How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest (With 10 AMAZING Features)

Digital Marketing, Social Media Posted On: Dec 4, 2019


If you thought Pinterest is just some platform to find fancy images in your free time, spare yourself this fact: Pinterest marketing in 2019 has transformed social selling!

More businesses are using Pinterest as a marketing tool today than ever before thanks to its rollout of features exclusively for businesses.

Think about it.

If you are a small business Pinterest could be the ideal marketing tool for you!

With excellent features, few creative ideas, and Pinterest marketing strategies, you can make your campaigns more effective and powerful with Pinterest.

To help you do that and save you some legwork, we’ve curated some of the best Pinterest features for businesses. Use them for your next social media campaign for some remarkable results!

Promoted Pins

Let’s start off with the most essential one on the list.

Promoted Pins are Pinterest’s paid advertising solution for businesses. Think of them as a “Boost Post” alternative to Facebook.

These Pins let you reach your intended target audience through demographic targeting and work on the CPC model, meaning you are charged only if someone clicks on your Pins.

You have the option to target using keywords, gender, location, and even device type. These Pins have a good engagement rate and Pinterest offers different types of Promoted Pins suitable for visitors at the top, center, or bottom of the marketing funnel.



The best part about these Pins is that they’re not only keyword focused but also context-dependent.

Promoted Video

Promoted Video ads are similar to Promoted Pins but, as you might’ve guessed already, contain videos.

As Pinterest is already a visual platform, these ads add much more engagement than other types of Pins. In fact, according to Pinterest themselves, 67% of users are more keen to engage with a brand after watching a video.

The advantage of video Pins is that they start playing instantly whenever users stumble upon them in the feed, making them stop in their tracks. This gives them a  much more immersive experience allowing you to tell your brand story in an interactive way.



Video Pins also have the power to make users take action. Thus with a creative video campaign, you can instantly drive sales. For example, L’Oreal with its Cinematic Pins was able to drive awareness of its True Match Lumi Glow Illuminator by a staggering 30.7%.

Promoted Video ads can be used for any marketing objective be it brand awareness or conversion-driven campaigns.

You also have the option to choose where you want your video ads to appear. Similar to Promoted Pins, Promoted Video can also be targeted according to audience, keyword or interest type.



Shop the Look Pins (AKA BuyablePins)



Shop the Look Pins is Pinterest’s answer to Instagram’s Shoppable Posts.

As many shoppers use Pinterest to do their research Pinterest has made it much more convenient for shoppers to buy products with Shop the Look Pins.

These Pins appear with clickable white dots on shoppable products in a photo, helping customers “shop the look” of the particular product as well as similar other products.

They can be set up in Pinterest’s Ad Manager and are available to all types of businesses.

Shop the Look ads



Inspired by the Shop the Look Pins, Shop the Look ads is Pinterest’s new collection format.

It allows businesses to display multiple products in one single ad. This enables audiences to check out various other products that are similar to the feature Pin’s image.

Pinterest allows advertisers to use up to 25 images in one image.

These Shop the Look ads help shoppers see a preview showcase of four products at first and, by clicking through, can see the remaining products.

Shop By Brand



Recently, Pinterest has added a section underneath branded Product Pins that lets visitors view related products offered by a brand.

This features dubbed “Shop By Brand” makes it easier for businesses to showcase their entire product catalog and seamlessly order their product line.

By activating this feature, businesses can hook prospective visitors with Pins of their new releases and keep them coming for more.

Personalized Shopping Recommendations



Another neat feature Pinterest has brought for businesses is personalized shopping recommendations for users.

Understanding the power of personalization and the impact it can have on buyers Pinterest has definitely made a move in the right direction.

Users now get product recommendations based on their pinning behavior or what they have pinned in the past.

As a merchant, your shoppable Pins can appear in these recommendations for users depending on how much inventory you have. Users can pin your products or even get land on your site to look for more products.

These recommendations appear on the home page, Style, Beauty, or DIY boards.

Dynamic Business Profiles



To enhance brand presence to a new level, Pinterest introduced something called “Dynamic Business Profiles” that lets businesses showcase their Pins in a much more engaging fashion.

This feature allows businesses to revamp their business profiles with dynamic cover images and bring forth their most important Pins in the spotlight.

The profile also features a Shop tab that lets viewers shop items from the profile helping you drive traffic to your website. As a business, you can also view key statistics like monthly visitors right from your business profile.

All in all, it’s a fantastic tool to make the perfect first impression on your audience.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are basically Pinterest Pins with added information that give more context to what the Pin is about and update information from the website.

Compared to regular Pins, these are much more “rich” in information and help engage visitors at first sight.

Based on the purpose, marketers can use Rich Pins to enhance their content and attract more users. There are six types of Rich Pins currently available:

  • Recipe: Gives info about ingredients, cooking instructions, recipe type, etc.
  • Article: Displays headline, title name, description, and publisher of the article or blog post.
  • Product: Gives product information such as status and description.
  • App: Gives information about the app and redirects the user to the App/Play Store for download.
  • Place: Place Pins include address, contact. no, and location information to help visitors reach businesses.
  • Movie: Movie Pins cover ratings and reviews of movies to help visitors learn about a particular film.

Rich Pins are great if you want to increase your engagement rate on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your blog or retail website.

Here’s an example of a Recipe Rich Pin:





Pincodes is an interesting Pinterest feature that basically brings more online traffic and interaction through offline means.

These are unique codes that businesses can create and display them offline in stores or banners. Pinners or interested Pinterest users can then scan them using the Pinterest Camera Lens to find similar Pins.

By getting a little creative, businesses can even create an offline campaign, use Pincodes, and bring some good engagement on their Pinterest profile or board.

The Pincodes are also shareable meaning you can share them with other people and make it easier for them to find your brand.




Catalogs is one of Pinterest’s new features for businesses lets them seamlessly upload their entire product catalog to Pinterest. Upon creating the catalog, their products are converted into Dynamic Product Pins that help users to shop for Pins.

This comes in handy if a business wants to showcase products other visitors are not aware of or haven’t searched yet.

It’s especially a handy feature for retail businesses with a large catalog as it can help organize their entire portfolio on Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you’re aware of the most amazing Pinterest features, make sure you start using them for your next social media campaign.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporate firm, marketing on Pinterest with these features will definitely help you make a difference in your sales.

If you’re not quite sure how to use Pinterest for marketing or need a hand in setting up a campaign on Pinterest, we can always give you a hand.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that has helped plenty of businesses drive sales and growth using social media strategies. We offer Pinterest marketing services as a part of our social media packages and would be more than happy to grow your business sales.

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements.

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