Latest Content Marketing Trends for 2020 You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Ignore!

Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Posted On: Nov 27, 2019


Have you started planning your content strategy for 2020?Are you aware of the emerging marketing trends that will be hot in the coming year? If not then here’s why you should!

Content in 2020 IS NOT going to be what it used to be.

With rapidly evolving search engine algorithms, new social media features, and highly-advanced tools, content creation can deeply impact your marketing strategy.

This makes sense to take a look at what new content trends will be in demand. It’ll help you craft a better content strategy and scale your content marketing growth.

We’ve curated some latest content marketing trends to help you achieve just that! Take advantage of them and take your content marketing to the next level!

Immersive Content to Revolutionize Marketing



Of all digital content trends, immersive content is the one that can significantly impact your content marketing strategy.

Thanks to the popularity of 360-degree videos on YouTube, augmented reality stickers on Snapchat, and AR stories on instagram, immersive content is becoming the new trendsetter for marketers and brands.

With tons of AR content created every day on social media platforms, there’s no doubt such content will be an ideal choice to engage customers and market your products and services.

Such content can help you give a more rich and immersive experience about your products to your customers.

By taking advantage of smart stickers, AR filters, and even AR ads, you can come up with a creative content marketing strategy and delight your customers with surprise!

Like how Bareburger did with its Snapchat marketing campaign:

They created an irresistible AR burger just to show how their product will look like instead of displaying the usual menu.

Pretty creative huh?

With campaigns like these, you stand a much greater chance to hook customers leave a more lasting impression of your brand.

Video Content Will Be the Future



If you’re following recent trends in digital marketing, you might be aware that video content is EXPLODING!

Like literally!

From video ads on Facebook to user generated viral videos on Instagram, video testimonials on websites, and tutorial videos on YouTube, video content is, well, everywhere.

And that’s the reason why it’s the biggest trend for 2020.

The reason? Effectiveness!

According to recent content marketing facts, video content is far better at engaging viewers than any other content out there! Videos are easier to consume, more impactful, and help retain 95% of a message than other content formats.

This is also a reason why 78% of people watch videos online every week, not to forget 1 billion hours of video are consumed each day on YouTube alone!

Live video has also sparked popularity among audiences with over 80% preferring live videos over blogs.

So if you really want to crank up those conversions and give a good exposure of your brand, a video marketing strategy is definitely the way to go.

Visual-Rich Social Media ContentWill Boom


Deciding on an ideal content format or a dedicated marketing platform to target customers? Don’t ignore social media and visually appealing content because they’ll be more important than ever.

Today, a lot has changed in the social media space thanks to enhanced imagery and dynamic content such as smart filters, live video, and interactive contests.

People have grownaccustomed to sharing their lives through visuals than text and this has given platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok a boost in popularity.

As visuals in content become more interesting, crafting your strategy accordingly will make it even more effective.

Not to forget, visually rich content on social media will help you triple your engagement and growth rate as well as drive better brand awareness than your competitors.

Bottom line: Don’t ignore social media in 2020. Optimize your social media strategy with striking visuals to appeal to your audience.

Customer-centric Targeted Contentto Take the Spotlight



Remember search intent? Figuring out the exact motive behind the use of a particular keyword?

Guess what, it’ll be one of the biggest trends in online marketing when it comes to ranking your content in SERPs, especially ranking for #1 in Google.

This means, if you’re still relying on copy-pasted, boring, and redundant content marketing tactics for your blogs, you’ll have no chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

On the other hand, by deeply understanding your audience personas, using long-tail keywords, and optimizing content for voice search queries you’ll have a higher chance of achieving success with your content strategy.

Make sure you create more in-depth content that’s tailored to solve your customers’ problems.

Try to offer as much help and information as possible without sounding too promotional.

By asking relevant questions, engaging with your audience (both online and in real-time), and finding out their deeper interests, you’ll be able to produce content that truly resonates with them.

Omnichannel Content Marketing Will Become Popular

With brands building their presence on all sorts of platforms like social media, websites, forums, etc. the need to deliver a consistent experience remains crucial.

This has led brands to adopt an omnichannel content marketing strategy which is said to become a rising trend in 2020.

This strategy lets you perfectly integrate different communication channels you use to interact with your customers.

By identifying unique strengths of each channel, you can optimize them according to your customer’s journey.

One brand that does it well is Disney with their holiday bookings.They give their customers a seamless experience across every channel.



Customers can book their tickets on their mobile-responsive website, plan their events on their app, and use another app that also acts as their hotel room key with other integrations of Disney holiday experiences.

You can do the same with your content strategy. By creating an omnichannel content marketing strategy, you can use blogs to drive traffic to your landing page, redirect them to your app and let them take the intended action seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! The latest content marketing trends for 2020 that will drive your content strategy in the right direction.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, adhering to these trends will not only make your content effective but also drive more leads and revenue for the upcoming year!

Make sure you take advantage of them and craft the ideal content strategy for your business.

Or if you don’t want to do the heavy lifting, we’d be more than happy to do it for you.

We are a digital marketing agency that has helped plenty of brands and companies build successful content strategies and marketing campaigns.

With a professional team of designers, marketers and bloggers we can help you skyrocket your business with effective content marketing.

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