatch, Keyhole, Mention, etc. and checking daily reports you can easily A/B test your SMO efforts and enhance the performance of your social media campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Great! Now that you know how to optimize social media, it’s time to take action!

Try to incorporate as many of these tips and strategies and optimize your channels for more growth and engagement.

If you need any professional help, you can always get in touch with us.

We are a digital marketing agency that has helped businesses optimize their social media channels and can help you optimize yours too.

Get in touch with us and we’ll take it from there.

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