These Social Media Trends Will Transform Digital Marketing (And Your Business) in 2020

Digital Marketing, Social Media Posted On: Nov 12, 2019


Planning to stick to your old social media strategy for Facebook or Instagram in 2020? Don’t.

Since recent years, social media has dramatically transformed. Today, people don’t just use social media to kill their time and connect with friends. They use it to engage with brands, book reservations for events, read news, and even educate themselves.

And now that 2020 is just around the corner, social media is going through a MASSIVE SHIFT. This means, what worked for you in 2019 will not necessarily work for you in 2020.

To help you make the most of social media strategy in 2020, we’ve compiled some top and important trends. Keeping a track of them will easily help you strengthen your strategy.

Ready? Let’s dig in!

It’ll All Be About VR and AR



People not new to the world of technology or sci-fi films will be familiar with the term ‘VR’ or ‘AR’. Think virtual reality movies, videos, etc…

But if you’re new to augmented reality concepts or don’t know how does virtual reality works. Here’s a refresher on the two:

Virtual Reality or ‘VR’ is a technology that allows you to create entirely artificial computer-simulated worlds from scratch with no real-world elements.

Whereas, Augmented Reality or ‘AR’ is a kind of technology that superimposes computer-generated objects in real-world scenarios to bring an interactive experience.


But what does social media got do with all of this?

Well, that’s the thing.

More businesses will be adopting these technologies in 2020 and beyond to deliver a more engaging experience to their users.

Facebook’s recently released platform called Horizon could be considered a good example of future social networking. It’s a recently released virtual reality platform where users can build worlds, play, and socialize with each other in virtual reality landscapes.

AR filters will also be the next big thing in social.

As Snapchat is already leading the league with its AR filters and stickers, more companies are expected to join the trend which will make it even more popular.

One way brands can leverage the power of AR in their strategy is by delivering a rich buying experience. For example, if you’re a provider of interior design solutions, you can let your users try out different wall shades or interior furniture using augmented reality.

This will provide them with a much more immersive experience and boost engagement with your brand.

What’s more AR content such as live events, videos and posts are also expected to transform social media in the future!

Data Segmentation With AI Will Rise



Data segmentation is another major thing that will determine your social media strategy.

Recently, social media platforms have started equipping AI in their algorithms to deliver a truly personalized experience for users.

In 2020 and beyond, this will reflect in a much bigger way. AI will help social media algorithms do a better job at segmenting content.

It’ll help rank relevant posts in people’s feeds, improve suggestions based on user activity, and even restrict rumors or sensitive content.

This can profoundly impact your social media content in a huge way!

Here’s what you can do: Create more personalized content.

By tracking down analytics of your posts, you can create content based on your customers’ behavior on social media. This increase in relevance will give you an edge and drive more engagement with your customers.

Ephemeral Content Will Soar



Before you stop and think for a while “What is ephemeral content?”, let us remind you it’s not something alien.

Basically, ephemeral content could be defined as content that has a short duration and that disappears after a certain time.

Instagram or Snapchat stories?

WhatsApp Statuses?

That’s ephemeral content right there, and it’s the next big trend for social media in 2020.

Here’s why.

Today, people’s habit of consuming content has changed. Ephemeral content like Instagram Stories is light, short, and addictive which easily allows people to scroll through endless hours without getting bored.

This limited-duration characteristic is what has made ephemeral content so popular among social media folks.

So how can you leverage this trend for 2020? By incorporating ephemeral content in your content strategy.

You can use Instagram story ads and drive great results from them. They will not only help you increase your brand awareness but also drive conversions, reach, and views.

Social Commerce is Expected to Grow


According to a social media report, it was found that about 54% of people use social media to research the products they want to buy.

But with the rapid transformation in social commerce that number is said to rise.

With social networks like Instagram and Pinterest already used by retail businesses to sell products, more businesses will take to social media to grow their business in the coming years.

This will make social commerce even more popular in 2020.

Remember, the purpose of social commerce is to enable brands to engage customers with a more personalized shopping experience on social media.

So if you’re a retail brand, the key takeaway here is to NOT IGNORE key social media features like Instagram shopping posts and Storefronts.

You can also keep an eye out for new features and updates from social networks.

As social networks evolve further and bring more selling features for brands, we can expect social networks to become major retail channels alongside big names like Amazon and Google.

Don’t Ignore Video Content



You saw that coming didn’t you?

We cannot stress the importance of video marketing. It’s the hottest form of content consumed by billions online and it’s what will fuel social media next year.

According to stats from Biteable, video content is estimated to make around 82% of all online content by 2022.

Which is HUGE!

Whether you’re looking at short advertisements on Facebook or long-running reviews on YouTube, video content should definitely be a part of your social media calendar for the coming year.

By making videos a part of your content marketing strategy, you’ll have a higher chance to engage your audience and driving more leads than your competitors on social media.

Lesser-Known Social Media Platforms Will Rise



With the rise of platforms like TikTok that has over 500 million active users, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of new social networks.

While Facebook and Instagram may have remained the top dogs in the social media game, more people will be moving towards lesser-known platforms like Lasso, and Caffeine (a social broadcasting platform for gaming and entertainment), or even Twitch.

If your social media strategy is about marketing to a niche audience then creating businesses accounts on any of these can be a great idea.

This will help you discover a new audience and strengthen the presence of your brand.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Some of the most crucial social media marketing trends you should definitely NOT IGNORE in 2020.

Paying attention to these top social media trends will definitely help you stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Not just that, by leveraging the right tools and social media strategy, you’ll be able to engage more customers and drive more leads for your business.

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