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Think for a while that you are a new coffee brand.

Someone that wants to let people know that your coffee is just what people need to get rid of their sleep.

How would you promote it differently?

Stick a few advertisements on subways?


Or if you were smart enough and knew a bit of behavioral psychology, you’d do this

You’d first make people yawn and then offer them coffee to wake them up.

Something that Cafe Pelé did with their contagious billboard ads that took everyone by surprise!

Cafe Pelé wanted to promote its coffee brand to customers but in a not so mediocre way. So they did their homework. They did some research on behavioral psychology and found out that…

About 70% of people start yawning when they see others yawning.

And that fact alone was enough to help them create an outdoor advertising campaign that is still touted to be one of the finest interactive campaigns of all time.

They took advantage of something called the contagious billboard, a digital display screen that had motion sensors to track people nearby it.

Once people approached it or were nearby it the display started yawning. And, as you might expect, triggered yawning in nearby people. Shortly, people could be seen yawning near the billboard.

But what’s even more surprising was that the people who yawned never really knew whether they were sleepy or not.

Now comes the fun part.

A message from Cafe Pelé came up on the screen inviting the yawners for some coffee break.

Once people realized that it was a marketing stunt they were taken by surprise and what’s more, two girls appeared to treat them with delicious shots of Cafe Pelé coffee.

This dramatically amused the people who willingly tried the coffee and Cafe Pelé coffee quickly became the talk of the town.

What can you learn from this? That experiential marketing is a great way to make an excellent first impression of your brand.

“It’s a form of interactive marketing technique that aims at helping customers experience the brand first-hand by highlighting the product’s benefits.”

With this, you can not only differentiate yourself from your competitors but give your customers an unforgettable and memorable brand experience.

You can create a sensational experiential brand campaign by partnering with a top branding agency and grab the attention of your customers from the very beginning.

The best part? You can start with us.


Here’s the thing.

People have become smart and don’t fall for cheap marketing tactics. However, what does tick them is the unforgettable experience they have with your products. And that’s what we leverage in our marketing!

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we utilize creative and highly-impactful experiential marketing concepts that will help customers remember your product better.

“Our marketing team creates engaging concepts for your experiential campaigns that stick in people’s heads for a good amount of time.”

We plan and implement emotional advertising tactics to bring a sensational brand experience for your products.

From online ads to print, we take care of everything to deliver a robust experiential brand experience for your business.


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